Management Essay

This paper emphasizes the importance of Project Management. Operations Management and Information Systems Management at work topographic point. It gives brief jobs from my work topographic point – Verizon Federal Network System. All three direction are of import to the company and it represents company indirectly. Managerial Problems – Pull offing people is non easy. because everyone is an single personality and everyone has their ain sentiment. Everyday people face different jobs and challenges. These jobs possibly little or large. but those jobs need to be solved.

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Every person has his ain feature to portray. Variation of persons should be taken into consideration in pull offing them. Factors like timing. topographic point and state of affairs would work good with directors. These mundane jobs related to pull offing people are called managerial jobs. Verizon is a large company ; same as every company. Verizon excessively is being confronting managerial jobs. I work for Verizon Federal Network Systems. and I work in a group where there are nine people including one director. Like every leader. we do hold managerial jobs.

Project Management – Under our group every person has allotted a Undertaking Order ( undertakings ) . which means we are responsible for pull offing our ain undertaking. All Task Orders are similar. but different in sizes. Everyone has a different manner of pull offing his or her ain undertakings. The sub-contracts on the undertakings are different. Some sub-contractors give vague or every altering demand those are non realistic. Bing in a fiscal universe. those alteration in demands are non acceptable. Bing a Undertaking Control Analyst. communicating accomplishments are must or required. We need to pass on every small thing to our Undertaking Managers.

Some people in our group have limited communications accomplishments. which leads to a job. Communication is non merely required at work but it is a really of import accomplishment in todays universe. Communication can be done by electronic mail. phone conversations or face to face. We face a really hard job when it comes to communicating. Our director advises us to take Internal Verizon online classs to development communicating accomplishments. This accomplishment is besides talked by equals by hebdomadal conversation meetings. It can besides profit client service for the company. Operation Management –

Operationss Management for the company is of import. It deals with the direction of merchandises. procedures. services and supply ironss. It considers the acquisition. development. and use of resources that houses need to present the goods and services their clients wants. Our chief slogan for our group is to supply first-class client service with quality and urgency. As a squad we do confront the alteration of client service and assist each other out when needed. Our group for 2011 has been awarded the best group to supply first-class client services to our clients.

The award was given by our customer’s satisfaction study ( “Operations direction. ” ) . Customer Service is really of import because it represents the company. Since we are straight billable to the client. it is really of import that we provide good client services. We need to be on top of things when it comes in covering with client. We have to supply informations as accurate with urgency. which requires a really focus environment as we deal with Numberss. Whenever a individual looses focal point. Numberss goes off and it is non an accurate informations.

We have procedure of equal reexamining the work. to minimise the errors. The client needs to accurate informations with urgency and that is our company’s and group’s slogan ( Kaplan. 2003 ) . Information Systems Management – Information Systems Management is the survey of people. engineering. and organisations and the relationships among them. It helps houses recognize maximal benefit from investing in forces. equipment. and concern procedures. All concerns use information systems at all degrees of operation to roll up. procedure. and shop informations.

The type of work I do. it is required to make informations excavation. I am a Financial Project Control Analyst. This operation requires accomplishments in Microsoft Excel and fiscal informations package ( “Bureau of labour. ” 2011 ) . Bing in a squad we are required to assist our colleagues with Excel and fiscal informations package. Some squad members are pro in Excel and others are weak. We like to assist each other with jobs faced twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours. It is disputing because some person are fast scholars or some persons do non hold forbearance to learn other individual.

By pattern. the squad is traveling much better than it was making six months ago. My director has made it compulsory to assist with each other accomplishments with forbearance and impulse of larning. Verizon besides helps to their employees with development of the accomplishments. By making this. Verizon is benefited in the terminal for better client service with their undertakings. Conclusion – For any single. acquisition and growing are personal of import which besides makes of import for the company because. if you learn. indirectly company benefits. hence learning and turning should ever in the balance scorecard.

Verizon employees need to take 6 hours of developing compulsory. We are besides encouraged to take outside preparations and Verizon wages for the preparation financess. They besides have tuition reimbursement plan for the school excessively ( Kaplan. 2003 ) . All three – Project Management. Operations Management and Information Systems are related to each other. They all lead to hold better accomplishments at work and consequence into better client service. By larning this. the growing charter of an single additions and company’s repute for client service besides increases.


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