Market Research About A Successful Hot Pot Brand Marketing Essay

Hai Di Lao is a innovator of modern hot pot and has become truly successful. In this research, I will objectively happen the grounds why Hai Di Lao is so competitory. After anglicising different factors, we can cognize trade name ‘s failings and strengths. This will assist Hai Di Lao achieve a dominant place in its market. Food is an of import portion of civilization, merely like McDonald ‘s has bright western sentiments into China ; a strong nutrient ‘s trade name can speed up international apprehension. Of class, Hai Di Lao is a possible 1.

The trying method of this market research is inadvertent sampling, a type of nonprobability sampling. A sample was chosen which involves a population that was easy to entree ; pupils. Data was from 20 pupils aged fewer than 25. I will discourse the disadvantages of this method subsequently in LIMITATION portion.

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A sum of 20 paper questionnaires were sent to pupils. Merely 18 questionnaires are utile and merely 14 questionnaires helped when analyzing Hai Di Lao. Questionnaires can supply first-hand information. However, questionnaires can be uneffective as they use clip and resources ( including blowing paper ) . Focus groups and internet feedback could be used in the following research.

After analysing consequences of the market research, there are four grounds: merchandise, monetary value, publicity and topographic point to explicate Hai Di Lao ‘s success.

Initially, merchandise is the most indispensable facet when estimation a market. Most pupils think nutrient and service in Hai Di Lao is first-class. It ‘s obvious that the merchandise has positive feeling among clients.

In add-on, monetary value a critical determiner. Peoples do n’t see Hai Di Lao as a inexpensive consume. Fortunately, most of pupils think it ‘s sensible. Methods like half-size order helps to diminish negative impact.

Then, Hai Di Lao promotes itself by antic service and characteristics. Hai Di Lao ‘s service leaves deep feeling in clients ‘ head. Features can do house more attractive.

Furthermore, part has large impact on concern. Different topographic points have different gustatory sensations, hot pot is ever more popular in center and northern China. Students from those topographic points shows their great passion to hot pot, particularly Hai Di Lao has proved this sentiment.

Though there strong rivals like Little Sheep and Xiabu Xiabu, Hai Di Lao has achieved great success by bring forthing first-class nutrient with perfect monetary value at right topographic point in a suited monetary value.

Decisions and recommendations

In this research, questionnaire is design carefully for “ the significance of each inquiry is clear, ” “ Closed inquiries are asked to guarantee quantifiable consequences and it ‘s finished by inquiring for full demographic and user ship inside informations ” ( Marcouse et al,2003, p147 ) . However paper questionnaire is n’t a truly effectual manner. On-line, postal or bringing and aggregation questionnaire can be more effectual picks. Lack of suited clip program has caused some jobs in latter informations analysis.


In the study, inadvertent sample has limited by age, part and income. Data collected can non stand for all the clients that Hai Di Lao has.


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