Marketing Reflection Paper Essay

Selling is a major constituent for most concern in the United States but is merely merely get downing to take clasp in the healthcare field. Within the health care arena the constructs of selling has taken a long clip to develop. In the late seventiess Evanston Hospital in Illinois was the first infirmary to engage a selling individual for health care. We are now in the early twenty-first Century and health care selling is traveling full steam in front. The intent of this essay is to analyze some of the health care selling techniques and its possible impact on healthcare workers.

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General OpinionI have merely been working in the health care industry for about seven old ages. Of the seven old ages. I worked five of them in one big medical centre in a local town. Selling was ne’er a portion of my vocabulary until late. I candidly didn’t pay excessively much attending to advertisement runs until I started working for Saint Francis Medical Center in Cape Girardeau. Missouri. Mass communicating was and still is a major selling technique that Saint Francis uses. A twenty-four hours doesn’t goes by that you will non see the “Medical Minute” topographic point on the local telecasting Stationss.

Shortly after Saint Francis started utilizing this technique. three other local infirmaries developed their ain telecasting runs. Even though some people may acquire tired of the changeless barrage of these Television commercials. I believe that they may salvage lives every bit good as promote more concern for the infirmaries. As quoted by Wagner. Fleming. Mangold. and Laforge ( 1994 ) . a 46-year old male wrote to a local infirmary thanking them for salvaging his life through their Television run on the marks of bosom onslaughts. From this run. this person was able to place that he was holding a bosom onslaught at which clip he went directly to the exigency room.

Another technique that Saint Francis used was the “We Care” run. Harmonizing to Beckham ( 2001 ) the “We Care” run was listed under the subdivision “What Hasn’t Worked” of his article. Beckham claimed that consumers are more concerned with competency and consequences than whether the infirmary attentions or non. In my sentiment. I would hold to hold with this construct. Yes. Saint Francis did attention. but is the service good? I believe that the Television runs are more successful as a selling tool than have oning buttons reading “We Care. ”Are Current Selling Techniques Affecting Consumer Trends? The reply to this inquiry is difficult to trap down at this point in my current sentiment.

Harmonizing to Beckham ( 2001 ) . some selling schemes worked better than others. Positioning is one technique where an organization/hospital creates an image of clinical competency. Becham claimed that “positioning required more than advertisement and installations: at that place had to be implicit in capablenesss. and grounds. to endorse up the claims. ” Another technique that Becham outlined in his article was “Missionary Work. ” which is used when a doctor can non vie with his local infirmary doctors and goes out into the countryside and physiques relationships with the primary attention doctors for referrals. This proved to be a successful technique being used.

I do believe that the new techniques such as the 1s mentioned supra have or will impact consumer tendencies. The technique that I believe affects the most is the missional work technique. There was a clip when consumers believed that the lone health care available to them was the primary attention doctor within their little countryside communities. Now with the relationships that are being built between the local doctors and the little countryside doctors. more specialised health care can be offered/provided to the citizens of these little communities. Therefore. the tendency of merely utilizing the local hometown doctor has changed.

Negative Impact on Healthcare WorkersI am certain some health cares workers can be found that do non believe there is a negative impact from the techniques being used within health care. However. I believe there are some. Take for case the technique outlined by ( Wagner. Fleming. Mangold. & A ; Laforge. 1994 ) of the selling technique of edifice image and non on increasing demand for services. The negative impact that could be realized here is losing consumer concern because consumers want to cognize more about the services provided to run into their demands than the hospital image. One infirmary was quoted as holding to close its doors because of this type of selling technique. The impact here is loss of occupations for the staff members of the infirmary.

A positive impact would be due to the technique that was listed as under the sub-title “What Worked” in the article written by Beckham ( 2001 ) . When the techniques work. everyone benefits because the consumer is satisfied and will go on to utilize the services. every bit good as. refer their friends to the hospital/clinic.

ConclusionUnlike prior to the late 1970s selling is now considered one the most of import facets of health care. There are many marketing techniques used today in which some have proven to work and others non so good. The chief point to retrieve is at that place has to be a complete apprehension of the background and foundation that identifies the importance of selling. The right people need to be hired as selling staff. If the incorrect individual is selected. non merely will concern neglect. but healthcare workers would be affected every bit good. Selling is good. it merely has be worked decently for all to profit from it.


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