Marketing Plan For The Harmonic Festival 2011 Marketing Essay

Our merchandise in this selling program is Harmonic Festival. It is a musical event which was foremost started in March 2010 by two instrumentalists Chris Mapp ( bass ) and Percy Pursglove. This event includes wind public presentations. But attempts were made non to include the word wind to distinguish it. This festival is besides the jubilation of all good things go oning on the diverse wind scene in west Midland.

Target-The analysis of last twelvemonth ‘s festival tells us that people of age 45+ are the dominant audience and pupils were besides interested in sing this festival. So based on this information we have divided the audience between two chief dominant groups- people in early 40 ‘s and university pupils. Majority of the audience was of white people. Our mark is to duplicate the audience from last twelvemonth.

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Promotion is an of import activity particularly when we want to duplicate the audience than last twelvemonth. Not much of promotional activities were used in last harmonic festival. Most of the people were invited through the mailing list of Chris and Percy. In our selling program publicity mix will compromise of advertisement, public dealingss, gross revenues publicity, direct selling and personal merchandising to prosecute the selling and advertisement aims.

As we have mentioned in our merchandise mix- our merchandise here is Harmonic Festival and we have to do it gratifying for our clients. So we need to supply them with first-class services. We have an advantage of distribution channels. We can utilize different types of distribution channels to sell the tickets for our merchandise which is harmonic festival. In order to increase the return on selling we should do such a distribution program so that our clients can purchase or book easy. We want to do their ticket purchasing or booking experience easy and speedy.

In order to guarantee that our clients receive effectual service it is our responsibility to supply them first-class quality of service until they attend the Harmonic festival. Our aim is non merely to increase the attending but besides to supply the clients with brilliant quality of services, to do their experience memorable for them so that they like to fall in us following clip once more in future. Therefore we can that that a client program is –

“ Customer Service is a system organised to supply a go oning nexus between the first contact with client, through to the clip the order is received and the goods/services delivered and used, with the aim of fulfilling client demands continuously ” . ( Marketing Plans, 2002 )

One thing which we can make here is take the feedback of the people who attend our Harmonic festival. With their feedback or suggestions we can seek and better more for following clip. We can name our clients or organize on-line studies for acquiring their reappraisals about our services.

To summary we would state that the deepness analysis was done by taking up pest analysis, market and client survey, swot analysis. In our STP procedure we tried to see how we traveling to aim the market or audience. Marketing mix which includes merchandise, monetary value, topographic point and promotion- these factors are besides used intricately. We have tried to associate promotional activities with the communicating processes.

With all these schemes and their execution we intend to develop a strong trade name image so that we can increase the audience and supply them valuable services.


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