Major shareholders of National Commodities Exchange Limited

Among the stockholders mentioned above, the Karachi Stock Exchange is the biggest stockholder of NCEL. Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited was earlier known by the name Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan.

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National Commodities Exchange Regulator:

The chief regulator of the NCEL is Securities And Exchange Commission of Pakistan or SECP.

Trading hereafters on the exchange:

Commodities traded on the exchange include-






List of hereafters contracts refering to fundss were besides on the cards of the NCEL, Pakistan.

Aim of puting up the National Commodities Exchange Limited:

The National Commodities Exchange Limited was established with an purpose of regulation, transporting out trade of contracts refering to hereafters trade good in the domestic trade good markets every bit good as the planetary trade good markets worldwide. Export every bit good as import of these trade goods to be traded are besides looked into by the NCEL.

Keeping unity in concern and trade and forestalling struggles, uses are besides taken into history by the exchange.

One of the major benefits of puting up the National Commodities Exchange Limited is that the export activities of the state will acquire a encouragement. This would in bend impact the economic system in Pakistan positively.


Karachi Stock Exchange, most traded local Bourse of Pakistan, presently offers equity hereafter merchandises as exclusive leverage and fudging tool. Despite being merely leveraged merchandise, the activity in stock and index hereafters are really low. To understand the grounds for low activity and investors ‘ involvement in this market, we have tried to discourse with market participants and cognize the ground for low investor involvement in this market.

To get down, Pakistan equity derived functions merchandises were launched on the Karachi Stock Exchange in 2001. Initially, one month deliverable individual stock hereafters were introduced. Nine old ages subsequently this market is still considered to be developing when compared to India. Exchange traded fiscal derived functions were introduced in India on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange in June 2000. Index hereafters contracts, based on S & A ; P CNX Nifty Index ( Nifty ) and BSE Sensitive Index ( Sensex ) , were ab initio launched. Since so, the turnover of derivative contracts has risen vastly on the India National Stock Exchange.

In most developed or developing markets, investors prefer to take places and derived functions instruments are frequently preferred over implicit in assets in the topographic point market. In Pakistan, this is non the instance. In the outgoing calendar twelvemonth ( ie January-December 2010 ) hereafters market constituted 3 % and 9 % in footings of volume and value of the topographic point market. However, during the late 2004 and early 2005, the deliverable hereafter contract were picking up in volume footings. During that period, hereafters volumes constituted 30 to 40 % of the topographic point market volumes. But unluckily due to weak market substructure and hazard direction steps of that clip, the market could non prolong the outgoing purchase place in the market, therefore taking to the 2005 March crisis. After the crisis, several hazard direction steps have been taken to cut down systemic hazard.

The National Clearing Company of Pakistan has started let go ofing informations on the hereafters market. Consequently in the calendar twelvemonth 2010 on an mean 174,000 equity derived functions contracts were traded per month. Institutions have non been heavy users of exchange traded derived functions. In the said period, Bankss, NBFCs and companies contributed 0.7 % , 1.6 % and 3.2 % of the hereafter volumes severally. Persons and other investors contributed 94 % of the entire volumes in exchange traded equity derived functions.

Derived functions users in Pakistan

In Pakistan, many Bankss, DFIs, common financess, non-banking fiscal establishments trade in the derived functions market. However, the usage varies with the nature of the administration. Common financess manage financess of the general populace and they work under the supervising of their several legal guardians. Common financess, largely trade in equity derived functions to harvest arbitrage chances ; they foremost take a long place in the topographic point market and so sell in the derived functions market to lock in confirmed net incomes. Common financess can non take places in future trade to make purchase. Islamic common financess are non allowed to purchase or sell in the bing equity derived functions market. However, the Karachi Stock Exchange is working on the launch of Islamic derived functions.

Equally far as banks/DFIs are concerned, harmonizing to Prudential Regulations for corporate/commercial banking ( 1.B ) : “ Banks/DFIs may take exposure in future contracts to the extent of 10 % of their equity on an aggregative footing. In this connexion, the 10 % exposure bound for future contracts will include both, places taken in future purchasing and merchandising. ” Despite this regulative support, banks/DFIs engagement is really low.

In footings of the growing of the derived functions market, and the assortment of derivative users, the Pakistan equity derived functions market has shown subdued public presentation as compared to India. In local Bourses, retail investors remain the major users followed by private sector establishments and big corporations. State-owned establishments have participated minimally. The assortment of derivative instruments available for trading is spread outing easy.

There remain major countries of concern for Pakistan exchange traded equity derived functions. Large spreads exist in the scope of derivative merchandises that are traded actively. In equity derived functions, merely individual stock deliverable hereafters are traded and history for about 100 % of the entire volume in exchange traded derived functions. Trading in Cash Settled Futures and Stock Index Futures is virtually absent. A deficiency of market liquidness may be responsible for unequal trading in these instruments.

Why do establishments non take part to a greater extent in the derived functions markets?

In Pakistan, some establishments such as Bankss and common financess are merely allowed to utilize derived functions to fudge their bing places in the topographic point market, or to rebalance their bing portfolios. Furthermore, in instance of most establishments, internal policies prohibit them from trading in equity derived functions.

The chief ground is the deficiency of cognition and expertness followed by tight hazard direction steps mandated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Besides, hard currency border demands and Unique Identification Number ( UIN ) -based border aggregation are besides cardinal concerns for establishments. Previously, the put to deathing agent used to lodge borders with the exchange on behalf of his clients.

The agent used to move as a roll uping agent between the exchange and his client. But in some instances, the agent, to ease his of import clients, used to run into regulative border demands without roll uping it from the end-user, therefore originating unneeded hazard in the market.

Since the increased regulative watchfulness and debut of UIN based borders along with the launch of Institutional Delivery System ( IDS ) , borders are mostly collected straight from the terminal user. Therefore, now, even where institutional internal policies allow them to merchandise in exchange traded derived functions, establishments have reserves in lodging borders with the exchange.

Policy enterprises

Pakistan equity derived functions markets require enterprises by the regulator and the exchange to make investor consciousness about bing merchandises and about how they can utilize these merchandises to fudge their bing portfolios and to harvest benefits from bing market inefficiencies. The exchange should establish new programmes to inform and educate agents, traders, bargainers, and market forces. In add-on, establishments will necessitate to give more resources to develop the concern procedures and engineering necessary for derived functions merchandising. Furthermore, fund directors should be motivated to take part more actively to take advantage of bing market inefficiencies. The forepart and back office wage and assessment should straight be linked to the public presentation and creativeness of trading officers. Lack of proper return wages and appraisal systems ever cut down creativeness. Institutions should seek to construct competent staff at all degrees.

Furthermore, market development reforms will assist these markets grow faster. For illustration, the development of the portions loaning and borrowing market and presence of market-makers will assist increase the liquidness in topographic point and future markets.

Furthermore, province owned establishments like Employee Old Age Benefit Fund and National Investment Trust should be encouraged to take part in the derived functions market. This will assist increase liquidness.

A managerial construction should be designed in each administration, which clearly defines functions, duties, and answerability of top direction, front desk and back desk. Each section should be given adequate authorization. Back office staff should be trained and experienced plenty to ease front desk operations. Besides, local investor instruction must besides be focused upon. For this intent, media coverage, seminars and publications should be made on basic constructs of equity and derivative merchandises ethical criterions of transacting in markets on the rights of investors and agents.

The SECP, in association with the Karachi Stock Exchange board and members, should plan some compulsory survey guidelines for bargainers, fund directors, colony officers and other related parties. This will ease blending of professionalism into the capital market and will finally increase market deepness.

However, some attempts have already made in this respect. The SECP, exchanges of Pakistan and other celebrated establishments like the CFA Association of Pakistan and Mutual Funds Association of Pakistan have established the Institute of Capital Markets in 2009. ICM has been established as a platform to develop human capital, which may be capable to run into the emerging professional cognition demands of capital markets and create criterions among market professionals. The institute envisions offering assorted licencing scrutinies taking to enfranchisements for different sections of the capital markets. However, up-till now, by big no enthusiasm is seen among the audience as the gait of registering is really slow.


The construct, the impact


JanAA 13 – 19, 2003

Pakistan ‘s first hereafters trade good market, National Commodity Exchange Limited, was incorporated on April 20, last twelvemonth. However, even before its probationary beginning of concern in March this twelvemonth, it is in the procedure of altering its name to Pakistan Commodity Exchange Limited to give it an international projection.

The exchange is the lone company to supply a centralised and regulated topographic point for trade good hereafters to be traded in Pakistan. It aims to develop into a premier Commodity Exchange non merely of Pakistan but besides in the part to offer to the full machine-controlled trading, colony and hazard direction systems comparable with international criterions. The exchange will cover in the trading of trade goods such as gold, wheat, rice, sugar, cotton narration, etc. Gold will be first trade good to be traded and trading of other trade goods will follow in stages.

The constitution of the exchange is the continuance of economic policies of the authorities to excite investing in the state, regulate trading in trade goods and document the national economic system.

The Karachi Stock Exchange is the largest stockholder of the exchange and holds 40 per cent of its stocks. Lahore and Islamabad stock exchanges, the staying two Bourses of the state, hold 10 per cent portions each and there are besides other stockholders. The exchange has a little initial paid up capital of Rs 50 million and has successfully raised an extra Rs 260 million by giving licenses to 260 agents at a fixed sum of Rs 1 million each. This hard currency equity of Rs 310 million is used to develop the substructure necessary to suit the to the full machine-controlled trading.


The exchange aims to set up, behavior, modulate and command trade or concern of hereafters trade good contracts within or outside Pakistan and to execute all allied and incidental maps to ease, apparatus and carry on the concern of chosen trade goods. It will besides modulate the managing exportation from and importing of trade goods into the state

It besides aims to keep high criterions of commercial honor and unity, to advance and instill honorable patterns and merely and just rules of trade and concern, to deter and stamp down malpractices, to settle and make up one’s mind points of pattern, differences, inquiries of use, usage and courtesy in the behavior of trade and concern.

One of the of import aim of the exchange which would hold a positive impact on exports is that it will pass on with the Chamberss of commercialism and other mercantile and public organic structures in and outside the state for the protection of the trade good trade.


The Chairman and Managing Director of the Karachi Stock Exchange, Salim Chamdia and Moin Fudda severally, are besides the president and pull offing manager of the first trade good exchange of the state. Mr. Fudda informed PAGE that administrative set-up and proficient facets of the exchange have already been finalized. The administrative including incorporation related formalities and rank of the first board of the exchange have already been completed. The list of individual trade good and cosmopolitan contracts, the first of which will be gold, has besides been decided and the system for trading are being developed.

The trade good exchange though a new construct in Pakistan will supply an chance for the investors aa‚¬ ” both local and foreign no affair wherever they are located in the universe, in the hereafters trading of the trade goods. The constitution of a centralised and regulated market topographic point will pull investing in the hereafters trading to offer new locales for investing in trade goods. “ For case ” , Mr. Fudda said, “ the planetary gold monetary values have been on a rise during the last one twelvemonth but the absence of the trade good exchange denied the people to put as people has to travel to Dubai to purchase the trade good. If gold was traded here it would hold helped the investors every bit good as the state to keep gold stocks through future trading. The constitution of exchange can assist Pakistan go a regional centre for gold as even India does non hold a trade good exchange. The fact that Pakistan will be the first state to offer hereafters merchandising in multiple trade goods on the national and the international degree is decidedly a welcomed development so. ”

Talking to PAGE, the president of the trade good exchange Salim Chamdia said the individual biggest benefit of hereafters merchandising in trade good is that it would offer fudging in the trade good market, the chief donee of which will be the agribusiness sector. This is an of import development so as Pakistan still much remains an agricultural economic system and the exchange will supply selling locales of agribusiness green goods or derived functions in progress. Agriculturists will profit and so will the mediators.

The constitution of the regulated organisation in the formal sector for the first clip in the state where trading of agricultural trade goods and gold has ever been done in an informal and unregulated mode will alter the manner of making concern for the benefit of the national economic system, agriculturists and mediators and besides the authorities, Mr. Chamdia said. The hedge and the market-driven guesss will besides convey the much needed monetary value competition and transparence to assist project Pakistan as the regional trade good exchange centre to pull huge investing into the state, he added. “ Futures trading in trade goods enjoy an border over investing in the stock market as it is non inactive but comprise trade goods which though non held physically are nevertheless existent. ”

Does the purchasing and merchandising of trade goods with contracts saying the measure, unit monetary value, description, quality and future bringing on a fixed clip average protection of agriculturists and mediators? Mr. Chamdia said that though hereafters merchandising in trade goods offers no redress for monetary value fluctuation, even wild monetary value fluctuations, it does offer an chance for fudging non available antecedently. “ Commodity trading through hereafters allow the purchasers and Sellerss a hedge against monetary value alterations that may adversely impact their concern to do an informed determination to break the net incomes or cut the losingss. Therefore the agriculturists and the mediators would be able to sell the trade goods at any clip as and when the monetary values suit them. In add-on, the built-in ‘price find ‘ mechanism in the presence of a regulated hereafters market and presence of speculators besides offers benefits to the agriculturists. Other elements like moneymans will besides assist the economic system. ”

The absence of a regulated trade good exchange centre in the formal and organized sector has rendered the whole procedure non-transparent which offers no protection to the big population of agriculturists and manufacturers of agricultural trade goods. It has besides resulted in beds upon beds of doubtful traffics without any consideration of measure, description, quality and monetary value. The morning of hereafters merchandising through the trade good exchange, accessible from anyplace within or outside the state with merely a mouse chink off, would profit the big farming community therefore been deprived of just monetary values of their green goods.


As mentioned above gold will the first trade good to be traded on the trade good exchange. Mr. Chamdia stressed that cut downing the import responsibility on gold by half would assist give a encouragement to hereafters merchandising in the trade good by wholly pass overing out smuggling. “ At nowadays, gold import in the state is subjected to import responsibility of 1 per cent. We urge the authorities to cut down the responsibility by half per cent to 0.5 per cent and besides to let its export at a similar rate of responsibility for the bipartisan flow of gold in the state. Cuting the responsibility will assist pass over out the smuggling of gold wholly and will besides assist the authorities to increase its gross. The step would assist Pakistan develop into a parallel market for gold compared to Dubai which presently enjoys the position of international gold market in the part.

“ The hereafters trading of gold in the close hereafter will non merely pull the investing in the most valued cherished metal in the universe but will besides promote its trading at the exchange to build-up significant gold militias for the state. It would assist fuel the national economic system as over 130 dozenss of gold is being imported into the state every twelvemonth. It would besides assist get rid of its smuggling, capable to decrease in responsibility to altogether rub out any inducement to the runners, wholly to allow Pakistan emerge as a parallel gold market in the part. The advantages are huge. ”

Cotton narration will be 2nd trade good that will be traded on the exchange. The determination is based on the fact that Pakistan is the top exporter of cotton narration in the universe and its trading on the exchange will give it a greater exposure in the international markets for the benefit of the Pakistani economic system. The hereafters trading of cotton narration will give a great encouragement to an agricultural economic system which relies to a great extent on cotton and where agribusiness provides employment to the largest figure of people.

“ The cotton narration is traded in other parts of the universe without profiting the national economic system and its trading on the up-coming trade good exchange would assist the economic system by conveying investing into the state. It will besides assist the agriculturists, mediators and manufacturers and the industry to profit from the trading. We are anticipating a good response from the investors, peculiarly foreign investors specially every bit far as cotton narration trading is concern. ”


Futures trading in the trade goods will profit the Pakistani industries in two distinguishable ways. Number one, the handiness of fudging market and the fundss would assist the fabric manufacturers to purchase the narration at their ain convenience harmonizing to their ain hard currency liquidness. Second, the monetary value find mechanism will besides ensue in efficient monetary values to maintain the production costs in cheque to better compete in the international markets. “ Since fabrics is the anchor of Pakistani economic system and since cotton harvest is the individual biggest earner the hereafters trading will besides ensue in increased exports. ”

The unfastened market monetary value of single trade goods fluctuates from clip to clip and at times from twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours, twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours and sometimes even minute to minute. The contracts can be bought or sold prior to the bringing day of the month therefore assisting a agriculturist or an intermediary to off-load a trade good prior to the bringing day of the month. Thus the original and marketer, the equivocators, or the mean investor, the speculator, can gain through the monetary value motions.

Developing a hereafters market will besides assist its opposite numbers in the informal and the unorganised sector to be competitory and transparent for the benefit of the agribusiness in the state where agriculturists endlessly complains about non acquiring the just monetary values for their labor. “ Sugar is one of the trade good which will finally be traded at the exchange. However, there may come a clip that even the sugar cane would be traded to enable the agriculturists to take advantage of the ‘price find ‘ mechanism to guarantee monetary values that are just. ”

Asked what sort of investing would the exchange will convey into the state, Mr. Chamdia said that hereafters merchandising in trade good will assist retain between 8 to 10 billion dollars yearly once the exchange would be to the full operational. In add-on, the purchasing and merchandising of hereafters contracts based on monetary value guesss take topographic point many times during its life-time. Trading in hereafters, therefore, consequences in a much bigger economic activity so the original contract itself and in the developed trade good markets, the hereafters trading runs in one million millions of dollars daily.


Karachi Stock Exchange, the biggest stockholder, will supply the proficient anchor for the state ‘s first trade good exchange. Trading will besides be accommodated through the other stocks exchanges of the state aa‚¬ ” Lahore and Islamabad aa‚¬ ” and the cosmopolitan on-line trading will besides be accommodated online from any portion of the universe.

There are two classs of rank, one for trading of a specific trade good and the other for merchandising off trade goods if and when introduced at the exchange. The computerized trading system will supply market participants with on-line market and monetary value find system guaranting the best command and offer for all market participants. The exchange programs to supply a figure of services to the agents including trading terminuss at distant topographic points, on-line market information system, uncluttering and colony and comprehensive hazard direction system.

Though the hazards associated with the trading of trade goods ; due chiefly to heavy dependance on conditions, planetary production and demand during a peculiar season, can ne’er be eliminated wholly, they can surely be minimized. The exchange will present an efficient glade fund direction system, supervise the exposure carried by agents and follow comprehensive hazard direction systems and patterns in the trade good markets in the developed universe. Taking educated hazards would be possible due to the monetary value competition and transparence one time the exchange starts runing to the full.


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