Managing communication information and knowledge


I have been really thankful for being chosen to make this study, I have found some really interesting facts that I would love to portion with you. Telkom is a really of import company in South Africa. The reson why why telkom is really of import is because, Telkom is Africa ‘s largest integrated communications company, supplying integrated communications to all types of clients.

Fact-finding method

The method that I ‘ve used in this research was largely the cyberspace ( ) . I besides went for an interview with Mr. Van Rensburg, the Manager of the chief Telkom subdivision. I have besides been able to direct them electronic mails with my questions that will assist me to finish this study to the best of my advantage. Telkom has had the pleasance to react to some of my e-mails and hence I am really proud to see them as a really assessable company.

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I found it really easy to reach this company, but non everyone was able to give me the information I needed for this study. They answered me via electronic mails every bit good as they were willing to hold an interview with me where I asked all my inquiries. The manner the company is garnering there information and hive awaying it is really interesting they normally gather the information by questioning their most valuable clients by inquiring them, what do they prefer and how they will be able to better their service to them.


The general information was easy assessable in the World Wide Web. Telkom does n’t hold an addition in competition in international and long distance substructure that would profit to the market by what they do hold is hapless information systems that are used to pass on to the universe outside.


I candidly think this company is good oriented and really assessable. If person logs onto the World Wide Web there are many beginnings of information from all over the universe that will normally reply many inquiries that a individual might necessitate an reply for.


I have taken my clip to analysis Telkom as a company ; I am really impressed by my findings. There are really professional with there work.


Telkom was basically a South African telephone company. They have worked difficult to better operating efficiencies and cost-effectiveness and, most significantly, the quality of the client experience.


Telkom collects all its information via the cyberspace and from all available stakeholders.


They store all their informations in files at the chief office in Johannesburg. The information is merely assessable to the Board of Directors of Telkom.


They merely distribute their information when needed to. Most of the information is distributed on the World Wide Web. ( )


I think that Telkom is a really professional company and they are good cognizant of what they are making and how they intent to better there hereafter.

All companies need to pass on with their stakeholders in order to be successful in what they do. The manner they communicate with their stakeholders is really of import because it determines their degree of professionalism. Stakeholders can include employees, clients and other clients. Most stakeholders communicate by agencies of the cyberspace or newssheets or even meetings, there are many tools that a individual can utilize to pass on.

Telkom uses assorted agencies to pass on with its employees and their stakeholders. Telkom communicates with its people via cyberspace and newssheets and being able to direct out memorandas besides intranet. The intranet holds information about the different sectors in the company.

By utilizing the cyberspace, advertisments and brouchers they communicate to most of their clients. By logging on to the telkom web page the clients will be able to entree the different Numberss that are needed to reach telkom. Telkom needs to pass on to its possible clients at all times so that the clients will take them alternatively of other traders. The sellers need to work on their occupation with full force in order to maintain the administration running at its best advantage.

Technology is really of import to Telkom because its used as a nexus between clients and the concern. Telkom used assorted agencies of engineering such as:

  • VSAT ( Very Small Aperture Terminal )
  • Broadband Wireless
  • Broadband Internet over Power Line
  • ADSL ( Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line )
  • DVB ( Digital Video Broadcast )
  • VPN ‘s ( Virtual Private Networks )
  • Dial-Up Connectivity
  • Other Methods

Communication is really of import to an administration but there are five stairss in order to better your informations they are:

  • Difine the information
  • Conduct the information
  • Develop the information
  • Implement the information
  • Control the information

The information needs to be good organise and developed every bit good as accurate, complete, vailidity and consistent in order to be a successful concern. Covering with Telkom stockholders and in Telkom portions they need to:

  • Reaching Telkom stockholders is highly of import to the Organisation.
  • To understand this policy.
  • No insider may cover in Telkom portions.
  • Certain degrees and maps in Telkom are required to subscribe understandings.

I might hold a few suggestions to better telkoms communicating stratagy both internally and externally. They must besides hold more meetings with there rivals and their most of import clients in order to make a stable and good competitory advantage.

Information systems

Three Softwares that Telkom usage to better at that place service to the excisting clients and in order to achive a competitory advantage. Productiveness

Productivity package is besides known as Tool package. This includes any package that can be used as a tool and helps you produce paperss, spreadsheets, a database, or other merchandises. Besides included in the productiveness class are the “ Authoring ” plans. These plans are designed to assist you produce computing machine plans and the term authoring suggests composing. These authoring plans help the user develop computing machine plans in computing machine linguistic communications that can be otherwise rather hard to larn.


  • Better apprehension of computing machines
  • Easy to present manual undertakings
  • Easyier for the employers to maintain record
  • Provides methods of communicating
  • Open doors for the universe broad web
  • Improves web public presentation


  • Changeless alteration in engineering
  • Usaually non packaged with the correct package
  • Highly expensive
  • Some employees might non hold the preparation needed
  • The cyberspace might non hold a high velocity nexus


Tutorials present a new construct where text illustrations, description, and simulations are provided to learn a specific undertaking, accomplishment or application. Most of the powerful productiveness package bundles include a tutorial to learn the user how to utilize the application.


  • It can be done at any given clip
  • It normally helps with squad edifice
  • It brings the employees to a closer connecting
  • The employees understant it better


  • Not all memebers find it interesting
  • Some employees might non be present
  • Other employees might non hold with the desicion made

Presentation and Presentation

Presentation and presentation package is designed to assist users set together dynamic and visually impactful computing machine presentations. One of the most common characteristics is the slide show option that runs automatically


  • Communicates with multiply channels
  • Aidss in memory
  • Easy to make visuals


  • Can be easy abused
  • Not so easy to make slides
  • It wastes clip
  • It does n’t manage text to well
  • Presenters rely excessively much on the slides

Concluding Report

Report on my happening about the cognition and information gathered and the recommendations about alterations and decisions.Report on my happening about the cognition and information gathered and the recommendations about alterations and determinations.


I have found in really interesting to make research on the company, Telkom and find assorted ways to better it.


I have found many different things that no 1 would hold known if they did n’t make some type of research. Telkom is a company that supplies telecommunication to the whole of South Africa. It is really well-known among its consumers. Telkom as many interesting ways to hive away every bit good as acquire their information they have besides got a batch of information systems that are interesting to look into on.


Like I ‘ve said above a have investigated different types of information systems that Telkom uses in that administration with its clients and rivals. Three methods of information systems were discussed above the:

  • Productiveness
  • Tutorials
  • Presentations

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