Marketing Plan For Colgate Company Marketing Essay

This study will concentrate on the selling program for the new Colgate toothbrush called 360 Actiflex, as portion of Oral attention and Health merchandises which comprises of Tooth paste, Tooth coppice, Mouth wash and dental floss. Oral attention is of import because research indicate that a clean oral cavity prevents gum disease and prevent bosom disease.

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In 200 old ages of being, information engineering and media has assisted to develop a vivacious organisation at Colgate. As the tendency in IT changes over the old ages, it has besides been reflected in every operations the organisation. Get downing with the antediluvian IBM system units of early 1950s to the first consumer computing machines of 1977 ( Apple I, II & A ; III ) , Colgate has grown aboard to congratulate the passage with clip.

In the modern epoch, parts of the positive impacts can be seen in bulletin board services, computing machine conferencing, computing machine end product on microfilm, communicating web, determination support systems, Electronic mail ( e-mail ) , Electronic spread sheet, Telex, picture confab, teleconferencing and the likes has been a major part of IT and media to the industry. Not to advert the advanced electronic instrumentality for packaging and transit that we could notice at every phase of production. Selling to a layperson can now be found on chirrup, facebook, youtube, text messaging, Google, eposters and the likes. On a negative side, insecurity of informations and records has been a major reverse of modern IT and media in selling. The major fright here lies in the hereafter of the system whether or non it still pose similar advantages or negative significance. All the aforesaid agencies of selling in the modern epoch has tonss of impacts both positively and negatively:

Modern IT/media has posed tonss of advantages on how fast information can be disseminated. A SATA system has a informations transportation rate of 300Mb/s ( Wisegeek 2011 ) . It indicates that a immense information of the size of a phonograph record could be communicated to a big set of audience in less than one second. Selling is now possible 24 hours a twenty-four hours, 365 yearss a twelvemonth. Customers can now bridge the queuing jobs at shops ( Hollensen 2007 ) .

Because of easy agencies of informations flow, the cost of distribution has fallen well over clip. It cots every bit low as 50 pence to facsimile a page whereas 1000000s of pages will direct across the internet/media at about a free distribution cost. Apart from the fact that the whole universe receives the information at one time and at the same quality, the impacts are the same with the feeling expressed. Furthermore, it is possible to seek for the lowest monetary value available for trade names ( Hollensen 2007 ) . Online fiscal services are besides possible through these agencies.

Media and IT has made it possible to make up one’s mind on mark audience, elaborate information like merchandise, handiness, and pricing are provided for the people. Through the usage of multimedia, the clients could hold a better apprehension of their demands by for illustration picturing the interior ornaments or by demoing the beauty of lodging estates.


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