Market and brand analysis of lcd tv

Sony Corporation from Japan, started its operations in India in November 1994, and focused on the gross revenues and selling of the Sony merchandises in India. In a span of 15 old ages Sony India has exemplified excellence in the universe of digital lifestyle going the state ‘s most coveted electronics trade name. It has a grim committedness to quality, and to client satisfaction and distinguished criterions of serviceSony India enjoys a great sum of client trueness and is a leader n worldclass engineering.

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With trade names names such asA BRAVIA, A BRAVIA Theatre, A Cyber-shotaˆsA Handy camA® , A VAIO, A WalkmanA® , Xplod, A Memory Sticka„?aˆsA PlayStationA® . Sony has established itself as a value leader across its assorted merchandise classs of Audio/Visual Entertainment merchandises, Information and Communicationsaˆs Recording Media, Business and Professional merchandises.

Sony India has a broad distribution channel throughout the state transporting out an efficient procedure of distribution and gross revenues.


The trade name Sony is fundamentally associated with manner and quality.Thus of course the mark market for Sony LCDs would be those who like manner and have the ability and willingness to pay for them.

Upper in-between category households for upper scope LCDs

Rich households.


For LCDs say of Rs.15000/- people who like manner and are willing to pay.

As besides the mark market can be on the use and the ability to pay.for case


Sports bars.

Shoping promenades.

3 most of import rival trade names





TheA Samsung GroupA is aA transnational pudding stone corporationA headquartered inA Samsung Town, A Seoul, South Korea.

Mr. Jung Soo Shin is the President and CEO of Samsung South West Asia Operations and President & A ; CEO of Samsung India Electronics Ltd.

Commenced its operations in India in 1995.

Samsung is into camcorders and cameras, ACs, Television, I-pods, pressmans, rinsing machines, iceboxs, peripherals, other place contraptions.


Established In: Jan 1997

Pull offing Director: Mr. Moon B. Shin

Business Areas & A ; Main Products

Home Entertainment

Plasma Display Panels, LCD TVs, LED LCD TVs, Colour TVs, Audios, Home Theatre System, DVD Recorder/Player, BluRay Players

Home Appliances

Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens, Vacuum Cleaners, Air Purifiers


Split AC, Window AC, Commercial AC ‘s

Business Solutions

LCD proctors, CRT proctors, Network Monitors, Graphic Monitor, Optical Storage Devices, LED Projectors, NAS ( Network attached Storage ) and Digital signage


Smart Phones, Color Screen GSM Handsets, Camera Phones, Touch Screen Phones, 3G Telephones, Multimedia Phones, Dual SIM Phones, CDMA Phones


Panasonic Corporation, has its central offices located in Osaka, ( Japan ) , is a world-wide leader in the fabrication of electronic merchandises for single, concern and demands.

With a turnover of USD 79 billion, the Panasonic ranks 65thA in the Fortune 500 list of the largest planetary corporations and is ranked 4th in Fortune 500 index for ‘Electronics and Electrical Equipments ‘ and ranked as a ‘World Super 50 ‘ by Forbes..

Panasonic acquired Sanyo, and now it is universe ‘s 2nd largest pudding stone in the electronics industry.

The Company provides solutions for doing mundane place and concern life simpler, convenient and energy efficient, and are achieved through advanced engineerings and practices..

The President of Panasonic is Daizo Ito and its Managing Director is Hidenori Asou.

Tangible and intangible trade name characteristics.


Tangible characteristics are those characteristics which can be expressed specifically i.e in quantitative footings.

They are more factual. For illustration monetary value, declaration, screen size.

There are 3 sections of consumers on footing of which the touchable characteristics can be divided are:

Economic section

There are lesser figure of characteristics offered here like with the normal quality screen declaration, volume USB features etc

Standard section

The standard section would include still better characteristics like bigger screen size, high definition declaration, FM, cyberspace and better quality merchandises at sensible monetary values.

Premium section

These would include highly high quality image with screen protection for eyes and would be disposed for gambling, cyberspace, place pictures etc. Here the clients are willing to pay a higher monetary value for a better quality or added characteristic.

Therefore we see that there are assorted touchable characteristics which the consumers compare before purchasing a product.In instance of LCD it is:

Monetary value: The monetary value of a LCDs would find whether the consumers would purchase the LCD because they can merely pay what they can afford to pay and evidently if they are non trade name witting so in the economic section particularly the consumers will prefer a trade name that provides more characteristics at the same monetary value or lesser monetary value.

Screen size: The size of the screen is a make up one’s minding factor depending on the penchant of the consumer and the infinite in which he wants to put the LCD and besides his capacity to pay. 32 ” or 29 ” etc

Sound quality: The sound quality would be one of the make up one’s minding factors I consumers make up one’s minding to purchase the merchandise.

Picture declaration: The image quality and declaration affect consumer ‘s pick. For case 3D or 2D may besides oblige a consumer to purchase the merchandise.

Other characteristics like FM, external ports, Wifi, Skype ( societal networking ) , bet oning.


Intangible characteristics are more of qualitative characteristics instead than quantitative.

They are to make more with aesthetics and emotional entreaty.

Appearance of the LCD Television: The visual aspect of the LCD, the sleekness or colors in which they are available are a determinant factor.

Quality of image: finally the consumer is paying for what he sees therefore the quality of image is an of import factor for the consumer like 2D o 3D would do his societal networking or bet oning experience better

Range of merchandises available for pick under one LCD Brand. : When the consumer is paying so much for an LCD even if it is Rs.15000 or Rs.200000 he evidently wishes to hold some pick for the merchandises to acquire value for money.

Loyalty toward the trade name: If the consumer has been buying goods from a particularbrand since a long clip and he is satisfied with the after gross revenues services etc he will go on to normally purchase new merchandises from that trade name merely.

Review and reaction of other purchasers for case household, equals etc.

A consumer ‘s pick is affected by sentiment of his household and equals and therefore he will decidedly give atleast some consideration to their sentiment.

Warranty period: The guarantee period for a merchandise is really indispensable and hence an LCD which would hold a higher guarantee period will be preferred

Use of latest engineering. The clients expect latest engineering to be used in the devising of the merchandise.

Status Symbol. : For case for some one who is willing to pay Sony may be a position symbol therefore his privation will be driven by the demand of position symbol.

Value or money: The LCD should supply Value for money to the clients.

Dependability: The dependability of the trade name is really indispensable. To tout the consumers ‘ assurance in the merchandise.

Lastingness: The longer the lastingness the higher will be the demand.

After-sales services. : For electronics its really indispensable to hold an efficient after gross revenues service.Availability of parts and quick and prompt service may actuate a consumer to purchase a merchandise.

Brand image




Superior Quality


Dependability in trade name Sony because of the good will.

Customer trueness

User friendly

Superior engineering.

LG-life ‘s good.

Consumer friendly

Environment friendly

A positive trade name image

Quite preferred after Sony

Sleek LCDs.


Holistic Approach


Value for money

Cool designs

Young person oriented

Panasonic-ideas for life


Eco friendly design

Associating merchandise to lifestyle and thought of the consumer

Perceptual maps

In the above perceptual map Sony is placed towards the extreme right because the monetary value for Sony is high but the quality of Sony Products is superior.People who are trade name witting would travel in for Sony.

For LG merchandises the monetary value is somewhat lower but so are the characteristics

For Samsung, people who want value for money normally prefer Samsung. They get good characteristics for the value of which they are willing to pay.

For Panasonic, it provides good quality at sensible monetary values.


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