Malaysias economic engine is slowing down

Malaysia ‘s economic record has been one of Asia ‘s best since independency in twelvemonth 1957. Real gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) grew by an norm of 6.5 % per twelvemonth from 1957 to 2005. The economic public presentation of Malaysia peaked in the early 1980s through the mid-1990s, as the economic system experienced sustained rapid growing averaging about 8 % yearly.[ 1 ]Malaysia has successfully transformed from a hapless, colonial plantation economic system into a modern, upper-middle income state within one coevals. This represents one of the strongest records of economic and human development in recent memory.

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The optimism which claims that the rapid recoil from the Asiatic Financial Crisis of 1997-1999 helped take the Malayan authorities to foretell that the one-year GDP growing rate in 2001-2010 would accomplish 7.5 % and higher growing rate would be generated by Malaysia ‘s transmutation into a knowledge-based economic system where Entire Factor Productivity ( TFP ) would increase its part to GDP growing to 3.2 % from 1.8 % in 1991-2000 has proved to be unsuccess even before the planetary fiscal crisis in the last one-fourth of 2008. Alternatively of making the expected one-year GDP growing rate 2001-2010 which is 7.5 % , the mean one-year existent GDP growing rate turned out to be merely 4.5 % in the first twelvemonth of Second Millennium and merely 6.1 % in 2006-2007.[ 2 ]In order to for Malaysia to get away from the in-between income trap, the GDP of Malaysia would necessitate to turn by 8 % per annum until 2020 but given the current economic and concern clime, this would be a immense challenge. In fact, Malaysia is far lag behind those states like Singapore, Japan and South Korea which was successfully becomes a high income state presents.

Lack of domestic private investing.

Malaysia is enduring from escape of investing and the portion of domestic private investing has besides been overshadowed by the populace sector in recent old ages. Harmonizing to the research which was done by DBS group, the net domestic investing flow is decrease drastically which is falling from about RM 10 billion to RM 0.15 billion from twelvemonth 2000 to 2009 and the entire domestic private investing of Malaysia in twelvemonth 2009 is merely 21.5 % of the entire GDP.[ 3 ]

The escape of investing in Malaysia is fundamentally because of the weighty and drawn-out bureaucratic processs which have affected both the cost of puting and the possible returns on investing. Obviously, the same policies that put Malaysia on its way to success 50 old ages ago are no more suited for its current state of affairs and must be keeping it back from now on. The economic system of Malaysia which has moved from being a natural trade good exporter to a fabrication exporter was truly astonishing, but it was really done so by trusting to a great extent on foreign direct investing. This is non a bad thing so, but really merely Malayan domestic investors can develop advanced Malayan concerns and merchandises that can travel the state to high-income position. Unfortunately, the chances to hold a Malaysia-led development way is difficult to accomplish because the Malayan domestic private investing is even lower today than it was before the 1997 Asiatic economic crisis.

In add-on, the World Bank Report stated that Malaysia is missing in investing in human and physical capital which taking to domestic nest eggs greatly transcending domestic investing.[ 4 ]The bank noted that Malaysia is seeking to travel out from the middle-income trap but it requires investing in substructure, equipment, instruction and accomplishments in degrees far transcending what it presently sing, which is good short of the Republic of Korea, Japan, and Singapore when they were at similar per capita income degrees and the same development phase.

Large graduated table of encephalon drain.

Harmonizing to an estimation by MEF, there are at nowadays more than 500,000 Malayan professionals working abroad ; and they are in major metropoliss such as New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Singapore working and making research in countries like medical specialty, fiscal services, technology, accounting, logistics, building, venture capital and other services.

Dr. Fong Chan Onn, a former Minister of Human Resources of Malaysia said that really there are rather a figure of the Malayan professionals willing to lend to Malaysia ‘s advancement if they are given the right conditions. But unluckily, Malaysia has non engaged them sufficiently. As an illustration, the celebrated UK liver graft sawbones Datuk Dr Tan Kai Chah wanted to put up base in Malaysia. But he could non make so because as a Malayan, he was required to make a compulsory three-year authorities service. Whereas Singapore was holding gotten air current of this and headhunted him. His liver Centre in Singapore is now really much sought after by patients near and far.[ 5 ]

A batch of enterprising Malaysians are besides attracted to the diverse chances that other states have to offer in their several Fieldss. The illustrations are many. In the scientific discipline and engineering sector, Selangor-born Pua Khein-Seng is the discoverer of the universe ‘s first individual bit USB pen thrust. He now owns a listed engineering company in Taiwan with a market capitalisation of RM4.3 billion. In the field of political relations, the first openly cheery member of the Australian Commonwealth cabinet who is besides the Australian Minister for Finance and Deregulation, Penny Wong, was born in Kota Kinabalu. Our endowments in the manner line besides constitute a portion of the diaspora. Manner human dynamo Zang Toi and outstanding shoe interior decorator Jimmy Choo are both Malaysians. They were based in New York and London severally. Besides that, Malaysia ‘s former Premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi pointed out that every bit many every bit many as 30,000 idea to be working in foreign states, many of whom had held scholarships in top universities from the Malayan authorities but chose to remain overseas at the terminal of their surveies.[ 6 ]The typical grounds are working abroad will hold better concern chances, higher wages, better working environments, greater opportunities of publicity and a comparatively superior quality of life.A Malaysia that presently stuck in the in-between income trap does non hold the ability to offer them such a good status of life.

R & A ; D in Malaysia is non to the full developed.

Taking the Republic of Korea, Singapore and Taiwan Province of China as the mention economic systems for comparing, research and development ( R & A ; D ) is one of the of import cardinal component that can assist Malaysia to get away from the in-between income trap. However, the handiness of skilled human capital in Malaysia is non sufficient plenty for R & A ; D development and the worse is authorities did non set much attending on it.

Presently, R & A ; D disbursals in the state merely account for 0.7 % of GDP, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation ( MOSTI ) , Datuk Seri Maximus Ongkili, said.[ 7 ]Even though the R & A ; D disbursals of Malaysia is better than a few states, but it still far lag behind if compared with Japan and Korea which spend about 2 % of GDP yearly. Since Malaysia is now stuck in in-between income trap, Malaysia may non hold adequate income that able to further develop R & A ; D.

Malaysia is earnestly deficiency of ain higher value enterprisers which is willing to affect themselves into R & A ; D development and before that Malaysia largely rely on supplying peoples for the transnational companies but those companies may be here today and may be gone tomorrow. The skilled workers may be gone every bit good, as they have been recruited by those companies which can give them better occupation chances. In add-on, Malaysia does non hold adequate scientists in extremely skilled engineerings which can lend to R & A ; D development. This is because the current instruction system in Malaysia is non appropriate to foster scientist and applied scientist. Unfortunately, Malaysia ‘s current state of affairs makes it difficult to acquire rid of this job.


In decision, Malayan economic system is caught in a middle-income trap now which means that it unable to stay competitory as a high-volume, low-priced manufacturer, yet unable to travel up the value concatenation and accomplish rapid growing. In order to get away from in-between income trap, Malaysia has to do certain that every person is productive and efficient. The thought behind this is simple. If we were productive and efficient at the micro degree, so on an aggregative footing, we would hold a productive and efficient economic system. Malaysians must cognize what bettering productiveness and efficiency agencies, and be able to do more with less, import less and export more. Besides that, authorities is suppose to take and establish a long-run countrywide national productiveness motion. The chief aim of this motion is to guarantee that the primary focal point of all Malaysians is prolonging productiveness and efficiency betterments. Malaysians must be made to recognize that it is merely through sustained productiveness and efficiency growing that our criterions of life can lift. If Malaysia is able to accomplishing these, it would so guarantee that we would be able to bask our following drawn-out period of high GDP growing. Just like a lifting tide would raise all boats, a sustained economic roar would so profit all Malaysians.

For the encephalon drain job, it is important that the authorities stoppers encephalon drain by doing Malaysia an attractive place, career-wise to pull those Malaysians that graduating from foreign universities to return to. The authorities besides needs to develop human resource endowment and at the same clip guarantee that they do non go forth. Actually, the monolithic bead in FDI in 2009 is a possible mark of an at hand FDI drouth caused in portion by our encephalon drain job. If we can non pull plenty FDI higher up the value concatenation, Malaysia ‘s New Economic Model would non work and it would non be able to get away the middle-income trap. That is because Malaysia still does non hold the home-grown technological capablenesss needed to construct a originative invention economic system that can take us out of middle-income.

However, that is non plenty for Malaysia to merely concentrate on the development of economic. A complete alteration in mentality and societal behaviour including different ways of making things are of import for Malaysia to get away from in-between income trap. For 1000s of old ages, adult male has struggled with basic needs.A A In less than two coevalss, Malaysia has moved from colonialism to independency and to hold about eradicated absolute poverty.A This coevals is at the threshold of traveling from in-between income to advanced state status.A If we are to better the existent quality of life, we have to pay greater attending to the societal environment and the quality of our societal dealingss, both within the state and with the remainder of universe.


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