Mapping The Variation In House Prices Economics Essay

There has been guess in the imperativeness that the monetary value of houses in Birmingham varies harmonizing to the propinquity to certain local schools. This undertaking will invent methods to stand for the sale monetary value of houses as given the land register with other informations such as inquiring monetary values quoted by estate agents and informations associating to belongings sizes. The methods will try to quantify the different factors responsible for geting at the monetary value of a house, such as floor country, secret plan country, vintage, propinquity to certain characteristics such as local schools, stores, railroad Stationss etc. The undertaking will necessitate accomplishments in spacial statistics and automatic question of web pages on the cyberspace.

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In recent old ages house monetary values have risen dramatically. I will look at the root cause of the disconnected alteration in the lodging market and to see if there are any links to the location i.e. schools and town Centres and house monetary values. I will transport out spacial insertions on the house pricing informations I obtain to seek and warrant my findings.

The undermentioned surface was created in a presentation version of surfboarder 8 to demo the variableness in monetary values for different location in Birmingham for detached houses. The object of my undertaking is to happen what caused the extremums in the image.


House monetary values have risen at a higher rate than general monetary values as measured by the retail monetary value index ( RPI ) . Construction monetary values have non risen in line with the external factor of buying land. The cost of constructing a belongings represents a smaller figure to the existent cost of the belongings. House monetary values have risen at a faster rate than building monetary values.

Figure 1 National mean new house monetary values and building

stamp monetary values, and the retail monetary value index 1950-1997.

DETR ( 1999 ) , Davis Bel. old age & A ; Everest

( 1975 ) , BCIS ( 1999 ) and the Office of National Statistics.

The graph shows all three underlying factors of house monetary values being in line with each other until 1970. From 1970 we see that the brooding monetary values begin to mount on an upward spiral. Between the old ages of 1990 to 1995 building monetary values in fact are lower than the RPI, demoing the decreased cost of stuffs and increased productiveness of the work force [ Meikle ] .


The different types of belongingss has non been considered, which may sabotage the rightness of the tendency shown in the graph.

Figure 2 Average net incomes and new house monetary values for

1970-1997. The beginnings were DETR ( 1999 ) and the Office

of National Statistics

Average net incomes were in line with the cost of new homes until 1985. After this point there is a important alteration between the two. The cost of new homes could hold increased due to the alteration in the size of the belongingss and the architectural design alterations implemented during this period. For people on less than mean net incomes will happen increasing unaffordable [ Meikle ] .

The British lodging market is capable to put on the line through bad behavior, doing a high degree of uncertainness and monetary value rising prices. Under the Gallic system house monetary values are more controlled cut downing bad behavior. The Swedish system has taken the path of local governments purchasing land militias to cut down monetary value rising prices but this is hard to prolong because of the force per unit area applied by the unfastened market [ Barlow ] .

The British planning system has been criticised for its uncertainness and has been increasing politicised. Peoples do non hold an automatic right to edifice. Under a zoning system we would non hold this job. Local governments use their discretion to run control within their constituencies. The deficiency of financial control has shown an inflationary land market. Land proprietors are loath to cut down monetary values because of their high outlooks

The house edifice industry in France is stimulated through the finance system leting a scope of different loans available on low involvement rates. Conditionss imposed on the loans limit brooding size and house monetary values. From the mid 1970s to 1984 people were given low involvement loans to buy land for future developments. Land that is non owned by the communes is licensed to command the quality and monetary value issues [ Barlow ] . Tax of land retention and lower rates of rising prices give justified cause for lower outlooks to land proprietors and developer compared to the British system.

The Swedish system is capable to a high grade of province control, supplying province house edifice loans ( SHL ) with low involvement rates. Almost all homes built by private developer ‘s usage SHL ‘s to construct. Under the system land must be used from land Bankss and building costs are controlled. Over 70 % of new lodging is built on commune land [ Barlow ] . Supply and demand is more correlative, local governments can let go of land from their land Bankss to get by with the inflows in higher demand if necessary. However it is non immune from rising prices force per unit area. Communes have found it increasingly hard to refill their land bank militias

Real universe relationships can be excessively simplified, doing wrong theories to be supplied. In France inside informations of the square footage of belongingss is available. Unfortunately I do non hold informations refering square footage for the country of west Midlands. It would hold been interesting to see the different comparings. It may hold shown us a better in sight into the relationship between the cost of a belongings and its size.

Research has shown UK house monetary values ripple from the south E of England to other parts. The consequence is felt bit by bit in all parts doing monetary values to travel together in the long term after a quartile slowdown.

The Dickey Fuller trial considers whether convergence exists between different parts on house monetary value ratios

Table 1. Augmented Dickey-Fuller unit root trials of

convergence in regional: national house monetary value ratios

Region ADF trial statistic

North _2.28

Yorkshire and Humberside _0.48

North West _2.42

East Midlands _1.90

West Midlands _1.65

East Anglia _2.30

Outer South East _2.50

Outer Metropolitan _2.13

London _1.70

South West _1.50

5 per cent critical value _2.89

10 per cent critical value _2.58

Looking at the values obtained from the augmented Dickey Fuller unit root trial we can non reject the hypothesis for even 10 % critical value. The convergence determined by the ripple consequence does non look to be utilizing the trial. However the unit roots trial can endure from low power to reject the unit root hypothesis [ Cook ] .

External factors like fuel monetary values could impact the house monetary values. The consequence was evident in the early 70 ‘s, where people were utilizing oil heated and gas heated houses but no existent correlativity was made between two [ Halvorsen & A ; Pollakowski ] .

Factors finding house monetary values



Monetary values






The supply of houses has a direct impact on monetary values. If there was a plentiful supply of bing and new houses being built we would perchance see a decrease in monetary values. Having a decreased supply of belongingss with high demand provides a accelerator to the lodging market to raise its monetary values.

Assurance is besides a important factor, along with finance. If consumers are willing to take the hazard of buying a house they will most likely require a mortgage. Some people are non comfy taking out big mortgages because of the variableness in involvement rates set by the bank of England. If the bubble environing the lodging market was to split, the values of houses will follow.

Borrower ‘s income has increased proportionately leting people to buy belongingss. However it has made it hard for first clip purchasers to come in the market presently because they do non hold any capital behind them.

Inflation is up to 0.7 % presently. The more it rises the less value for money we get. It is of import to keep, else it will impact the cost of house monetary values.

Other Factors set uping house monetary values






Monetary values

Flood Prone





Council Tax


You would likely believe high offense rates will do a decrease in belongings values over an country. Some theoreticians have contradicted this impression by stating the cost of offense has virtually no impact on house monetary values overall, but places are extremely discounted in high offense countries. However I have non found a great trade of information to back up this impression.

Unemployment can impact house monetary values. Over the last 15 old ages we have seen the diminution of the fabrication industry in Britain. A local issue of mass occupation losingss at Rover MG and its providers may adversely impact house monetary values within the part of Birmingham but lone clip will state how a bigger impact it has on the country.

Houses placed in inundation zones have ever been connected with low house monetary values and really high insurance premiums. All the insurance companies will be utilizing a GIS bundle of some kind to find, which belongingss are affected based on their ZIP code. The can be issues with the truth of utilizing ZIP codes because some houses in a inundation zone may non really be at the same high hazard compared to others within thee ZIP code.

Government policy can impact the manner council revenue enhancement stria is carried out. For illustration the debut of a local income based taxed would replace the council revenue enhancement if the Liberal Democrats were to come into authorities. The alterations in the cast responsibility threshold have increased from ?60.000 to ?120.000. The benefit will be really small because first clip purchasers will most likely exceed the bound. The conservativists want to increase the figure to ?250.000

Lower involvement rates have played a large portion in doing buying belongingss easier. A batch of borrowers will happen it hard if involvement rates were to increase by a twosome of per centum. At present the involvement rate is at 4.75 % . Ten old ages ago it was over 7 % .

Council Tax Banding

Council Tax replaced the Community Charge ( Poll Tax ) on 1 April 1993 as the manner families contribute to the cost of local authorization services. The sum of the revenue enhancement is set by local councils and charged harmonizing to rating sets

The UK Government has a web site leting UK occupants to see a list of all council revenue enhancement strias in England and Wales. The site – located at hypertext transfer protocol: // – has been introduced by the Valuation Office Agency.

VOA is presently fixing for a reappraisal of all 22 million domestic belongingss in England. Property values will be reviewed to convey them in line with alterations to the belongings market. A reappraisal of all domestic belongingss in Wales has been taken topographic point, which took consequence on the 1 April 2005. The Reappraisal for England will take consequence on 1 April 2007.

Council revenue enhancement stria has a direct connexion on the value of the belongings. The stria is sing the physical province of the belongings and its vicinity. Every home has to be placed in one of eight sets for council revenue enhancement intents.

The sets for England and Wales are as follows:


Current Sets

Band A… up to ?40,000

Band B… ?40,001 to ?52,000

Band C… ?52,001 to ?68,000

Band D… ?68,001 to ?88,000

Band E… ?88,001 to ?120,000

Band F… ?120,001 to ?160,000

Band G… ?160,001 to ?320,000

Band H… ?320,001 and above

Note: The sets are set to the monetary value they could hold been sold for on the unfastened market on 1 April 1991


Current sets

New sets with consequence from 1 April 2005

Band A… up to ?30,000

Band B… ?30,001 to ?39,000

Band C… ?39,001 to ?51,000

Band D… ?51,001 to ?66,000

Band E… ?66,001 to ?90,000

Band F… ?90,001 to ?120,000

Band G… ?120,001 to ?240,000

Band H… ?240,001 and above

Band A… up to ?44,000

Band B… ?44,001 up to ?65,000

Band C… ?65,001 up to ?91,000

Band D… ?91,001 up to ?123,000

Band E… ?123,001 up to ?162,000

Band F… ?162,001 up to ?223,000

Band G… ?223,001 up to ?324,000

Band H… ?324,001 up to ?424,000

Band I… ?424,001 and above

Beginning: Valuation Office Agency ( VOA )

Premises made to Assess Council Tax Banding

The assessor has made a figure of premises to find the stria applied to a belongings:

The belongings was repairable, non sing its existent province.

The size and layout of the belongings was the same when the rating had taken topographic point and any mortgages were paid off.

Any amendss to the belongings were repairable and the buyer would hold to pay to maintain it in status.

The belongings was constrained to be a private family.

The value of the belongings was merely based on the development considered at that clip.

Beginnings of Information

The Nationwide web site provides inside informations of historical house procedure since 1973 in quarterly periods for different parts in the UK, including the West Midlands. The information provided would hold been more utile to me if it had been broken into ZIP code sectors, similar to what I have found from the land register. Similar informations sets can be found utilizing the Halifax web site.

Census information was consulted utilizing the 2001 Aggregate Statistics Datasets found on Casweb. The information set combined two tabular arraies, KS016 Household infinites and adjustment type, which had the different types of belongingss with KS019 Rooms, comfortss, cardinal warming and lowest floor degree for the mean figure of suites per family in an OA format. A similar tabular array called the UV057 figure of suites can be located from the univariate tabular arraies. To happen the mean figure of suites you have to cipher it yourself by merely multiplying the figure of suites by itself for each one and so you sum the figures together and split by the sum. The lone job is when you try to cipher the suites, which are classified as 8 and over, you have to do some sort of premise on the figure of suites. I will be utilizing the first information set because it has a higher truth than the 2nd.


I have used the Land Registry to recover information house monetary values. The mean monetary value of different belongingss was provided in footings of detached, semi-detached, terraced, flats and overall, every bit good as gross revenues in quarterly periods from October – December 1998 to October – December 2004, curtailing the information survey to a period of 6 old ages. The sample size used is of nice scope, so I felt there was no demand to widen it any farther.


Code point informations refering ZIP code unit point and boundary information was downloaded from Digimap in csv format. This provided inside informations of bringing points and eastings and northings for each station codification in the selected countries. There was a clang between the house monetary value informations I had obtained on ZIP code sectors and the codification point informations.

I found nose count boundaries of English end product countries of the west Midlands from the UK Borders web site. The information came in two different file sizes of 414mb and 49mb.I downloaded the 2nd more generalized version, which was absolutely equal for the truth I was looking for in my undertaking.

When seeking to turn up the easting and northings for the ZIP codes of schools. I had troubles in happening some of the ZIP codes x and y place, so I used Multimap when no information was available through a ZIP code question in Digimap.

While shoping through Multimap I came to a nexus directing me to yahoo finance. Here you can happen out the house monetary value fluctuations over the last five old ages. The interesting portion was that it besides predicts house monetary values five old ages from now. No premises about how it predicts future house monetary values were given.

Beginning: Yokel finance ( five twelvemonth anticipation and history )

hypertext transfer protocol: //


I had to cut and glue all the house monetary value informations I could happen from the land register into several excel work sheets for Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Walsall, Wolverhampton and Worcester. Merely postcode sectors were considered. The procedure was really insistent because the informations spanned over a batch of pages, which had to be selected in bend. Once I had all the house monetary values for the country of west Midlands I had to import all the excel worksheets into a database in entree as tabular arraies. I used the same column headers as before and did non delegate a primary key.

I now had to happen the leaden centroids of the ZIP code sectors. I multiplied the easting and northing in the codification point worksheet. I had to tally the figure of bringing points and so merely divided it by the eastings and northings to happen the leaden norm of the centroid. A complex question had to be performed to associate the two tabular arraies together via question. The job I had was the figure of infinites in the ZIP code construction varied between countries. This would hold to be taken attention of to acquire the two tabular arraies to fall in efficaciously.

The following were developed in the look builder in entree:

Expr1: Left ( [ ZIP code ] ,4 ) +Space ( 1 ) +Mid ( [ PostCode ] ,5,1 )

Expr2: IIf ( Mid ( [ Expr1 ] ,3,1 ) = ” “ , Left ( [ Expr1 ] ,2 ) + ” “ +Right ( [ Expr1 ] ,1 ) , IIf ( Mid ( [ Expr1 ] ,4,1 ) = ” “ , Left ( [ Expr1 ] ,3 ) + ” “ +Right ( [ Expr1 ] ,1 ) , [ Expr1 ] ) )

Once the articulation was completed I had to associate all the house monetary value informations I had for the countries in quarterly period. Expression 2 above was linked in multiple questions with the region/area field. I now had the house monetary value informations for different types of houses linked with their leaden centroids.

All the questions I performed were exported to a booklet in dbase 3 format. I created a feature category from an ten and Y tabular array in arc catalogue. For each dbf file I had created I had to maintain reiterating the procedure of choosing the leaden eastings and northings and puting the omega value to the mean monetary value for detached, semi ‘s etc. By making the undermentioned operation I created form files giving me the location and mean monetary values for houses.

Note: At this point the information for different countries is split up into single countries by default. ( Date: Birmingham April – June 2000 ) .

Here you can see all the leaden centroids within the country of Birmingham. The pointer enquiry shows the values of mean house monetary values and gross revenues within the country. You have to appreciate the clip and attempt required to make about 700 form files utilizing the create characteristic category map.

After this phase I made a error of believing that I need to make rasters for all the form files I created. I got a spot in front of myself and created over 600 raster files. I new I would necessitate to change over informations put to raster at some point to utilize in the raster reckoner. I ne’er thought about the fact that when I carry out my spacial insertions I will automatically make rasters utilizing the form files I created early.

I had used a cell size of 50 metres for all the rasters and I used a British National grid projection with its default parametric quantities:


False_Easting: 400000.000000

False_Northing: -100000.000000

Central_Meridian: -2.000000

Scale factor: 0.999601

Latitude_Of_Origin: 49.000000


( Date: Birmingham April – June 2000 for semi-detached belongingss )

When making the rasters I forgot set the projection. I looked in discharge tool chest for a map to execute a batch transition but it would merely let me to transport out projection puting for one at a clip. I was left a spot baffled to how to finish the undertaking, so I posted a inquiry in one of the esri forums. I was told that I could either make this in the raster reckoner, where I would hold to specify all the end product files but this would hold been merely as slow. The other option was to download a ocular basic book and add it as a customised button to curve map. The book allowed me to batch change over the rasters to the projection I required.

I had to unify all the six countries I had within the west Midlands for quarterly periods. After a batch of clip believing how to make this I missed the obvious solution of merely execute a merge utilizing the geo treating ace. I had some problem making this in arc position, so I reverted back to curve map to acquire it to work.

( Date: West Midlands, April – June 2001 for semi-detached belongingss )

Once I had merged the country together I went on to make my spacial insertions of the mean house monetary values. Before I could transport out any of my surface insertions I had to take all the nothing values present in my informations sets. The nothing values would hold badly hindered the consequences I would acquire if this job was non emitted. I should hold taken attention of this job when I was working in entree, it would hold been a batch simpler and at that place would hold been small room for mistake. The solution was non consecutive frontward until I used the select by properties map in arc map e.g. “ S_AV_PRICE ” & gt ; 0. This removed the issue of zero values with easiness but I had to make this several times for the different types of belongings norms I needed.

There are three different types of spacial insertions I can transport out in discharge map

Inverse distance weighting. ( 1/d ) Works on the rules of informations near to one another is similar. Data farther off is said to be dissimilar. The hunt radius considers the figure of points to see around peculiar points.



First of all I used the reverse distance burdening map ( IDW ) , with a hunt radius of 12 and a changeless cell size of 200 meters.

Potential Hot Topographic point





( West Midlands mean house monetary value, April – June 2001 for semi-detached belongingss )

As you can see the surface is reasonably smooth and non disjointed as you may hold expected. For this peculiar period the mean house monetary value for semi-detached belongingss is quiet low through out. Near the underside I was a small surprised to see higher values in the country Coventry. I would hold expected the bulk of the country to be in xanthous for this period ( ?118.000 – ?163.000 ) but the bulk of the surface has revealed lower figures, which look acceptable.

There is a peculiar country of giving a high mean monetary value ?375650, within Birmingham ‘s B15 ZIP code ( Edgbaston ) . Using my local cognition of the country this is non surprising and seems correct ; nevertheless there were 5 gross revenues in the ZIP code sector.



The spline insertion performed on the same country is non every bit smooth as the IDW. We want to happen the smoothest possible surface. The spline has produced consequences I was anticipating from my point of position as I mentioned above.

Fluctuation non present in IDW.

( Spline produced utilizing default parametric quantities )

The kriging insertion has produced a more jaggy border around the fluctuations within the image. The image has non got any drum sander. The higher mean monetary value in Coventry has multiplied by three creases compared to the IDW insertion.

Fluctuation in Coventry exacerbated compared to IDW

( Kriging produced utilizing default parametric quantities )

I have looked through the different types of insertions I can make. Without a uncertainty the IDW provides the smoothest surface. I will utilize the IDW to bring forth the remainder of my spacial insertions for the different types of belongingss. Above I have looked at the mean belongings monetary value for semi-detached houses. There was no peculiar ground why I chose the peculiar quarterly period or belongings type. It served simply as a ocular assistance to demo the fluctuations. It may be a good thought to look at the overall mean monetary values instead than for any peculiar type because it should travel some manner to taking any spikes created by an single high priced belongings.

The spacial insertion demoing the mean house monetary value for degage belongingss is expected to hold hot musca volitanss in changing countries and that ‘s what I have found.

West Midlands mean house monetary values, October – December 1998 for detached belongingss )

In the undermentioned image 6 old ages on it shows marks of great similarity. There has merely been a elusive alteration in some countries toward the E.

West Midlands mean house monetary value, October – December 2004 for detached belongingss )

The mean house monetary value for flats is low in some countries and high in a hotspot country of Birmingham and Coventry.

West Midlands mean house monetary values, January – March 1999 for flats )

The hot topographic point has moved off from Coventry and merely exists in Birmingham. The highest mean monetary value for a level has more than doubled

West Midlands mean house monetary value, October – December 2004 for flats )

Again we have hot musca volitanss in the country of Coventry, likely because there are a batch of terraced belongingss in the country. Monetary values towards Wolverhampton are besides less expensive

West Midlands mean house monetary values, January- March 1999 for terraced houses )

The hot musca volitanss have increase proportionately in Birmingham and Coventry but the mean monetary value has non been affected greatly.

West Midlands mean house monetary values, October – December 2004 for terraced houses )

The following measure was to happen the mean figure of habital suites. Using the informations obtained from the nose count on family size I can calculate an norm. I saved the nose count informations set as a dbase 3 file and did the same thing as before by making a characteristic category from an ten and Y tabular array. I used the easting and nothings as the ten and y parametric quantities. The omega parametric quantity was given the mean figure of suites, therefore a form file was created. I tried to bring forth a surface insertion on these points but it kept stop deading the computing machine up. This was caused by a individual point, which was out in the center of no where. The point had several thousand points overlaid itself all with a value of nothing. I removed the obstruction by choosing the properties with values based the fid of below 17457.

Erroneous Point

An IDW surface insertion was later successfully performed to calculate the mean figure of habital suites with a cell size of 200, but a decreased figure of 6 were used for the hunt radius because there were a batch of records in the file. The same as the mean house monetary value insertions. The fluctuations in the image are reasonably equally spread, except in the center where the mean figure of suites is between 3 and 4. This is what I would anticipate for this country, which includes Birmingham, Dudley, Walsall, Wolverhampton and Worcester.

Decrease in mean figure of suites.

Average figure of habital suites in the West midlands.

I found the mean figure of habital suites image was non at the same extent because I ne’er considered the whole country of west Midlands in its entireness. To decide this job I tied to merely alter the extent in the image belongingss but this was non right because it was still sing a larger country, doing lower values to be attained. I recreated the mean figure of suites by re-running the surface insertion, where I changed the options in spacial analyst. I matched to the same extent I created for mean house monetary values insertions.

My selected countries of the west Midlands for mean house monetary values.

Census countries of norm suites for west Midlands

The country of Birmingham and parts of Coventry seem to hold the highest monetary value per habital room between ?29.900 and ?46.000, although there is an country in Dudley.

Overall monetary value per habital room for October – December 1998

The location of high priced habital suites varies through different locations between the old ages but remains reasonably changeless except for a twosome of quarterly periods in Birmingham and Coventry.

It would hold been a good thought to make an life in arc map to be able to visualize the alteration over the six twelvemonth period.

The highest monetary value per habital room in this one-fourth is between ?90,000 and ?123,000. This is a considerable addition over the old ages. Compared to image created for the 4th period in 1998, there is ?77.000 difference.

Overall monetary value per habital room for October – December 2004.

This peculiar one-fourth has the most important alteration of all the insertions. Again Birmingham and Coventry are at the Centre of high monetary values. Other quarterly periods are non as dramatic, this seems to be an exclusion and perchance at the tallness of the house monetary value roar, which has slowed down recent months.

Overall monetary value per habital room for July – September 2002.

The following measure was to seek and happen all schools within the west Midlands. I found inside informations of primary, secondary and station 16 instruction from the council web site for each country within the west Midlands. I created a database with names of the schools and I ran a ZIP code question hunt to happen their places. Finally I gathered a good information set of over 1200 schools in entire but I forgot to happen any public presentation tabular arraies at this phase. Using section for instructions website I located the public presentation tabular arraies for twelvemonth 2004. I had to make another tabular array to widen the database. The lone common field between the schools location and their public presentation was at that place name. I understood this was traveling to do jobs because of the manner they have been named. I ne’er took great attention with the naming. A question with a relational articulation between the two tabular arraies would merely associate the Fieldss, which are indistinguishable. Any confusion will ensue in Fieldss non right being linked. The job could hold been sorted out reasonably easy by merely turn uping the ZIP code for the public presentation tabular arraies and so associating the two.

The linking job caused by associating the two name Fieldss of the schools caused a huge decrease in my informations, possibly by a 3rd, which was really dissatisfactory. Any manner I created three different characteristic categories for each type of school utilizing their easting and northing places.

In the image there are small no primary schools in high priced countries. The school visible here is in Hockley Heath, Birmingham and has an mean point mark of 30.2. The England norm for primary schools is 27.5. I was surprised to happen a high norm mark for the school. There seems to be some grounds demoing exclusions to the thought of good acting schools are non needfully located in countries with high house monetary values. I would hold liked to hold seen the school placed straight at the Centre of the largest fluctuation.

Hockley Heath,


B94 6RA

Overall mean house monetary value for all types of belongingss for October – December 2004.

Performance tabular arraies for different LEA ‘s were obtained from the section of instruction and accomplishments ( Dfes ) for 2004. The mean point mark was taken for each primary and secondary school ( Key Stage 3 ) . The norm was calculated by the per centum of students obtaining different degrees in maths, scientific discipline and English. However the public presentation for secondary schools was split into two methods, the first stated above and the 2nd took the pupils accomplishing 5 or more classs A-C.

The Post-16 instruction, which includes colleges and schools, has the value of the mean point mark per scrutiny entry.

Primary Schools

LEA Average

Average Point Mark















Worcester sauce


England Average


Secondary Schools ( Key Stage 3 )

LEA Average

Average Point Mark















Worcester sauce


England Average


Secondary Schools ( GCSE )

LEA Average

Degree 2

( 5 or more classs A*-C )


51.2 %













Worcester sauce


England Average

53.7 %


LEA Average

Average point mark per scrutiny entry















Worcester sauce


England Average



Larger informations set originally collected for all the schools

The images blow for the staying secondary and station 16 instruction show there is no nexus between schools and high belongings houses. The bulk of the schools are located in cheaper house priced countries. The information set has limited my analysis with the schools but I think it would non hold made a important difference to my findings. We would hold still seen the same tendency through out the countries.

The bulk of schools are located in less expensive countries.

Overall mean house monetary value for all types of belongingss for October – December 2004 with secondary school overlaid.

Overall mean house monetary value for all types of belongingss for October – December 2004 with secondary school overlaid.

Following I took a expression at whether propinquity to Centres affected house monetary values. I gathered my informations set for 8 different supermarket ironss utilizing the shop finder located on their web sites:





Jim morrisons


Republic of icelands


I was a small concerned with the quality of the shop locater hunt engines the supermarkets had to offer. I ‘m confident I managed to acquire all the above supermarket locations, apart from one or two. I once more located there place utilizing a ZIP code question and inputted them into a database, from which I created a characteristic category for all the supermarkets I found. I had over 200 records to organize the information set.

I had a small dentition job in pulling buffers around the locations, so I carried out the operation in Arc position 3.3 utilizing the buffer ace. The job was caused by mapping units, which were easy solved and so imported back into discharge map. I have drawn 1 kilometre buffers around all the supermarkets because people would wish to populate near to Centres.

Supermarket locations with 1km buffers

About all of the supermarkets are located in lower priced countries ( green ) . You would likely anticipate to happen more supermarkets in countries with high belongings monetary value. The image does non demo support the statement. There are many limitations applied to the information set. Peoples do non merely store at large retail ironss. No independent in private owned supermarkets are accounted for. The latter may demo a different tendency.

Overall mean house monetary value for all types of belongingss for October – December 2004 with supermarket location buffers overlaid.

I had a expression at some scheme informations from the regulation study for the South of England to a 1:250.000 graduated table but I could non happen anything utile in the manner of characteristics i.e. railroad propinquity etc. The labelling was really hapless and sparse. The lone thing it did demo clearly was rivers.

Strategy informations for the South of Britain 2004

I found some interesting informations from Yahoo belongings finance forecaster. It would hold been good if gave values for ZIP code sectors and non merely single ZIP codes. The peculiar ZIP code I have run a hunt on was for where I live. Using the local cognition I have of my country this seems approximately right.

Price history for All ( Average ) belongings in B11 3BN


Period ( each one-fourth for the last 5 old ages )

I besides ran a hunt to foretell the monetary values for the following five old ages. The lone draw back is that has non told me about any premises it ‘s made or how the theoretical account was created.

Monetary value anticipation for All ( Average ) belongings in B11 3BN ( could increase by 4.90 % in the following 5 old ages )


The per centum alteration in mean monetary values in each one-fourth

The compound or cumulative alteration in mean monetary values over the whole 5-year period



My findings have shown there is small no nexus between house monetary values and good acting schools. I have seen some exclusions in a few countries but they were truly scarce. I managed to acquire some descent surfaces with really small noise with the Inverse distance burdening insertions. Noise in the images would hold caused jagged border and leaps but my surfaces have reasonably smooth fluctuations.

The mean house monetary values have shown a higher monetary value for houses in the south E and towards the West. You would anticipate to see this tendency in Britain, likely because during the Victorian period pollution from the mills spread towards the north eastern countries where poorer people lived.

The truth of informations could hold affected my overall consequences. The information obtained on for the mean house monetary values from the land register is of a good dependable truth. The public presentation tabular arraies for schools were retrieved from the section of instruction, which is considered to be a dependable beginning. The mean point mark used for each school can come under some unfavorable judgment because it is non easy to entree public presentation. For secondary schools I have used the per centum of pupils who pass with 5 or more GCSE ‘s graded A to C. I found a few ZIP codes for schools and supermarkets to non hold valid royal mail ZIP codes, which I found a spot unusual.

I was anticipating to happen some kind of connexion with the location of supermarkets and high belongings monetary values but nil concrete emerged. The information sets I compiled for each analysis could hold contributed to the fluctuations I found. If I had better scheme informations I could hold tried to look for tendencies and other factors impacting house monetary values.

As an extension to my undertaking it would hold been a good to bring forth a theoretical account to foretell house monetary values in five old ages clip. I have looked at the prognostic theoretical account in yahoo finance to give me a general thought. I could hold perchance compared the mean monetary values I got to theirs to happen any differences.

The supply and demand for houses has prompted concerns in the lodging market. At the minute about 20 thousand new are being built per twelvemonth. The figure is really little compared to demand for houses. The go oning migration of people into Britain has caused the job to go exacerbated.


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