Many people’s second language

As English has become many people ‘s 2nd linguistic communication in China, civilization hit seems more and more obvious presents. Plagiarism, which has non been thought much of, is rather frequently argued. Harmonizing to Colin Sowden ( 2004 ) , cultural background seems to be the chief ground for plagiarism. To the abroad pupils, particularly Asiatic pupils from Confucian background, following bookmans and instructors ‘ words are regarded as a sort of regard. However, Dilin Liu disagrees with Sowden. He argues that Chinese instructors have ne’er told the pupils to copy others ‘ words. That is non allowed in China. These two bookmans seem have wholly different positions towards cultural factor in plagiarism.

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As an abroad pupil from China, I think plagiarism is a common job among Chinese pupils, even coachs and officers from authorities. It is non merely an educational job, but a societal job every bit good. Both instructors and pupils are to blamed. The grounds are as follows.

From the pupils ‘ point of position, plagiarising others ‘ plants seems to be the fastest and cheapest manner to complete their assignments. Everyone wants to acquire high Markss. But a good thesis should show the writer ‘s ain position points and analysis, which require profound cognition and plentifulness of experiences. Most graduate pupils in China normally do non hold that much of background cognition particularly to those who learnt passively and are forced to take their big leagues. Many Chinese universities have expanded new pupils in order to popularise higher instruction. Students who are non interested in their big leagues may hold to larn it for four old ages merely because their parents coerce them to. When composing their thesis, these pupils normally ‘copy and pasty ‘ from the cyberspace. Harmonizing to Zhanglu Sun ( 2006 ) , most graduate pupils have more than 10 classs each semester. At the beginning of each semester, there are many activities, while essays ever come with tests at the terminal of the semester. Students do non hold adequate clip to fix their essays and essays will non impact much about their concluding Markss. They prefer to acquire high Markss in the concluding test. Plagiarism does assist pupils salvage a batch of clip in this state of affairs.

Apart from the pupils ‘ idling, instructors are besides to be blamed. As China has a big population, 40-50 pupils each category is the common size in most schools. A instructor can non rectify every pupil ‘s work carefully and return it to pupils instantly. Sometimes instructors even have no thought about how the pupils finish their prep. Then utilizing others ‘ words becomes bad wonts to many pupils. In high schools, pupils will experience guilty and are afraid to be blamed when they plagiarize others ‘ work. After they enter universities, plagiarism will non be a secret to them because most pupils are making this. A research showed that 79.4 % pupils get information though the cyberspace, 47.7 % think plagiarism is rather common. Most pupils consider it is incorrect to plagiarise, which occupies 83.2 % ( Jingwei Hua, 2009 ) . Recent old ages, it was found that many coachs and officers plagiarized in order to make their place. Even their coachs plagiarize others ‘ work set bad illustrations to the pupils ( Lei Hui, 2009 ) .

The educational system, traditional Chinese ideas and leaks in jurisprudence may be the societal ground for plagiarism. No affair how bad a pupil performed, he can graduate if he passes the concluding unwritten defense mechanism of his thesis. Most universities are non willing to be difficult to their pupils particularly at the last minute in graduation. Students, every bit good as their schools, besides tend to make their best in the unwritten defense mechanism. However, this leads to plagiarism because some pupils consider others ‘ words are better than themselves. They borrow the words and thoughts in order to acquire their sheepskin which closely related to their hereafter. This makes plagiarism look to be acceptable and sensible. Furthermore, the right of first publication jurisprudence in China has some leaks in protecting writers ‘ right of first publication. Harmonizing to Dehua Yu ( 2009 ) , a attorney in Zhongyuan Law Office, a long clip case merely brings nil but apology to accusers. Copyright can non be protected efficaciously by jurisprudence.

Plagiarism seems to go an intractable job in China. In order to avoid this job, it needs attempts from the whole society. First, the Ministry of Education should non merely plan more specific jurisprudence and policy to forestall plagiarism, but besides have to incarnate the rating to publication articles. This will provides strong jurisprudence AIDSs when work outing right of first publication jobs. However, it takes a long clip to plan and set a new jurisprudence into pattern. Law AIDSs can non be the most effectual manner to contend against plagiarism.

Second, penalty to plagiarism should be equal. The Chinese academe, which is influenced most by the traditional Chinese bureaucratism, needs a thorough alteration. The most complicated procedure is how to work out it when plagiarism does occur. As a consequence of bureaucratism, the solutions towards plagiarism will be different depends on who plagiarize. Compared with some authorities officer, those who have lower societal places will be badly punished for plagiarising. Without justness, plagiarism can non be avoid in short term.

Third, coachs and pupils have to curtail themselves non to plagiarise. Plagiarism leads back to a basic educational job — honestness. Although explicating honestness is really easy in academe, it is hard to set it into pattern. Students, every bit good as those who have already come upon the phase, are non that honest as they were ever taught when they entered schools. The purpose of instruction is how to carry on themselves instead than merely teach pupils knowledge. Fine personality, which requires parents ‘ attempts as good, should be the footing of making research. Parents may assist a batch to forestall pupils copy others ‘ plants. In my position, pupils should be rigorous to themselves with instructors ‘ aid, and parents may play an of import function of supervisor. Students ‘ attitude towards larning could impact their behavior and they can non actuate to larn under their parents ‘ force. Interest is the best instructor. For coachs, they have to show like a instructor. When plagiarising, they should see whether it is instructors ‘ behavior and the bad influence. Coachs, every bit good as bookmans, should derive cognition and rubrics through their attempts and experiences. Those who get their occupation as professors by plagiarism may non educate pupils to be honest.

To sum up, plagiarism seems to be a serious job among pupils and coachs, particularly in China. I think that educational system has its jobs which affect instruction and larning most. However, to forestall plagiarism is a long term undertaking which can non be solved easy. Plagiarism exists from officers to pupils. Scholarship is used as a tool to derive honor, occupation and money. Law can merely supply insurance to authorship, forestalling plagiarism requires the attempts from the whole society which will take old ages to finish. Plagiarism may go a research field which requires bookmans from several countries to analyze on pupils ‘ motive and the primary purpose of instruction.


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