Marketing Management Study Of Bharati Airtel India Marketing Essay

The administration we are traveling to concentrate for our Marketing Management survey is Bharati Airtel – India. Bharati Airtel is a taking telecom supplier in the telecom industry with the client base of 124 million boulder clay Feb 2010. Airtel is the 3rd largest in the universe to hold such a broad base of client and six largest integrated telecom operators in the universe. This tremendous growing is non possible without proper planning and with good selling program.

Aim of Airtel:

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The aim of Airtel is that they wanted to a market leader in the telecom industry ; they wanted to take over the Major market in the state. These things were possible for them after the globalization in 90 ‘s in India. With the proper incursion scheme they were able to accomplish its nonsubjective and presently they are market leaders in malice of heavy rivals.

Unique Selling Proposition:

Every Brand or a Merchandise will hold a alone merchandising proposition to distinguish itself from other trade name, they wanted to foreground in their best manner likewise the USP of Airtel is to experience proud about the state. Their first advertisement run was besides based on their USP which it finally reached their targeted client.

Airtel in its earlier phase ne’er projected itself as trade name which gives service, but it projected itself as trade name which makes u experience proud about the state. In the ulterior portion of Airtel their advertisement scheme changed with an emotional touch to it which once more increased its market portion in India.

Marketing Principles of Airtel:

As it was said before Marketing lays a major function in an administration inspite of good merchandise, Airtel have a fantastic Selling schemes and rules. Airtel was the 2nd to come in the Indian market in the telecommunication industry boulder clay so BSNL was the monopoly in the telecom market every bit far as India is concerned.

Product Life rhythm of Airtel:

Every merchandise will undergo the merchandise life rhythm, it ‘s been 13 old ages that Airtel was launched in India it have 24.6 % of market portion in India. The current phase of Airtel in India is that the merchandise is in impregnation phase hence the company is diversifying itself to assorted other divisions like airtel broadband and airtel DTH etc. Even though it is in impregnation phase the major gross for the company comes from Telecom Services merely.

Gross saless







Airtel have positioned itself really strongly in the market that is the ground in malice of its impregnation point Airtel is able to acquire its gross from the telecom industry.

Introduction Stage of Airtel:

In the early 1990 ‘s was the phase that India allowed globalization which really created an development around the state. And this point Airtel comes in drama with their selling scheme. Airtel started its administration with its postpaid connexion but Airtel is really a Premier Product, It was the first to come in the monopoly market in India were it was able to be successful compared with other rivals.

Growth Stage of Airtel:

After come ining the monopoly market of telecom industry it was easy for Airtel to perforate in to the Indian market. In The Introduction phase the competition was merely with BSNL which was authorities organic structure, hence it was easy for Airtel to take over the market even it was a prime merchandise.

But as the yearss goes by the competition was increasing in slow stage as other participants like orange, Essar came in to the market, by the clip they enter the market Airtel really swiped the market with its merchandise and service even though it was a premium merchandise were it was bing even for incoming calls. In the early phase of merchandise launch Airtel was aiming the upper category client based on their income form but in the early phases because of addition in the competition they innovated new programs and duty in order to prolong in the market, because of there selling and advertisement market airtel is able to govern the market.

Mature Stage Of Airtel:

When Airtel was in its maturing phase that is the point new rivals came in to the Indian market but by clip Airtel had a immense market in India were it was tough for the rivals to split the market portion. During this clip Airtel was busy introducing new merchandises for its client like free incoming calls, free messages and other different duties and bundles to its client.

Saturation Stage Of airtel:

This is the current phase of airtel they are in a impregnation phase with their merchandises even though their major gross is from telecom. Airtel have non gone to the diminution phase in its merchandise but they are diversifying its market towards broadband internet connexions and really late they have besides entered in to the DTH services in the market.

SWOT analysis of Airtel

Strength of Airtel:

The biggest strength is that airtel is holding a solid client base with good connexion service and repute in the populace. Airtel is keeping major portions in the telecom industry in the Indian market which is biggest challenge for its rivals. Airtel is holding a good and latest engineering for its client in the domestic market. They have a really speedy and door to door services were no other service supplier offers this. The bringing and processing clip is truly really fast and active response for the demands.

Weakness Of airtel:

The failing that airtel truly needs to work on is its charge issues with its clients. There is broad scope of sentiment that airtel is really bad in charge ; they charge a immense sum when compared with other service suppliers. Peoples are ready to pay more for its service but the charge issues are ever ongoing with airtel because of this clients are non satisfied with airtel. If the Management fails to take this issue earnestly so airtel have to free its strong client base.

Opportunities of Airtel:

The Biggest chance which is non focused by airtel is the rural market. From the earlier phase airtel was concentrating merely the urban market, because rural market is trapped by BSNL by its inexpensive duties and other installations given to the populace. Hence Airtel still have a immense chance to come in in to rural India, in the current scenario airtel is present in rural market but its public presentation is non like as it is in urban the rural incursion is really less compared to urban. The major population in India is from rural. In India rural market is really immense and untouched.As far as the rural India is concerned it is still a monopoly market which is dominated by RPG which is once more the different service provided by BSNL. Even though there are few private participants in the rural market the major transmittal towers used by the private participants belong to BSNL, therefore if airtel with the initial investing enters the rural market with the competitory duties so airtel can govern India by its service.

Menaces for Airtel:

The menace for airtel is in the signifier of internal and external menaces, the external menaces are new and bing rivals in the market ; new scheme applied by its rivals in order to split the market portion is one of the menaces for airtel. Apart from this the internal menace is its failing, if airtel is non traveling to take its failing earnestly so it might turn it as a menace for airtel.Hence airtel demand to work on its failing to avoid an internal menace.

Marketing Mix:

The major and cautious determination that any company needs to border in its merchandise is the selling mix. The composing of marketing mix should be in a proper ratio in order to prolong in the competitory market. Marketing mix are nil by the 4 P ‘s, they are merchandise, monetary value, topographic point, publicity. Airtel have clearly framed its merchandise, monetary value, topographic point and publicity, because airtel was clear in its vision, they had a clear image for its clients ‘ demands and demand they analysed what they really want.

Airtel have clearly segmented its mark audience for its merchandise and services to its client and it have besides absolutely positioned itself in the market.

Product mix of Airtel:

In the initial phase airtel to supply communicating for its client, its mark clients were based on income since it was premium merchandise, hence its mark audience fundamentally for concern people who need communicating is required every clip and besides high income people who can afford the monetary value in the debut phase. Then along with the growing of the company airtel came with many advanced merchandises and different service to its client like post-paid, pre-paid connexion with free messages and really low STD and ISD calls duty. Then in turning phase when the rivals entered the market it was aiming immature coevals from the age group of 20 to 30. Airtel came-up with more different new thought like holding a CUG connexion where with in the friends group it ‘s free of charge. Hence in every phase airtel have come-up with its ain manner of doing its singularity as a success in the market.

Monetary value OF Airtel:

As it was explained before airtel is premium merchandise hence the monetary values was high in the initial phase so in the ulterior phase they have reduced the monetary value and became cheap were they could stand with their rivals. They developed assortment merchandises with different monetary value to different sections of their mark audience ; they have really developed basket of merchandises with different monetary value were it can fulfill all demands of its clients. Even in the present state of affairs airtel is maintain its duty in a really minimum monetary value.

Topographic point Of airtel:

The presence of airtel is around the state in India. Its presence is truly strong in India following to BSNL ; it is present in all major metropolitan metropoliss in India. As it ‘s already explained the presence of airtel in non good in interior India, hence they have an chance set up their presence in rural country.

Promotion Of airtel:

Airtel have one of the best publicities and advertisement schemes in India. They have strong trade name embassadors for their trade name. They involve in so many patrons for world shows in India. Airtel have a strong stigmatization and publicity accomplishments in the market.

They have publicities in footings of booklets, booklets, door to door services, billboards, runing in public like carry oning some events during the weekends in shopping promenades and above all they encourage world shows by patronizing the plan which enhances to convey new endowments to the state.

The above selling mix is the ratio of mix which helped airtel to hold enormous growing in the market ; it helped to place its scheme for its placement. The planning of airtel is focused and executed in a proper manner which paved the manner for airtel ‘s success.

Schemes for Execution:

In the Initial phase airtel ‘s placement was highly advanced it created a alone music melody for its trade name by AR.Rahman which became the individuality for the trade name, the music became the maestro piece for the trade name, the melody create a great impact around the state. Impact for the melody is really immense that any one can state that its airtel melody, the Television advertizement for the music melody besides projected the placement of the trade name “ experience proud about the state ” . The initial publicity was rather dearly-won for airtel but the response was dual the clip what they have spent for advertizements.

Airtel ‘s advertizements will ever hold an emotional touch to it which makes the public to watch the ad even though it is repeated for several times, at the same clip they ever project their placement of their in every advertizement. Airtel gives a consistency in their advertizements they come up with new information and feel in their ads. They ever make experience good ads which touch the bosom of the populace, and that emotion drive the client to airtel.

Conclusion & A ; Recommendation:

This undertaking describes the success factors of Airtel in Indian Market. This clearly shows why airtel is able to be market leader in malice of heavy competition. Airtel was good organised they studied the demand of the market foremost ; they segmented their clients for short-run and long-run, so narrowed their section for the initial phase and targeted them which was immense hit. When the rivals enter the market they were really in the executing of their long-run program of developing new merchandises for its different mark audience. Hence with the proper planning and execution they were able to increase the market portion. Airtel have precisely used all the selling programs and rules to achieve its organizational end. The recommendation that I would propose for airtel is to work on its failing and its chance to turn in future.


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