Marketing strategies as effective tools in organizational growth

Marketing develops as a society and its economic system develop. The demand for selling arises and grows as a society move from an economic system of agribusiness and sufficiency to an economic system built around division of labor, industrialisation and urbanisation. Williams J.S 1983.

In an agricultural or backward economic system, the people are mostly self-sufficing. They grow their nutrient, make their ain apparels and construct their ain house and tools. There was nil like specialisation of labor and people started to specialise in those countries they are best tantrum. This consequences into one adult male bring forthing more than he needs and less than he wants. The result of this mass production leads to the foundation of trade, and trade is the bosom of selling.

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At foremost the exchange procedure is a simple one. The accent is mostly on the production of rudimentss which normally are in short supply. Little or no attending is devoted to selling and exchange is really local – among adjacent small towns. The following measure is to the development of selling, little merchandises begin to fabricate their goods in big measures in expectancy of future orders. At this phase, the jobbers appeared and act as mediators between the Sellerss and the purchasers.

There are states today traveling through this earlier phase of economic development it may be said that promotion of marketing by and large goes manus in manus with promotion of civilisation Rossiter, J. ( 2001 ) . The industrial revolution has characterized the growing of urban centres and diminution in rural population. This has led most of the industrialised states to hold experienced three phases of macro selling development. This was besides characterized by alterations in economic market and consumer behaviours.

The job of most companies may be traced partly to non application of the selling construct. There is an complete premise on the portion of both makers, jobbers, retail merchants and service offering houses on the extra demand for their goods and services. This over premise has resulted in state of affairss where the clients they are supposed to provide for de-relegated to the background with small or no considerations for their feelings, Aham V.A 1992.

This inability consequences partly from hapless grasp of selling as a stimulator of all concern concerns in general and of hotels in peculiar. This non grasp of selling histories for hapless client orientation by most of the Nigerian owned hotels.


The demand for marketing schemes in industries is really necessary in the present economic state of affairs in the state. The importance of the survey is chiefly to demo how relevant selling scheme is to every selling oriented organisation most particularly Premier hotel. This survey effort to help the selling practician in implementing the assorted selling scheme, and it will be of great benefit to other research workers, pupil of selling and Nigerian Institute of Marketing.

The significance of the survey is assist in determination devising procedure for taking the right selling schemes at the appropriate clip, which would be a utile tool for organisational growing.


Selling is the direction procedure which identifies, anticipates and supplied consumers demand expeditiously, effectual and productively. It involves and allowing and choosing big market and developing a comparative mix scheme. Selling is an basically schemes function concerned with guaranting that a concern satisfies consumer demands profitableness and at the same clip out-performs rival organisation ( Competitors ) . Kotler, ( 1996 )

Selling Development

Harmonizing to Philips C.F and Duncan D.J 1964, in discoursing selling development the undermentioned stages of orientations can be identified:

Barter epoch Orientation

Production Orientation

Selling Orientation

Marketing Concept Orientation

Strategic Marketing Orientation

Social Marketing Orientation

Barter epoch Orientation is a state of affairs where goods are exchange for goods. Money is ne’er used as an exchange. It is ever within little group of people or household.

Production Orientation emphasizes how handily produce the merchandise, pursue, improved production distribution efficiency. In this country, the handiness and propinquity of turning markets are in stuff. The implicitly premises of the production construct are: –

Consumers are chiefly interested in merchandise handiness and low monetary values.

Consumers know the monetary values of the viing trade name

Consumers do non see or attach much of import to non-price to distinguish between the merchandise categories.

The Organization ‘s undertaking is to maintain bettering production and distribution efficiency take downing cost as the key to pulling client

Under Selling Orientation, one either buys or non purchase enough of the organisation ‘s merchandises unless the organisation makes a substation ‘s unless the organisation makes a significant attempt to excite their involvement in its merchandises. The inexplicit premises of selling construct are: –

Consumers have a normal inclination to defy purchasing most things that are non indispensable

Consumer can be induced to purchase more through assorted gross revenues exciting devices

The organisation ‘s undertaking in to find the demands and privation of mark markets and following itself to presenting the coveted satisfactions more efficaciously than its rivals.

Marketing Concept Orientation is a direction orientation that holds that the key to accomplishing Organization ‘s end is to find the demands and want to aim markets and accommodating itself to presenting the desires satisfactions more efficaciously than its rivals. The implicit in premises of the selling construct are:

Consumer can be grouped into different market section depending on their demands and wants.

The organisation ‘s undertaking is to research and take mark markets and develop effectual offer

Schemes Marketing Orientation emphasizes that a company should travel from a company that has selling construct orientation to one that in add-on considers the steadfast resources and activities of rivals.

Society Marketing Orientation, is to find the demands, wants and involvement of mark market and to follow the organisation to present the coveted satisfaction more efficaciously and expeditiously than its rivals in a manner that preserves or enhances the consumers and society good being

Function OF Selling IN THE INDUSTRY

Harmonizing to Potter ( 1991 ) selling performs the undermentioned functions: –

Transporting out market and selling research designed to find clients demands or want to garner information relevant for determination devising by direction

Transporting exchange map which entails the transportation of ownership rubric in regard of a merchandise. It involves purchasing and selling

Merchandise Development




Evaluation of production and selling

Facilitating map: Standardization, Finance and Risk Bearing

Gross saless map: – Recruit, Select, Train, Compensate, Motivate, and Evaluate gross revenues force

Environment besides is really important in doing comprehensive effectual selling determination. The environment for marketing includes: –

The competitory environment

The legal environment

The economic environment

The cultural environment

The political environment

Technological among others.


What is the importance of marketing on hotel concern?

What is the relationship between selling strategies/practices and clients ‘ satisfaction?

What is the relationship between selling patterns and the growing of hotel concern?

Does deficiency of singularity in an organisation merchandise affect growing of a hotel concern?


Holmium: – there is no correlativity between the usage of effectual selling scheme and addition in sale of merchandise.

H1: there is a correlativity between the usage of effectual selling scheme and addition in sale of merchandise

Holmium: – there is no important relationship between the usage of effectual selling schemes and improved profitableness of the

H1: there is a important relationship between the usage of effectual selling schemes and improved profitableness of the


This survey attempts to set up the impact of effectual selling practices/strategies on the growing of prime hotel via increased gross revenues, increased profitableness and attainment of the general end and aims of the hotel. This survey helps to proffer solution to the job of low backing by presenting specific selling scheme.

This survey besides helps to cast more visible radiation on the interaction between marketing schemes and Nigerian owned hotels, utilizing prime hotel as a instance survey.


In order to accomplish the aims of this research, both primary and secondary informations aggregation method will be employed. The primary informations aggregation method will affect the usage of questionnaires while the secondary informations aggregation method will affect the usage of published diaries, cyberspace, magazines etc.

The research design to be used is the study research method which will affect employees from assorted sections in First bank of Nigeria Plc.

The sampling process that will be used in the class of this research is random trying in which the, choice will be applied in choosing among the senior, in-between and junior employees of the organisation.

For the intent of this survey, chi-square and sample per centum method will be used to prove and get at the arithmetical correlativity between the variable of the hypothesis. Response to all inquiries will be converted to per centum and tabular matter for easier and more accurate analysis. The Chi-square method will be used to measure the definite and the experimental circulation as against awaited distribution.

Restriction OF THE STUDY

This research work was limited to premier hotel. The questionnaire was described to the staff of Premier hotel and interview was conducted among the production and selling staff of the company. However, in a research work like this, certain factors stand as draw back to overall result. Some respondents were non willing to help the research worker by supplying the necessary informations because of fright of uncovering the organisation ‘s secret, they consider some information as being critical confidential.









W/l get downing


























survey literature

conclude aim

Read methodological analysis


Submit Proposal

Feedback on proposal

Devise research and scheme method

Begin Data Collection

Access be aftering to First bank PLC

Complete the information analysis

Complete bill of exchange and in-hand

Final whiff reading of thesis

Concluding Submission


Rossiter, J. ( 2001 ) , What is marketing cognition? Phase 1: Forms of selling cognition,

Marketing Theory, 1 ( 1 ) , 9-26.


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