This Marketing Plan assignment gives you the opportunity to practice develop an integrated
business and marketing strategy for a product or service of your choice. This activity will make
the course “come alive” through application of the principles from the textbook, course materials
and threaded discussions. Assignments such as this also help you develop business-oriented
communication skills.
The development of this Marketing Plan is an integral part of the course, and will require several
weeks of research, critical analysis, critical thinking, and writing. Students tell us the only way to
do well on this project is to begin early and work on it consistently throughout the entire course.
You have several options when choosing a product or service for your marketing plan. Consider
choosing a new product for a new company (your own) or creating a new product for an existing
company. Perhaps you would want to do a product extension of an existing product. You might
consider a different approach to marketing an existing service. You can target consumers or
businesses. You may choose a product or service offered by your employer or your own
business, or one from another organization. Ultimately, to maximize your learning experience,
choose a product or service in which you have an interest and about which you would like to see
your product or service come to the marketplace. Make sure there is information available about
the industry and target market of the product or service you choose.
Remember that this is a Marketing Plan and not a Business Plan. You are not creating a
business, but creating the Marketing Plan for an existing product or service. Thus, your focus
should not be on the company or its products, but on how to market the product or service that
you have chosen. Provide enough background and history to put the marketing plan in
perspective. Do a…

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