Market Based And Bank Based Financial System Finance Essay

There are two different types of fiscal system around the universe. The first one is market-based fiscal system. This system depends on market so that houses expect to acquire long-run financess in the capital market. Therefore, relationship between houses and Bankss is so weak that houses have to keep a big sum of internal financess for day-to-day minutess instead than trust on abundant loans.

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As we know, U.S. and U.K. has a big stock market, every bit good as corporate bond market. Markets are comparatively more of import in the U.S. and U.K. Thus they are typically said to hold a market-based fiscal system. In U.S. most homeowners prefer to keep portfolios straight in equity securities, hence, persons could play an of import function in corporate administration. Harmonizing to the corporation jurisprudence of American, there is normally merely one category of common stock, and each portion has one ballot, no affair how many portions a stockholder ain. Just like in Microsoft, a valuable company in U.S. has three big stockholders: the co-founders Bill Gates who owns 23.7 per centum of the portions, another one is Paul Allen who owns 9 per centum and Steven Ballmer with 5 per centum ( Rafael L.P. , 1998 ) . However, Bill Gates may hold important influence than other two people, that ‘s merely because he has more portions. Furthermore, directors have a fiducial responsibility to the stockholders, in other words, they are lawfully required to maximum stockholders ‘ net income and involvements. For case, General Electric, another one of the most valuable houses in U.S… In its administration rule it says that the most of import making of managers is that they should be committed to stand foring the long-run involvements of the stockholders and the board of managers is supposed to stand for stockholders ‘ demands. ( GE, 2010 )

Although there two states are ever portrayed as typical market-based system, there are many differences between U.K. and U.S. for illustration, company jurisprudence. Because of different provinces in America, the U.S. has a set of Torahs for each province. Corporations could take them by themselves. This is non permitted in U.K. since its authorities. Furthermore, U.S. jurisprudence has nil relevant with protection to household control ( Andrew T, 2005 ) therefore, force per unit area from outside stockholders will be less effectual than U.K.

Another type of fiscal system is called bank-based fiscal system. This sort of system ever fit in minutess between Bankss, in this manner, the chief fiscal method is loan. Not like market-based system, houses could derive non merely long-run loan but besides short-run from bank. In other words, “ the houses ‘ dependence on the bank is high ” . ( Mitsuaki Okabe, 2004 ) Therefore, Bankss play function as both loaner and stockholder, they could pull off their client companies to a certain extent.

Japan and Germanyaˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦

Table 1

Shareholder rights index

Creditor rights index




United States






United Kingdom


















In table 1, 4 states have been contracted in 5 features. It is non difficult to happen out that stockholder rights are much more in U.S and U.K. comparison with Germany. Although Japan get high mark in this index, it is merely because corporation jurisprudence in Japan resembles that in the U.S. interim, U.K and U.S. are all close to market when Japan and Germany get high proportion in Bank/GDP. These observations are precisely the difference I have mentioned.

In any comparing of systems, people ever want to do a judgement that which one is better or which one is the best. Here Table 2 lists some features of market-based and bank-based and compares them in different ways.

Type of fiscal system

Insider-dominated ( market-based )

Outsider-dominated ( bank-based )

Share of insider-dominated finance



Fiscal markets



Share of all houses listed on exchanges



Ownership of debt and equity



Investor orientation



Use of mechanisms for dividing control and capital base



Role of board of managers



Role of hostile take-overs

Very limited

Potentially of import

Beginning: BerglA?of ( 1997 ) , pp. 93-123, Table 1.

Here, insider-dominated system means bank-based system and foreigner is market-based system.

Through this tabular array, we can reason these two different systems have different characteristics.

In this paper, I think each system has advantages and disadvantages. One may be optimum in this sense ; the other could be the best in other houses. For case, Solomon think in developing state and in states consisted with little houses bank-based system may be more suited. On the other manus, in developed state and those states have old houses or international houses, market-based system would be the better pick. ( Solomon T, 2000 ) Furthermore, Rajan argues that information feedback is besides of import to take system for companies. Because bank is power adequate to protect involvement so market information is less effectual for them, it is better where feedback is missing. Market-based fiscal system tantrum good where information environments are mature. ( Rajan R, 1998 )

After all, different system fits different environment, these two lead fiscal system are all utile and powerful when they can be set in optimum state of affairs.


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