Market analysis and management of Liberty Cinema

At the autonomy film, the client comes to the location in order to acquire the move amusement, since the client has to be physically present to see the film on the theatre screen. The geographical film is handily located at No 35, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo-3. This location is really convenient since it is in the bosom of Colombo doing it easy accessible for all the clients from Colombo every bit good as out of Colombo.

( Service agendas )

Talk about clip, merely geographical location is mentioned


Harmonizing to Lovelock and Wright ( 2002 ) people mean client and employees who are involved in service production and proviso, and many services depend on direct personal interaction between clients, houses and employees. The nature of these interactions strongly influences the client perceptual experience of service quality. Customers frequently judge the quality of the service they receive mostly on their appraisal of the people turn outing services.

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From a film client expect standard service, value for money and so on. On the other manus the employees need to heighten their profitableness by fulfilling clients to the full.

The targeted groups of clients for autonomy film are chiefly adolescents between 16-24 old ages of age, kids under the age of 16 and households and hence they screen sketchs, fictions and actions films ( English and Hindi merely ) in order to provide to their mark market good. They screen these films along with the worldwide release day of the months in order to provide the desperate clients good in progress.

As you can see from the diagram, Liberty Cinema employees 17 staff that are recruited by the house and 2 security officers from an outsourced company. Particular preparation has been provided to the technicians to get the better of any break.All employees are extremely motivated and their efficiency can be easy seen on extremely crowded yearss.

Speak about front phase and Back phase employees in the organisation attempt to split employees

“ The success of marketing a service is tied closely to the choice, preparation, motive and direction of people ” ( Payne, 2001 )

Physical grounds

Harmonizing to Lovelock and Wright ( 2002 ) and marketing nomenclature glossary Physical Evidence refers to ocular or other touchable parts or hints that provide grounds of service quality and public presentation which clients can really see or see when they use a service.

( hypertext transfer protocol: //, P, Physical+Evidence.html )

( Lovelock and Wright, 2002 ( Offline ) , Principles of Service selling and direction, Second edition )


This is the service house ‘s physical environment where the service is created and where the service supplier and client interact, plus any touchable elements that are used to pass on or back up the function of the service.

( the kernel of service selling, series editor: adrian buckley, writer: adrian payne,2001 )

In this service which is the movie amusement the ocular or the other touchable hints that provide grounds of service quality and public presentation comes in a figure of assorted ways. The Paper works such as bills which are given when progress engagement is made by sing every bit good as the electronic mail when booked over the cyberspace and tickets provided before come ining the film hall, trappingss of the interior film and seats, Internet WebPages ( ) , uniforms of employees ( the employees wear black colour pants and orange jerseies with the name “ EAP films ” printed on left pocket ) , the edifice, the advertizement provided in newspapers and web sites and so on.

Speak about

Create and keep physical visual aspects


Interior design/furnishings


Staff grooming/clothing

Sounds and odors

Other tangibles

Manage physical cues carefully- can hold profound impact on client feelings


All the constituents of nucleus and auxiliary merchandises that create value for client

Core merchandise and auxiliary merchandises of Liberty Cinema

Core merchandise

In service selling, merchandise refers as a service. merchandise must be alone from rivals because when clients approach to serve organisation clients must experience no other service suppliers offer such characteristics, Liberty ‘s nucleus service is entertaining clients so their nucleus merchandise Is films, particularly shows latest Hollywood and Bollywood films, peculiarly U rated films, Liberty targets merely Family film.

Auxiliary merchandise

Auxiliary merchandise is extra service, that is delivered during the nucleus production procedure in order to heighten the nucleus merchandise value and do clients to experience more convenience, Liberty is a 1 of the best film hall in Colombo that provides auxiliary services that are

Car park ( outsource )

Snack store

Comfortable seats

Air status


State of the Art Surround Sound System

It is evident is a film hall can non hold many other auxiliary services nevertheless, Liberty provides necessary extra demands.

Other types of merchandises

Expected merchandise

Expected merchandise ( service ) is straight links to Core merchandise, Expected merchandise, is client ‘s outlook on the nucleus merchandise. Customer ‘s outlook amusement films, if client is non satisfied shown film. Lashkar-e-taibas say Two films are released X and Y and autonomy shows Y film but client ‘s outlook is Ten film decidedly that will destroy Liberty ‘s repute and net income. Therefore, non merely Liberty but besides other Service organisations must see client expected merchandise.

Productivity and Quality

Efficient and effectivity in Service Productivity

Better Service productiveness is the grade to which organisations cut down input and increase end product that is the bing tendency in service sector this will assist to increase profitableness so as Liberty Follows this construct.

Productiveness can be easy seen when present at the film. The staff is extremely efficient and productive, assisting maintain the environment clean and holding the viewing audiences enjoy the film with maximal lucidity and quality. Due to this success, Liberty Cinema enjoy houseful shows every clip a box office film is released, which earns an mean gross of Rs 600,000.00.

In footings of productiveness, Liberty Cinema employees 14 staffs and manages motivate them to derive their possible end product. The premises is unbroken clean after every show so that everyone is able to bask.

Customer driven attack productiveness used in Liberty film

Changing the timing of client demand

Liberty Cinema, tries their best to provide to the turning demand. They merely provide the latest film and they try their upper limit to demo films on coincident release all over the universes. Example: Raavan was released at the same time with the universe broad release. Robin Hood is delayed due to the turning demand for the film Eclipse.

Involving client more in production

Customers engagement is immense during service production because they have to make all the undertaking to acquire the service, engineerings introduced to cut down the engagement of employees For E.g. Customers can acquire information such as show clip, topographic point and can reserve tickets from Liberty ‘s web site, Eticketing or can reserve ticket within a minute utilizing Dialog SMS. Customers willing to server by themselves than others so as autonomy follows this construct. For e.g. self-service pumps have increased gas station productiveness ( book )

These factors shows Liberty presently affecting better productiveness in order to unique among rivals.

Service Quality

Liberty Cinema enjoys to be the best province of the art modern theater, its lone rival is besides managed by their parent company that Savoy Cinema.

Customers ever compare the service with other rivals, when quality is below than rivals that shows hapless service quality.

Analyzing Liberty ‘s service quality dimension


At the autonomy film at that place 17 staffs including a trough, they works as a squad to supply service accurately without any hold that is what clients ever expect. In add-on, it is a film hall so complete operation is depends on back phase staff, for e.g. they have three operating staffs, an comptroller to maintain organisation finance record.


Liberty Cinema has been late undergone renovation to give a modern touch. The outside is more of a authoritative theatre and inside is cosy doing the spectator to bask the film. The seats of highest quality and is placed and arranged to supply a clear position of the elephantine screen.

Responsiveness and Empathy

Autonomy shows films on clip, but clients largely need to wait to acquire tickets but they can book in progress by Email/Dialog SMS and can obtain the ticket in less than 2 proceedingss.


To hold good relationship with clients Liberty ‘s front phase people are ability to talk fluently in three linguistic communications and they are really polite with clients, and wing staffs good trained to execute services for E.g. To be a Liberty ‘s chief operator demands minimum two twelvemonth experience as a carbon monoxide operator.

Liberty should better and keep quality in order to get benefits in long tally.

Monetary value

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Management squad tries their best non to change the monetary value of the ticket depending on what film you watch. Since, there is less crowd attender the film on weekdays ; the direction has reduced the ticket monetary values by Rs 20.00. They believe that this is successful to some extent.

Sellers must acknowledge that client spendings involve more than monetary value paid to seller

Traditional pricing undertakings:

Selling monetary value, price reductions, premiums

Margins for mediators ( if any )

Recognition footings

Identify and minimise other costs incurred by users:

Extra pecuniary costs associated with service use ( e.g. , travel to service location, parking, phone, baby sitting, etc. )

Time expenditures, particularly waiting

Unwanted mental and physical attempt

Negative sensory experiences

Promotion and Educational

Liberty Cinema collaborates with other houses for its promotional run. Liberty Cinema uses the undermentioned Media for their promotional activities.

Radio – they collaborate with prima wireless station and give away film tickets to lucky victors.

Paper – Every weekends in all taking newspapers, Liberty Cinema gives off tickets to winner for inquiry that are based on the current film that is showed at the film.

TV- With the aid of the sister company Liberty Cinema promotes their films on Swarnawahini supplying reappraisal of the film besides advancing their service.

Facebook Fan Page

Depending on the film that is screened, the publicity depends.

Childs Movie- advertizement and postings at schools and besides ticket is slashed by 40 % if a group visits.

Teenss and Adults – Promotions at institutes and houses a

Since they are located in a metropolitan country, any traveller or passer can easy detect the latest film.

They besides have a big Screen supplying film dawdlers to passer, leting them to see a glance of the film.

Instructional Material

This is where the user or consumer is being helped with services that are provided. Liberty Cinema, does supply mark boards for the auxiliary services that they provide to boot in instance of exigency they will besides project it on to the screen. Ex – Vehicle Block.

Liberty Website, Facebook and newspapers do supply full inside informations the services that a film overzealous can anticipate.



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