Main Sources Of Finance For Smes Economics Essay

2.0 Introduction

The cardinal portion played by SMEs in the economic system of developing states is incontestable in their important function to advance growing, invention and wealth. They are encouraged by authoritiess every bit good as international bureaus. Yet, their success is non ever as expected. The major job which hinders their development lies in their limitation to entree the needed capital. While some SME developers may ne’er entree finance through local Bankss others find it hard to run into their loaning conditions, particularly in the aftermath of the recent fiscal crisis. Banks, on the other manus, are hesitating to prosecute in loaning because of the deficiency of loaner information and regulative support. Such hindrances merely result in an improper operation of the SME loaning market and choking coil invention, economic growing and macroeconomic resiliency.

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These yearss, it is seen that the word SMEs has become the cant around the universe. There exists no individual definition of SMEs either locally or internationally. SMEs can be defined as an independent non-subsidiary house.

Harmonizing to Eyiah et Al in 2003, several organisations and states set their ain parametric quantities to specify SMEs, such as work force, invested capital, assets value, gross revenues volume, end product capacity and managerial features

SMEs in European Union ( 2003 ) have been defined mostly in footings of the figure of employees as holding more than 9 employees but less than 250 employees and an one-year turnover non transcending 50 million Euros. Further differentiation is made between little and micro endeavors. The former is said to hold fewer than 50 staff members and up to 10 million Euros turnover while micro endeavors is said to hold up to 10 individuals and 2 million Euros turnover. The World Bank ( 2006 ) on the other manus considers medium endeavors to hold a upper limit of 300 employees, $ 15 million in one-year gross[ 1 ]and micro endeavors have up to 10 individuals and one-year gross non transcending $ 100,000 while IADB describes SMEs as holding a upper limit of 100 employees and less than $ 3 million in gross.

In Mauritius and for the intent of this survey, SME is defined as per the SMEDA Act which the authorities has adopted late as a new piece of statute law as follows:

“ A little endeavor[ 2 ]is defined as an endeavor which has an one-year turnover of non more than 10 million rupees while a medium endeavor is defined as an endeavor which has an one-year turnover of more than 10 million rupees but non more than 50 million rupees ” .

Harmonizing to this Act, the definition of what constitute a SME is by and large based on the turnover standards instead than the figure of employees. It covers the impression of all endeavors irrespective of their sectors i.e. no differentiation is made between services and fabricating sectors. On the other manus, for the interest of simpleness and to avoid ambiguity, the Central Statistical Office ( CSO ) makes a basic differentiation between little and big constitutions irrespective of the industrial activity or size of fixed capital. Harmonizing to the CSO, houses using up to 9 workers are classified as little constitutions while big constitutions employ 10 or more workers. The advantages proffered by this definition are the handiness of official figures due to the transporting out of regular nose counts every bit good as the non-restrictiveness to specific industrial sectors. Both definitions have clearly been indicated when used in this survey.


In the literature, there are many back uping statements on the important part of SMEs sector to their economic systems in footings of balanced and sustainable growing. This sector is seen to be an drift to the promotion of some of the universe ‘s economic systems like United States, Japan, China, states in Europe every bit good as developing states as they constitute the bulk of endeavors. It helps to make employment, enhance invention, bring forthing export chances, development of entrepreneurial accomplishments, among others ( Hall 1995 ) .

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development ( OECD ) reports that the SMEs account about to 95 % of endeavors in the OECD country. These SMEs have a big part in bring forthing employment in the private sector with 60 per centum. This sector is seen to be a genteelness land in back uping big endeavors, for the economic development and societal coherence.

Furthermore, the SMEs besides make a critical part in low-income economic systems in footings of employment and lending to its gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) . This sector includes concerns runing in different sectors such as the fabrication sector, the services sector and the sweeping and retail trade sector where smaller houses are largely found.

Research workers and practicians agree that in most economic systems, the SMEs:

Are the key to heighten competition and entrepreneurship

More productive than big houses

Generate employment more than big houses when it expands.

Accepting its economic significance, the authorities around the universe has taken the duties to supply and to heighten the fiscal aid to that sector. One the most common scheme adopted by them is the partial recognition warrant strategy. This strategy is a mechanism which aims to take down the hazard to the fund supplier by replacing portion of the counterparty hazard faced by the issuer which acts as a surety in instance of non- refund. ( Beck et al. , 2010 ) .

Multilateral organisations such as the World Bank are giving a assisting manus to the authorities to better aid that sector in planing schemes for the relief of funding restraints faced by this sector. Harmonizing to the World Bank ( 2002 ) , one million millions of dollars are being allocated to back up SME plans worldwide ; more than $ 10b over the 1998-2002 period and $ 1.3b in 2003 alone has been allocated ( World Bank, 2002, 2004 ) .

In visible radiation of the predating part of that sector, henceforth it would look that a healthy SME sector would be extremely desirable particularly for developing economic systems.


In a universe of fiscal minutess, enterprisers need financess to run their concern. Access to finance has been identified as the key for the development of SMEs to assist them to put up, expand and to keep their operations, by developing new merchandises and puting in new staff or to ease production. Such financess may be acquired via debt or equity funding.

SME finance has been defined as “ the support of little and average sized endeavors, and represents a major map of the general concern finance market – in which capital for different types of houses are supplied, acquired, costed or priced. Capital is supplied through the concern finance market in the signifier of bank loans and overdrafts ; renting and hire-purchase agreements ; equity/corporate bond issues ; venture capital or private equity ; and asset-based finance such as factorization and bill discounting ”[ 3 ].

In brief, handiness of funding by houses includes issues such as the handiness of fiscal services in different signifiers to which these services are available to all. It is seen that if SMEs are given proper funding, they can go big concerns and can better economic conditions in many economic systems. Previous surveies highlighted entree to finance as one of the impulsive factors of enabling an economic system to thrive. Harmonizing to the World Bank and International Finance Cooperation,[ 4 ]they use the ability to acquire finance as an of import standard to rank economic systems. Greater entree to finance has helped many endeavors to excite and back up entrepreneurial activities. Microsoft, Vodafone, HP, Internet Engine Search Google are good illustrations concerns which started as little endeavors from immature enterprisers ‘ thoughts.

In the theoretical context, the funding construction of houses ( including the SMEs ) may be explained by the Inactive tradeoff theory by Modigliani and Miller ( 1958, 1963 ) , the bureau theory by Jensen and Meckling ( 1976 ) and the pecking order theory by Myers ( 1984 ) . In these three theories, it shows that any house at certain point in clip, they will hold debt finance in their funding construction.

Several surveies in the yesteryear have shown that the chief beginning of debt finance for the new SMEs is the bank. Harmonizing to Coleman and Cohn ( 2000 ) , Bankss are seen to offer a broad assortment of services to their clients either in their ain rights or through entirely or partly owned subordinates. The services they offer cover every facet such as term loans, overdraft installations, trade measure discounting, factorization, leasing, export and import finance and even authorities loan warrant strategies.


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