Management of hospitality organisations

Management of hospitality organization requires an organized managerial approach. In this project a brief understanding of the impact of the functions of management on an organization is described. This project aims to provide an understanding of ‘Planning’ which is a function of management.
It also has some examples which will help in understanding the functions of management, and how the functions are applied for the smooth functioning of an organization.
Part A
1. Management-
The term management is very popular and is used widely. Organizations such as social, political, cultural etc. are involved in management; because the effort towards a purpose is carried out through management.
Management of all business and organizational activities is an act of coordinating the efforts of individuals to accomplish desired goals and objectives using existing resources efficiently and effectively. Management includes organizing, planning, staffing, directing, leading or, and controlling an organization with the aim of achieving an objective. Resourcing includes the deployment and handling of human resources, financial resources, natural and technological resources. (, 2013)

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1.1 The Importance of Management-
The success of any business depends largely on the effectiveness of managers. Good managers need to make the right decisions and ensure that the business is able to seize the opportunities that are presented. At the same time, good managers protect the business, anticipating and acting against any threat to their welfare.
According to the French Henri Fayol, managers must:
• Predict and plan according to determine where the business is going
• Organize the resources necessary to achieve these objectives
• Command people to do things
• coordinate the different activities
• manage the activities to ensure that they are completed as they are planned.The managers of an organization…


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