Market Segmentation Criteria Essay Sample

Even McDonald’s. which has one of the most recognizable trade names in the fast nutrient industry. can non fulfill every customer’s demand related to nutrient. However. the company has a strong client base that consists of different types of consumers. Needs are different for each of these consumers and McDonald’s surely realizes it can non run into the demands of these assorted groups by marketing to them in the same manner.

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The U. S. Department of Agriculture ( USDA ) conducted a dietetic study in the United States in the late ninety’s sing the ingestion of fast nutrient. Based on the sample population. the consequences had shown two pieces of information of import to McDonald’s direction. First. the per centum of people eating fast nutrient increased from the early 1990’s to when the study was last conducted in the late 1990’s. a tendency that is most like to transport on. Second. the likeliness of eating fast nutrient will really diminish with age. Therefore. younger grownups. to whom we plan to market the McDonald’s wagess card. are surely a significant consumer in the fast nutrient industry.

Other cardinal findings from the USDA research survey. were 26. 5 per centum of grownups reported eating fast nutrient. immature grownups ages 20 to 29 old ages were approximately 4 times more likely to eat fast nutrient than grownups 55 old ages of age and older. Fast nutrient are consumed by both genders ( 30 % males. 23. 5 % females ) . more African Americans ( 31 % ) than other race-ethnic groups reported eating fast nutrient. and immature grownups populating in the Midwest ( 29 % ) or in the South ( 29 % ) were more likely to be fast nutrient feeders than persons populating in the Northeast ( 20 % ) or the West ( 22 % ) ( Journal of the American College of Nutrition ) .

With informations in manus. McDonald’s can get down to prosecute the first of the three major stairss in mark selling. which is market cleavage. This is the procedure of spliting a market into clearly defined groups of purchasers with different demands: features or behaviours that require a alone market mix ( Kotler P. & A ; Keller K. . 2006 p. 263 ) . There are four types of standards that make for a good market section these standards are homogeneous. heterogenous. significant. and operational.

For intents of marketing our wagess card. homogeneous. significant. and operational standards will impact our mark market choice. Our end is market the wagess card to immature grownups. Our outlook is that this group of persons will react to our selling mix in a similar manner. therefore run intoing the homogenous standards. As for significant standards. which is to do certain that the market section is important adequate to do a net income. study consequences from the USDA research survey has validated this. in our sentiment. Finally. we have operational standards. which is highly of import when sectioning a wide product-market. This pertains to factoring in demographic information such as income. gender. geographic location. and age. Once once more. the information consequences from the USDA study will turn out priceless for our operational usage.

Identify your mark market

( Insert Sandra’s subdivision here—IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET MARKET )

Describe the organisational purchasers and consumers of your merchandise and the factors that influence their buying determinations.

In order for the wages card to be a success with the mark group. the organisations that participate with the reward card plan must be companies that are appealing and easy identifiable with the mark group. The coveted mark groups of 18-24 are entertained with films. music. electronics. cyberspace. vesture. and dining. Therefore. organisations solicited for this merchandise should be companies that offer these merchandises. At the top of the list are retail merchants such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart. both shops offer Cadmiums. DVDs. electronics. and computing machines. To suit movie-goers. Moviefone might suit the measure. If a consumer wanted to deliver their points for film tickets. they could logon to Moviefone to make so. This would necessitate that Moviefone setup their web site to suit these petitions. Besides. for the consumer’s convenience. the reward card web site should incorporate a direct nexus to the Moviefone web site.

Consumers frequent McDonald’s or any fast-food eating house for the convenience. Convenience entirely does non keep clients. This mark market group needs assortment on a budget. Accuracy with the order and courtesy at the counter or drive-through window goes a long manner. excessively. With that said. McDonald’s must go on supplying speedy service and appetizing menu points. They should besides review their bill of fares sporadically with new points and specials on bing bill of fare points. It is important that they remain competitory with other fast-food eating houses with their $ 1 bill of fare.

Describe how these factors will impact the selling scheme

McDonald’s mission is to supply clients with quality nutrient at a low monetary value. Convenience. fast services. appealing bill of fare. and competitory monetary values can impact the selling scheme in many ways. good or bad. Young grownups of ages 18 -24 particularly like McDonalds because it is convenient. has a relaxed atmosphere. inexpensive awards. and have fast services. These immature grownups come to McDonald’s for signature merchandises they can non happen anywhere else and many households visit the eating houses because of their alone ability to set smilings on their children’s faces. McDonald’s has ever shown spots of existent life in their commercials that seems to hold become a criterion for them. Their selling attempts go far beyond advertisement. including particular nutrient publicities. games. picture. cassettes. tapes. pictures. Cadmiums that we could non acquire anyplace else for the value. These points target the immature grownups of ages 18 -24 and because of the diverseness that goes to McDonald’s. they developed segmented selling plans as assorted cardinal audiences. McDonald’s is besides the patron of of import worldwide featuring events as the Olympics and the World Cup association football. NASCAR auto racing. Basketball. and many more.

In add-on. McDonald’s has tried to market healthier picks on their bill of fare every bit good as the contents and nutrition of the nutrients they sell to do the bill of fare more appealing. In the early. 1990’s McDonald’s selling research led to many new merchandise debuts and bill of fare alterations to suit the wellness witting. In 1993. McDonald’s expanded their operations from base entirely eating houses to joint ventures with eating houses placed in Wal-Mart shops. in Amoco and Chevron gas Stationss and all throughout Disney’s subject Parkss.

Analyze current rivals and specify the competitory landscape for your merchandise

McDonald’s has many rivals to vie with in the fast nutrient industry for illustration Burger King. Wendy’s. and Arbys. Burger King is McDonald’s biggest rival with their beefburgers being fire grilled instead than fried ; both have the kid’s repasts with the small plaything to pull the younger kids and jazz band repasts for the immature grownups. McDonald’s and Burger King both have prepaid cards whereas Wendy’s and Arbys do non hold these cards. Wendy’s offer non merely beefburgers. but they have taken it to their laden bake murphy. chili. and the hoar. and compete with the children’s repasts. Arby’s besides has a nice bill of fare besides the mean beefburgers. they besides have chicken salad sandwiches. joint beef sandwiches. and a childs repast that includes a healthy repast such as fruit mix. Meleagris gallopavo and jambon sandwiches without the crust. with no plaything included.

Burger King. Wendy’s. Arby’s are merely a few of McDonald’s rivals that McDonald’s would hold to vie with depending were you are located. There may be more or less rivals but at this clip McDonald’s. Burger King. Wendy’s. and Arby’s all offer the hamburger’s. french friess. poulet sandwiches and the kid’s repast. they besides have sweepstakes that you can come in to win awards.

McDonald’s competitory landscape for our merchandise. the McDonald’s Reward Card. that we have presented would pull McDonald’s mark consumers between the ages of 18 and 25. will certainly convey a higher net income for the McDonald’s corporation. The McDonald’s Reward Card will offer the chance for our clients to gain points which they will be able to buy non merely nutrient. but to buy the amusement that they enjoy. there is no competition that they have to come in and wait for a drawing to win a award. When they purchase at McDonald’s they earn points. it is a win win state of affairs. McDonald’s rewards their clients for choosing McDonald’s to feed them with the assortment of great fast nutrient.


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