Markets Segmentation And Market Mix Of Easyjet Marketing Essay


Easyjet is a successful illustration of a European no-frills air hose. Founded by the Cypriot Stelios Haji-Iaonnou in 1995, Eayjet gained a dominant market place over clip thanks to its first-class selling schemes. How Easyjet has segmented its market for its major merchandise and what is the marketing mix? Which parts of the selling mix are done expeditiously and which parts need some betterments

Market ‘s cleavage and selling mix of Easyjet

Easyjet ‘s market cleavage

Low-cost air hoses like Easyjet, have picked up some clients from their traditional rivals like BA ( British Airways ) or Air France, but have specially created a big traffic of initiation ( making a new market ) . Easyjet operates in a different manner to Ryan Air – its direct rival in the market, which is aiming the leisure traveler for whom the ticket monetary value is of import. Easyjet has the same type of patronage for whom the ticket monetary value was somewhat less of import and besides concern clients whose companies seek to salvage on transit costs, but attention about the travel ‘s conditions. So Easyjet has two different sort of clients who are leisure clients and the concern clients.

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1.2 Easyjet ‘s selling mix

Any concern that does non hold a concerted marketed scheme is puting itself up to neglect. So what is the Easyjet ‘s selling mix in term of merchandise, topographic point, monetary value and publicity?


Merchandise is the most of import constituent in an organisation. Without a merchandise there is no topographic point, no monetary value, no publicity, and no concern. Merchandise is anything that can be offered to a market to fulfill a privation or a demand. It is the nucleus ingredient of the selling mix and is everything favorable and unfavorable, touchable and intangible received in the exchange of an thought, service or good ( Kotler 11th edition, 2003 ) . Easyjet is a concern offering service merchandises, flights across finishs, in the transit industry. Easyjet operates over 500 paths and has 182 aircrafts in 28 states ( ) .

Easy-Jet places itself as low-cost air hoses or better as cutting costs air hoses. Its merchandise scheme stops to the existent merchandise without concern about the augmented merchandise. They do n’t offer service at all but merely the ticket. For illustration Easy-Jet ‘s merchandise scheme ends at the expected degree of five-product degrees. There is no augmented merchandise. There is no concern place on flights ( Easyjet offer a single-channel category of place but does non offer last infinitesimal trades ) , no executive sofa at airdromes, no free nutrient and drinks on flights, no amusement on flights, and in most instances Easy-Jet flies from major airdromes.

Topographic point

Easyjet targets clients looking to understate their transit costs, or any type of client looking for a low monetary value. In general Easyjet ‘s client is a client who started to prefer the plane to set down transit to shop for short distances between different metropoliss served. So Easyjet is viing every bit good with the air hoses as the land conveyances

monetary value

Monetary value is the value placed on what is exchanged during the selling procedure. The client exchanges his/her money or contribution in return for a satisfaction or public-service corporation ( S. Dibb and L. Simkin 2001 ) .

Easyjet has ever had a one-way ticketing policy. The air hose has merely one monetary value in the market for any one flight at any one clip. The lowest menu is offered into the market foremost and so monetary values rise as the going draws closer and the seats are sold. This fining doctrine is crystalline to consumers. There is a “ value for money ” offering, which is easy understood by consumers. By offering merely one monetary value in the market, the consumer is confident that “ shopping about ” utilizing other channels or doing greater fining limitations will non harvest the wages of lower menus. As the air hose educates their consumers that the cheapest menus are sold foremost, consumers look intoing monetary values are more likely to buy immediately as they will hold assurance that lower monetary values are non likely to look subsequently. The air hose merely sells tickets on a one-way footing and hence if a rider wants a return ticket they must purchase two one-way tickets. The advantage of this for riders is that they can book short stay trips without holding to pay flexible return ticket monetary values. For concern travelers the handiness of flexible tickets is normally considered of import. If a concern meeting runs over the traveler needs to be able to alter their ticket and take a ulterior flight. This depends on two things. First the ability to alter the ticket, and secondly the handiness of a ulterior flight to alter on to. Easyjet has been aiming concern travelers and hence they have addressed these issues by increasing the figure of day-to-day flights to identify concern finishs and by presenting a method of altering tickets. For a fee of ?10 Easyjet riders can alter their ticket to a different flight every bit long as there is an available place on the coveted flight To reflect the current market monetary value, the traveler will hold to pay the difference between the monetary value they originally paid for the ticket and the current monetary value for a place on the needed flight. The air hose can so let go of the place no longer required on the original flight and sell this place once more.


The distribution policy of Easyjet shows a high usage of direct gross revenues from call Centre and cyberspace outside traditional distribution channels. 95 % of the seats are sold online ( ) .

They use electronic ticket, cut downing cost of fining processs and take two

Kinds of costs:

-commission for travel bureaus

-transaction related to reserve systems

What portion of the marketing demand to be improved?

Easyjet is one of the most successful of the new economic system bearers in Europe. So they have a strong selling schemes and it is traveling to be a small bite hard to alter this scheme but it can ever been improved.


Easyjet could profit from randomly offering last-minute trade under its individual pricing scheme. By on occasion take downing ticket monetary values to knock up gross on some unbooked-flights, Easyjet could make the outlook that such deals would be available on a predictable footing.

Easyjet could make another trade name holding different mission and different market mark and offering an augmented merchandise such a better quality at a low monetary value as Delta Airlines did with Song.


The usage of the cyberspace ticketing is unsafe in instance of disfunction of the waiter because of infection by viruses or any other sort of package job.

It is undeniable that this system reduces cost but it can do job if the general is touched by job.


If the other selling schemes enable the company to measure everything about the concern, merely the selling mix


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