Marketing Strategy For Zee Optics India Marketing Essay

Small and Medium Enterprises ( SMEs ) are one of the most of import factors in the economic system of developing states. The SMEs constitute a big portion in the industrial sector and lend a immense sum to the GDP of a state. India has been a outstanding illustration when it comes to the sustainable growing of SMEs ; it has about three million SMEs, which make up the 50 % of the entire industrial base. In add-on the SMEs in India are one of the largest sectors which create employment, with private sector employment amounting to 50 % and 30 to 40 per cent of value-addition in fabrication. It is responsible for making a whole scope of merchandises, estimated around 800 merchandises are created which include consumer goods, capital and intermediate merchandises. In Indian context the SMEs is a term applied to little and average scale industrial units holding a entire investing up to Rs. 10 million of fixed assets or leased or never-never.[ 1 ]

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The United Kingdom is one of the taking and coveted states for Indian SMEs across different industrial sectors. UK is besides one of the taking states which imports Indian goods. Among the most noteworthy are the Textiles, readymade garments, footwear, leather goods, athleticss goods, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, fictile goods and optical goods among others. The exports of goods from India to UK reached around the figure of ?7000 million in 2008. This shows the strong trade dealingss UK and India has and its enlargement each passing twenty-four hours which has proved good to both the states and the SMEs who work in different industry and export goods.[ 2 ]

Company Overview

The instance company ‘ZEE Optics ‘ is average sized endeavor which specialises in optical goods. In the UK the eyewear market has seen tremendous growing in the past few old ages. This gives a great chance for Indian SMEs of eyewear goods provider and exporter to take advantage of this chance and derive maximal consequences. It would be great chance for ZEE Optics to come in the UK market now and harvest the benefits. Although ZEE Optics is come ining the UK market for the first clip, it has batch of range to spread out and follow a robust selling scheme that would work for them.

Situation Analysis

ZEE Optics is one of the respectable and net income devising house of optical goods in India which specialises is doing frames and dark glassess. The company has a turnover of ?6 million and wants to spread out its concern by exporting its eyewear goods with particular focal point on exporting its scope of dark glassess in the UK market. This is an huge chance for the eyewear goods in the UK because the eyewear sector in the UK histories for more than 64 per cent of the spectacle market.[ 3 ]With a staff of 80 people and an operations site in India it is known for doing high quality frames and dark glassess.

The company ‘s nucleus concern as mentioned above is frames and dark glassess ; it has specializers and interior decorators for doing different types of frames and dark glassess. In the Indian market it supplies it goods to the large supermarkets and renowned decorative and garment labels. It besides supplies it good through single sellers and large spectacle stores in Indian market. It besides sells it eyewear goods at persons mercantile establishments of its ain which are based in large shopping promenades in India. Its clients are normally upper and in-between category affluent market, with immature males and females of the age between 18 to28 doing the majority of the market. As mentioned before the spectacle sector makes up for more than 64 per cent of the UK eyewear market and therefore the market state of affairs is rather contributing for ZEE Optics to spread out its concern and export in the UK. In order to pull the attending of UK purchasers, ZEE Optics has non merely to come up with a feasible selling scheme but have to heighten their quality. ZEE Optics has to get engineering which would enable them to do photochromatic glass utilizing variable shade ocular engineering which protects eyes from the harmful beams. This engineering is really popular in the UK and it is greatly demanded by the consumers in the UK. ZEE Optics has to do immature people from age 16 to 25 as their premier mark market in the UK and have to plan dark glassess and frames to pull specifically this market. In add-on to the fashionable dark glassess it can profit from exporting rimless frames and bigger ethanoate frames which are in great demand in the UK for their vivacious colorss and their being in trend.

Manner market in the UK is one of the most booming markets and the UK has one of the highest degrees of manner consciousness in the universe, therefore any selling scheme for ZEE Optics has to take into consideration this overpowering fact. It has to weave around its selling scheme on this peculiar facet, it has to do certain that it addresses it premier market successfully and its interior decorator must concentrate on planing bright motley and attractive design of dark glassess. Right now there are batch of SMEs from different states who export dark glassess in the UK market, Thailand, Singapore, India and China are among the taking exporters of eyewear goods in the UK. ZEE Optics can convey value, affordability and attraction to the market ; it should get down by aiming large supermarkets like Tesco, Primark and New Look and see how it can pull off to perforate the market.

Selling Scheme

From a broader planning and decision-making point of position, there is a demand to be concerned with both strategic and tactical issues as they relate to export selling determinations. Strategic determinations concern such things as pick of state, merchandise markets, mark section, manners of operation, and timing of market entry. In contrast tactical determinations are concerned with operations within a given state as they concern such things as merchandise placement, merchandise version, media choice and specific promotional, pricing and distribution determinations ( Albaum & A ; Duerr, 2008 ) . An indispensable first measure peculiarly for a fledgling to international market is for the company to measure its preparedness to come in such markets. Any steadfast regardless of its size and experience must find merely how ready it is to do the move. ZEE Optics must utilize some system of support tools which can assist them to find its preparedness. These adept systems are designed to supply an rating of internal company strengths and failings in the context of exporting. The major countries to be covered are as follows:

Competitive capablenesss in the domestic market

Motivation for traveling abroad

Committedness of proprietor and direction

Product preparedness for foreign markets

Skills, cognition and resources

Experience and preparation

These systems are peculiarly designed for little and moderate-sized companies such as ZEE Optics for sing initial export experience. At a really simple degree, export planning and scheme development have three distinguishable constituents.

Goal: The Company exportation will hold certain aims that it wishes to accomplish, and which will function as standards for appraisal of advancement. The footing of company ends will be placing and mensurating market chance.

Plan: This involves developing the selling mix at both strategic and tactical degrees.

Organization. Developing an organisation means seting together company resources in order to convey into operation the selling mix. In short scheme and tactics are put to work ( Albaum & A ; Duerr, 2008 ) .

If in any state of affairs the house fails to set together the resources indispensable to implement the program constructed to accomplish the coveted end, so the company has to alter either the end or the program put in topographic point. Underneath all this activity with the basic determination to come in the new market in the first topographic point, is the acknowledgment of the degree of perceived hazard connected with the whole operation. There can be occasions when the hazards which were recognize or were associated with the whole operation becomes so high that the direction may non desire to travel in front with it. Obviously with such a state of affairs occurs the plan and the ends have to changed, readjusted and altered with the new position and the new world in forepart. Therefore in all such instances the thing the direction needs to concentrate on is the coveted consequences they want to accomplish and the degree of hazard that the direction will accept ( Albaum & A ; Duerr, 2008 ) .

The public presentation of the house in footings of its export whether it be growing or strength or failing is affected by the company itself. It fundamentally depends on or an obvious result of the house ‘s markets and industry and the export scheme chosen. The two most of import factors of export scheme are merchandise policy and market choice. Zee Optics has to pay particular attending on these two major constituents in order to accomplish desired consequences. It has to carefully choose the market within the UK and come up with merchandises which are specifically designed for this market. For a newcomer failing in the merchandise policy in the early phases of the operation could be ruinous and can be immense reverse to its hereafter programs. Thus the inquiry of merchandise scheme constantly consequences in make up one’s minding upon the extent of merchandise version ( Cateora & A ; Ghauri, 2000 ) .

Export market entry scheme

The function of a market entry scheme lies in developing an entry manner and a selling program. The manner of entry is what is used to perforate the mark state, in this instance the UK and the selling program for export is used to identity a mark market within the mark state. A house ‘s foreign market channel is the path in the construction of distribution by which the merchandises of the house acquire into the consumer ‘s manus. In making an entry manner for itself a house must form for the flow of two of import things when its merchandises go through the construction of distribution: foremost is the flow of dealing and second is the flow of the physical goods ( Albaum & A ; Duerr, 2008 ) . The first one known as the flow of dealing fundamentally means how through a series of dealing the ownership of the merchandise is transferred from marketer to the purchaser. On the other manus physical flow refers to how the merchandise itself through different phases, physically through motions and storage is transferred. There are figure of organisations involved in both these procedures, for illustration gross revenues offices, Bankss, transit companies, storage companies, publicizing bureaus etc. All these determinations by the direction and a scheme for it is indispensable as it influences the monetary value that the concluding consumer will pay.

For ZEE Optics it is indispensable to utilize the best possible selling channel and one which fits its aims and ends. In add-on this should be viewed as an incorporate portion of the operation with maker on the one manus and the user on the other manus. The scheme therefore should be developed taking into consideration long-run programs and this should be a comprehensive program which establishes the aims, resources and policies that will steer the company. Each market is different in many respects and the company should besides see changing its scheme for different markets. For illustration in the UK selling schemes should be developed on the part footing, with gross revenues, selling and distribution resources invested at the part degree. For fledglings like ZEE Optics it is advised that it should concentrate on one part in its early phase and from at that place seek to perforate other markets. Very loosely the selling program should take the following into consideration:

The ends and aim in the mark market

Policies needed and resource allotments

The pick of entry manners to perforate the market

A system of control to supervise the public presentation

The factors that influence the pick of market entry can be varied and can be based on many different considerations. For maker it is non a easy determination or scheme to come up with. But as discussed before, the ends and aims, short and long-run decide the pick of market entry. Choice is usually based on two broad attacks: 1 ) Through experience 2 ) Through analysis. A company can make up one’s mind on a scheme through its ain experience or through a rivals experience in the market or it could engage and carry on a thorough analysis to make up one’s mind how to near and choose the entry manner ( Wit & A ; Meyer, 2002 ) .

Target Market

ZEE Optics as discussed earlier specialises in planing dark glassess and spectacle frames, it uniqueness comes from the fact that it caters the younger market and designs dark glassess and frames which are in trend and peculiarly celebrated in the mainstream manner industry. ZEE ‘s domestic market in India besides comprises of immature male and female from the flush background and its design ‘s and frames are rather popular among the immature. ZEE Optics has seen an chance to spread out its concern and its alone place in the Indian market beyond India and it has chosen UK as it foremost foreign venture. ZEE Optics aims to pull the immature market in the UK as good and for this ground it prime or mark market is the immature population of aged between 16 to 25. Contrary to the common position UK has big market for dark glassess and even larger market for the frames and as we have discussed earlier there is immense demand for fashionable dark glassess, rimless frames and vivacious coloring material ethanoate frames. It must be mentioned here that ZEE Optics is non viing with interior decorator dark glassess ; it is for immature people who would wish quality dark glassess but non with a interior decorator monetary value ticket. ZEE Optics has the possible to capture some of the market portion because of its singularity and its success. Because its mark market comprises of immature people, it can offer to sell its merchandises in large shops, like Primark, Tesco, Debenhams, New Look, Amazon, Boots and others. It can besides provide for different sections of demographic within the mark market and can offer to sell different quality to different shops, depending on their demand.

Swot analysis

Measuring the external and internal environmental factors, the undermentioned image can be drawn:


Strong experience and gross growing in the domestic market

Possess accomplishments and expertness to develop cutting border merchandise

Diverseness of the merchandise and affordability


High dependance on Indian market

No experience of the UK market


Further enlargement to other parts in the UK & A ; EU

Opportunity to construct a base in the UK and start mercantile establishments


It could confront competition within the Indian market which could impact the exportation to the UK and company ‘s concentration would deviate to protect it domestic market. There are already batch of competition in the Indian market but the company has sustained its border because of its merchandise ‘s uniqueness.

Slow gait of market entry, due to the high competitory force per unit area of UK market, the market window for ZEE Optics entry is narrow. The slow gait of entry and incorrect timing determination might sabotage the company ‘s success on this market.

Marketing Mix


The merchandise border for a company is the consequence of the new merchandise procedures and development which consists in giving a alone grade of benefits which is non soon available to others. But most of import the consequence of this advantage is that the client demands are satisfied even better with the comparative quality and innovativeness of the merchandise. The client ‘s jobs are solved by giving them more value for their money with the accent on peculiarity ( Craig & A ; Hart, 2003 ) . Hence merchandise advantage as we can conceive of is really cardinal to any SME and peculiarly when for a fledgling who is seeking to take perforate a new market. Product border so becomes a cardinal factor in the success or the failure of a company and besides in its hereafter endeavours to develop new merchandises and services likewise. ZEE Optics have an experience for developing new merchandises when it comes to dark glassess and frames and they have developed merchandises to provide the UK market. Particularly for the UK market they have developed bright multi coloured ethanoate frames which are really popular in the UK, low-cost rimless frames which are besides in great demand and dark glassess with exposure chromatic shade ocular engineering which protects eyes from the harmful beams. This provides a good starting point for ZEE Optics, these merchandises are design for UK market and it gives a good merchandise mix to the company to get down their concern entry in the UK and can so spread out further.

Monetary value

Although harmonizing to recent research pricing has a comparative importance for SME, as the chief concern scheme for SMEs are that they specialise in one merchandise and sell it for low-cost monetary values. Pricing could go one of of import factors for ZEE Optics, as they have to vie with other manufacturers who are already exporting in this market. To hold an competitory border ZEE, should non merely have the merchandise right but the pricing should be such that it is low-cost to the mark market. It must be mentioned here the ZEE Optics is non viing with interior decorator dark glassess and its mark market comprises of immature people who can non afford interior decorator spectacless and would travel for something which has quality but non a monetary value ticket of interior decorator eyeglassess. ZEE Optics could get down with a monetary value scope of between ?10 to ?35 for different assortment of frames and dark glassess.

Topographic point

Distribution is important in the eventual credence and gross revenues of a new merchandise in the market as it governs the handiness of the new merchandise to clients. It goes without stating that the distribution channels chosen must reflect the mark market ‘s purchasing behavior and let for maximal handiness to the mark market. The distribution channels chosen may reenforce or thin the intended message of the merchandise ‘s placement in the market place ( Calantone & A ; Montoya-Weiss, 2003 ) .


Promotion is one of the cardinal factors and as an SME and a company which is ab initio merely exporting its good to shops who would sell on their behalf it is necessary to hold a publicity run with traders, directors and supply concatenation direction sing the value and singularity of the merchandise and what benefit would they and the terminal consumer will be acquiring out of the merchandise. A scope of things can be done sing publicity, but foremost for ZEE Optics and their type of concern, is to publish a booklet which would include all the inside informations of dark glassess and framers, their types with images which would give a clear thought about the merchandise and its singularity.


This paper has tried to develop a selling scheme and market entry for ZEE Optics, an Indian company which makes dark glassess and frames. As we have seen the United Kingdom is one of the taking and coveted states for Indian SMEs across different industrial sectors. UK is besides one of the taking states which imports Indian goods. This gives a great chance for Indian SMEs of eyewear goods provider and exporter to take advantage of this chance and derive maximal consequences. It would be great chance for ZEE Optics to come in the UK market now and harvest the benefits. However the company has to come up with a unfailing selling scheme, it has to construct up on its strengths if it needs to capture a new market and spread out its concern. The environment is rather contributing for an Indian SME and particularly the sort of concern ZEE Optic does but as a new comer it is novice in the UK market and therefore has to change over its strengths into chances. With this analysis it is advised that ZEE Optics should export the merchandises ab initio to large UK vesture and decorative shops. It should concentrate on its chief merchandises dark glassess and frames for immature people who are looking for low-cost, inexpensive but better quality eyewear. The monetary value will be one of the attractive factors, particularly for price-sensitive persons. With fast market incursion, entree to market cognition should convey reduced fiscal strain.


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