Magnetic Drum Separator Manufactured as Low Field Intensity

Machines are available with vibrating material inlet Hopper and totally enclosed design to avoid dusting and pollution. Magnetic drum separator are primarily designed and manufactured as low field intensity separators. They have an open magnetic system with the magnetic poles located in one plain. Low field intensity separators are employed for separating iron particles from bulk material whenever foreign iron disturbs the subsequent process sequences. Automatically remove large and small pieces of iron contaminants from material processing lines. Crisscross or agitator-type magnetic fields. Available with Super strength rare earth elements. Self-cleaning design. Provided with or without housing. Standard models in diameters from 12 to 36-inches and widths up from 12 to 60-inches (305 to 1524mm). Magnetic Separators are available for highest purity. The material passes through the magnet twice in Drum type Machine. These are widely used for separation of iron contamination from Minerals, Chemicals, Refractory and many other products.High power permanent Magnetic plate is provided at material outlet. Modern an Permanent Magnets are used having highest coercivity and everlasting magnetic strength. The separator was designed for very fine-grained components ( 10µm). It enriches the rinsing concentrate of the high gradient magnetic filter to a highly enriched sludge. At smaller throughput rates, it also efficiently cleans contaminated degreasing liquids and other fluids. Its powerful neodymium magnet system ensures reliable separation for these grain sizes as well.Separator is a powerful example of years of experience in magnetic technology, design and manufacturing excellence. Wet drum separators are used in magnetic media recovery, purification of solids carried in liquid suspension, and iron ore concentration. Stearns has developed a specific line of wet drum separators for handling slurries developed in heavy media plants. This high performance…

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