Marketing Research Ethnography

Marketing Research Ethnography
The World’s Communicators of Business
Tucker Bass
Nash Community College
Marketing is an ever changing industry, but one thing is for sure that the many techniques that were born from some of the most influential marketers and entertainment creators of all time still hold strong within the industry. Of course, the main idea that will never change would be that marketing organizations must facilitate the consumer to act on their purchase intentions and with that begins the great race that the organization must take. This is where the use of a variety of techniques are used in order to achieve the goal. Although the greatest marketers of all time bring us different lessons, approaches and philosophies, they all achieve the same results of gaining the precious loyalty from consumers. In order to get a better understanding of how the world’s greatest marketers and creators were able to achieve this accomplishment, it is important to know their background and how they desired to present their product to the world that ever so watching. Marketing Research Ethnography
The World’s Communicators of Business
Marketing is the act of promoting your product publicly in order to bring new clients and customers to your business. Several prominent historical figures have come along in recent history who have clarified if not changed the way we think about marketing. These individuals have even taught us a few lessons that can help us with your own accounting practice. Marketing talent is rare enough, but marketing genius is most likely to only happen once or twice in a lifetime. The people that throughout history have changed the face of marketing, creating entirely new concepts, or brought spectacular ideas to full fruition.  
One of the most prominent marketers to ever contribute to the industry would be Walt Disney, the creator that formed the idea that a product would market itself. To create a truly…

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