Marketing objectives and strategies for Special Shoes

Executive Summary

Particular Shoes is one of the most successful shoe stores in the state. Although it is rather popular, Particular Shoes need an online based shopping site or a web site to farther heighten their place as one of the top shoe stores in the state. Currently, clients must go to the existent store to buy their places.

With the creative activity of the web site, client can easy shop through the choice of available places and merchandises provided by the Particular Shoes Company and even have services and publicity in their member countries. As some people might non like an online shop where places can non be tried out before purchasing/ordering, Special Shoes will supply podiatry advice services to the client to farther heighten the client satisfaction on the merchandise and steer the client to good pes wellness.

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To do both bing and possible client aware of the new e-commerce site and in attempt to promote them to see the web site, comparative advertisement will be used. With comparative advertisement, it will be designed to foreground the advantages of the goods or services offered by Special Shoes Company compared to those of other shoe stores available in the state.

For a successful comparative advertizement, the comparing between the goods or services must be shown by the aim and the message of the advertizement by depicting their chief features.

Selling Scheme

Part of Special Shoes ‘ selling scheme will establish entirely on its merchandises and services provided. Particular Shoes will besides utilize advertizement that will have abundant attending by the bing and possible client. The scheme of the selling run is to increase the mark client ‘ consciousness of Particular Shoes.


Particular Shoes ‘ mission is to supply a broad choice of places and outstanding client service. It will be to pull and keep clients. Their services will transcend the outlook of the clients.

Marketing Aims

The selling aim of the new e-commerce site of Particular Shoes is to construct an effectual pull run, conveying in new client and maintaining the trueness of bing clients.

Marketing Activities:


Particular Shoes will place itself as the Prime Minister mercantile establishment for on-line shoe shopping, supplying the client with the largest choice, equaling some of the other shoe stores in the state. Particular Shoes will leverage their competitory border to accomplish this coveted placement.

To accomplish a competitory border, Special Shoes will supply as much choice of places as possible.


Membership can be introduced either to new or bing client through online or offline agencies. With the enrollment of clients as members, they are entitled to particular price reduction rates and privileges provided by the Particular Shoes. The first 100 clients to register will acquire a one twelvemonth rank for free with 12 monthly issues of Special Shoes magazine.

Promotions and Discounts.

Promotions and price reductions of the merchandises and services of the Particular places can be made known to the client through online or offline agencies. Through online agencies, clients can either be sent an electronic mail or text message to inform them of the on-going publicity and price reductions. Through offline agencies, advertizement can be used to pull new and bing clients.

Media Ads

To foster pull new clients and to inform the bing client of the new web site, advertizements can be used to accomplish this purpose. Examples of media advertizements that can be used are telecasting, wireless and newspaper.

Podiatry advice

Particular Shoes will besides be able to supply podiatry advice services to the client as Particular Shoes acknowledge that their rivals did non offer this services.

Addressing Existing Customer and New Customer

Existing Customers

To turn to the bing client of the new Special Shoes website, encouragement and recommendation of on-line enrollment to the web site can be made to acquire the passage of the bing client from offline to online.

New Customers

Through advertizements, new clients can be made, therefore information of the web site must be made clear and concise so that future clients can be attracted to go a member to the Particular Shoes.

Offline Selling Requirements

Offline selling is besides important in advancing the Particular Shoes store where illustrations of offline selling techniques that can be usage are out-of-door signage such as hoardings, imperativeness releases and including the website reference on concern cards or other printed marketable stuff.

Target Market

Particular Shoes is aiming the population sections within a wide class of age, gender and demands.

Since most of the client will buy places for the workplace every bit good as for leisure clip. Particular Places have targeted this wide choice of client as they have the demand for many different braces of places for all of their different activities and demands.


Particular Shoes ‘ selling scheme will seek to make client consciousness sing the merchandises that they offer, develop the client base, and work toward constructing client trueness and referrals.

The messages that Special Shoe will seek to pass on are that the offer the largest choice of places and supply podiatry advice services online. People no longer necessitate to travel to the existent store to happen what places are available. A method of communicating is by advertizement in the local media which will be placed in newspapers, wireless and telecastings.

Another method of communicating will be through on-line advertizement such as electronic mails, a system of pass oning electronically where this will extinguish unnecessary disbursement on postal fees to inform the clients of new merchandises and services provided by Particular Shoes. Another agency of communicating that can be used is the RSS provenders.

What is the method to track visitants traveling to the web site?

Tracking visitants sing the Particular Shoes web site may be good where the information from the feedbacks of visitants can be highly helpful in tweaking and fine-tuning your site. The more informations that can be collected from the visitants, the more productive and effectual the runs, contents, and services can be produced. There are many tools and application that is provided in the cyberspace in order to track website visitants. Some illustrations of these tools are free website tracking package, analytic package and services that track and analyze informations.

In making web sites free website tracking package are available on the cyberspace. In relation to this, website interior decorator would likely hold entree to cpanel. Cpanel is an open-source GUI interface that administers to the web sites and web logs. Cpanel besides have the ability to see current and historical statistics sing the sphere. Most cpanel interface includes these two plans such as Webalizer and AwStats ( Advanced Web Statistics ) . Webalizer is a tool that keeps path of specific types of information and shows it diagrammatically on the web. Webalizer collects informations such as the URL ( shows the URL that was requested by the user ‘s browser ) , Hit ( every individual HTTP petition that your visitant ‘s browser submits is counted as a hit ) , Visitor ( each particular IP reference or HTTP cooky ) , Visit ( Each clip a visitant accesses the web site ) and the User Agent ( the web browser used by the visitant to entree the website e.g. Firefox etc ) .

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