Macro Societal Phenomenon Affecting Many People Simultaneously Marketing Essay



“ Manner is a really complex procedure which operates on many degrees. At one extreme, it is a macro, social phenomenon impacting many people at the same time. At the other, it exerts a really personal consequence on single behavior ”

( Solomon, M. et al. , 1999: 448 )

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The tendencies were clear on the Spring/Summer 2010 runways this season: whether worn as outerwear or seeable through sheer cloths, underclothes will be on show. WGSN had forecasted both the sheer cloth and the resurgence of the “ underwear as outerwear ” tendency. The nexus between manner and intimate apparel has ne’er been stronger.

“ The Global market reappraisal of intimate apparel and confidant dress – prognosiss to 2014 ‘ , from Just-Style Online ( 2009 ) estimates that the value of the planetary intimate apparel market rose by merely 2.6 % to US $ 29.92bn between 2004 and 2007.

The grounds for this low growing include ageing populations in the developed universe, ferocious retail competition driving monetary values down, and the continued motion of production to lower cost states. The study states that by the terminal of 2007, dressing monetary values ( including those for intimate apparel ) were 4 % lower than they were in 1995 ( Just-Style Online, 2009 ) .

However, harmonizing to Mintel ‘s one-year study on the UK intimate apparel market ( 2009 ) , adult females have late been encouraged to purchase more lingerie garments, owing to their strong manner entreaty and the fact that underwear ( such as underbodices and waistcoats ) is frequently worn as outer wear.

In fact, as of the 7th September 2009, Drapers reported that harmonizing to figures from TNS Worldpanel Fashion, Lingerie gross revenues were withstanding the downswing. Whilst consumers look to fasten their belts following the recent media turbulence about the current recession, it seems the gross revenues of underwired bandeaus increased by 10 % in the 24 hebdomads to June 21, and the value of the push-up bandeau market has now reached the ?80m grade.

Some 52 % of consumers have cut back on dinner day of the months to salvage money but people are progressively passing their money on vesture to have on in the privateness of their ain place. Eve Oxberry ( 2009 ) studies that the latter is rather challenging and outlines one of the alterations in consumer behaviour the economic downswing is conveying approximately.

An illustration of this tendency can be illustrated by UK lingerie house Rigby & A ; Peller who, harmonizing to Mintel ‘s April 2009 UK Underwear study, is reportedly withstanding recession with a 14 % addition in gross revenues to ?10 million in the fiscal twelvemonth to the terminal of January 2009. “ The intimate apparel retail merchant, which has six shops in London, said people are traveling out less so adult females want to look good at place. Gross saless of gift verifiers have been dining as work forces treat their spouses but are nervous about purchasing the incorrect size. ” ( Mintel Reports 2009 )

As the impression of chance cost ( Appendix B ) is going more prevailing, marketers-more than ever- have to dig into the psychological science of the consumer to understand their motives for doing one pick over another.

Why would a adult female instead pass her disposable income on an point of lingerie alternatively of passing it on a societal dark out? What triggers her urge to purchase? What selling schemes is she most receptive to? Where does the demand halt and how does the privation Begin?

The undermentioned thesis explores the current workings of the UK intimate apparel market in respects to two intertwined variables: Consumer Behaviour and Marketing schemes.

The purpose of the thesis is to look into the ways in which the selling environment of the intimate apparel industry, faced with the current economic downswing, shapes itself to accommodate both to the trading clime and the consumer ‘s behavior.

In order to make so, the first aim will be to detail the UK intimate apparel industry ‘s current selling environment. This will be achieved foremost through foregrounding cardinal macro economical alterations that have had a direct impact on the industry and secondly by presenting some cardinal participants in the current intimate apparel market, and researching why they are successful. The 2nd chapter of the thesis will enable us to find the influence the macro economic environment has affected the intimate apparel ‘s consumer disbursement form.

As identified by Mintel studies ( 2009 ) the cardinal issue and challenge in the current market comes from the fact that the “ volume ” growing has outstripped the “ value ” growing. Price has become a cardinal competitory stance ; hence explicating the success of value retail merchants and supermarkets, such as Primark and Tesco, and the rise in popularity of multi-packs ( Just Style Online, 2009 ) . However, specializers with distinction such as La Senza and Figleaves have besides grown strongly. Sven Hollensen ( 2004 ) has pinpointed the start of this phenomenon in the European intimate apparel market and attributed it to the addition of vertically integrated ( Appendix B ) trade names such as Zara, H & A ; M to call but a few. Such polarization could go more pronounced traveling frontward, as consumers opt to either purchase more cheaply or purchase fewer but better quality points ( Just-Style, 2009 ) .

In order to measure whether the latter could be the possible way for the UK intimate apparel industry, the 2nd aim of the thesis will be to specify who the lingerie consumer is, and what she is influenced by through the combination of primary and secondary research. The 3rd chapter of the thesis will assist find the extent at which she responds to the merchandise and service distinction schemes used by the several taking trade names by benchmarking primary research findings with secondary beginnings such as Michael R. Solomon ‘s theories on Consumer Behaviour in Fashion Michael E. Porter ‘s schemes for geting Competitive Advantage.

The 3rd aim is to nail the strong synergism of the consumer with the industry. As Linda Grand from Telegraph online ( 2008 ) provinces: “ Lingerie, like lip rouge and cocoa, comes into the class of self-indulgence. Wearing epicurean, sexy underwear tells the wearer that she is worth it. ”

Hence, the 4th chapter of this thesis will analyse adult females ‘s emotional relationship with intimate apparel and how it is used to trip their urge to purchase. As mentioned in Just-Style ‘s online dress and fabric market study ( 2009 ) “ the agencies by which adult females can hike their self-esteem by sing their organic structure form in a positive visible radiation has been reflected in increasing lingerie gross revenues ” . We so will analyze how Emotional Selling ( Kotler, P.2005 ) is used as a selling scheme by trade names in the intimate apparel industry.

Finally, the last aim will be to foretell the viability of intimate apparel ‘s in-between market and expect the hereafter tendencies and chances in footings of selling schemes for the UK lingerie trade names within the planetary market environment. Therefore in Chapter 5, chances within merchandise development, retailing, and selling schemes of intimate apparel will be examined in order to find how trade names in the in-between market can introduce and happen points of distinction in the hard trading environment.

1.2 AIM

The purpose of the thesis is to look into on the ways in which the selling environment of the intimate apparel industry, faced with the current economic downswing, shapes itself to accommodate both to the trading clime and the consumer ‘s behavior.

1.3 Aim

To research the intimate apparel industry ‘s current selling environment in the UK.

To specify who the lingerie consumer is, and what she is influenced by from primary and secondary research.

To nail the strong emotional synergism ( Appendix B ) of the consumer with the industry and in bend discuss the most effectual current runs.

To foretell the viability of intimate apparel ‘s in-between market and expect the hereafter tendencies and chances in footings of selling schemes for the UK lingerie trade names within the planetary market environment.


The methodological analysis describes the primary and secondary research methods used for the survey concentrating on the use of a literature reappraisal, interviews of relevant intimate apparel industry representatives every bit good as a instance survey of a in-between market intimate apparel trade name.


In order to get the better of possible prejudice a triangulated attack will be undertaken. Denzin ( 1970 ) introduced the thought of triangulation into the treatment of qualitative research as:

“ The combinations of methodological analysiss in the survey of the same phenomenon. ”

( Denzin, 1978: 291 )

The survey will concentrate on the Methodological triangulation ( Denzin, 2006 ) which involves utilizing more than one method to garner informations, such as interviews, observations, questionnaires, and paperss.

The triangulated method undertaken in this survey in illustrated in Fig 1.1.

Fig 1. Triangulated Research Method. ( Gill. J, Johnson, P. 1997. )


Focus Group

Literature Review

Case Study




Secondary informations come from information beginnings that already exist, such as statistical abstracts, province studies, web sites, historical surveies, and other published literature. In order to derive a strong theoretical background and relevant qualitative informations on the intimate apparel industry, up to day of the month market research studies and adept analysis from taking publishing houses of planetary dress industry information such as Just-Style, WGSN, Lingerie Buyer and Mintel Reports. In an effort to garner primary informations from the editor of Lingerie Buyer I was directed towards retail analyst web site Verdict which will therefore, besides be used. Secondary beginnings should be evaluated merely as primary informations are examined.


Kotler ( 2005:918 ) defines primary research as “ information collected for the specific intent at manus ” . As small has been written on the subject, the aggregation of primary informations will guarantee an up to day of the month penetration on the current workings of the industry and therefore enable more accurate guess as to the hereafter selling positions for the UK intimate apparel market. The undermentioned methods will supply portion of the qualitative information that will be benchmarked against the secondary research quantitative informations in order to measure possible correlativities. Case Study

Acording to A.D Jancowitz ( 1995 ) a instance survey is a elaborate history giving information about a set of issues in a individual organisation. It enables the research worker to place the factors involved in the development of the organisation or a individual section within it. The instance survey of one in-between market retail merchant of the intimate apparel industry will supply elaborate penetration on the progressive displacement in consumer behaviors towards the intimate apparel ‘s in-between market before and during recessive times. Restrictions and Data Analysis

Case surveies frequently involve merely a individual person or merely a few and hence may non be representative of the general group or market. Interviews

An interview is a signifier of qualitative informations aggregation. It takes the signifier of inquiries and replies in which the interviewer encourages the respondent to “ offer information from his or her personal cache of experiential cognition ” ( Gubrium & A ; Holstein, 2002:3 ) . This survey will utilize the “ unfastened inquiry ” type of interview. RETAIL Analyst Restrictions and Data Analysis

Open inquiries used in an unstructured interview or questionnaire attack can do confusion either because of a possible deficiency of understanding between the interviewer and the respondent ( Denzin, 2006 ) . Bing able to turn to and obtain responses from relevant industry specializers may besides turn out disputing. The manner industry is a really fast paced environment and insiders are selective as to whom they divulge information to.

1.5.3 Ethical Consideration

Before any signifier of primary informations aggregation for the undertaking both parties will hold upon rules which aim at protecting the self-respect and privateness of every person who, in the class of the Research Work carried out, will be requested to supply personal or commercially valuable information about him/her or others hereafter referred to as a topic of research ( Denzin, 2006 ) .

These rules will be recorded on the consent signifier ( Appendix A ) and signed by both parties.

1.6 Chapter OUTLINE

Chapter One introduces the context from which the thesis subject will be considered. The purposes, nonsubjective and methodological analysis for informations aggregation will besides be defined in this chapter.

Chapter Two will look into in the UK intimate apparel market ‘s response to the current economic clime. Particular attending to the polarization of the market will be paid and selling schemes that could counter consequence this phenomenon will be studied.

Chapter Three will present the lingerie consumer, her current concerns and the programmes and merchandises that respond to her demands.

Chapter Four will dig into the countries of possible development and invention through a unit of ammunition up of the Salon International de la lingerie and Moda UK ‘s Lingerie and Swimwear salon.

Chapter Five will incorporate the treatments and decisions of the thesis.

Chapter Two:

The UK intimate apparel Market

The UK intimate apparel market is a dynamic sector and intensely competitory sphere between trade names and own-brands. The consumer has more pick than of all time earlier. This implies that the traditional trade names are presently under major force per unit area and some are fighting to distinguish themselves and add existent value to their propositions.

This intense competition environment has brought about deflation and the value growing has been lower in the last twosome of old ages ( Mintel, 2007 ) . The current tendency in intimate apparel ( as in manner in fact ) shows that adult females are purchasing more points but at lower monetary values: Primark being one of the cardinal influences to this client disbursement form. However, there are now indicants of consumers returning to higher quality intimate apparel.

Harmonizing to Mintel ‘s 2008 Report on the Lingerie market, there are cardinal figures back uping this position. For case:

Target Group Index ( TGI ) information has shown that a greater per centum of adult females were passing up to ?20-49 in the last twelvemonth, an addition from old old ages where the bulk spent less than ?20. This tendency could be accounted for by adult females being encouraged to purchase more at lower monetary value points or an indicant of an emerging tendency for merchandising up.

It is expected the market will see greater merchandising up in the hereafter as more makers extend into higher monetary value aggregations ( e.g. Elle Macpherson with the new Boudoir scope ) to promote adult females to handle themselves with something particular.

In the glooming economic clime one would believe that upmarket intimate apparel would non be making so good but 57 % of the adult females surveyed cite as a purchase motive that “ Wearing nice intimate apparel has a positive Feel Good factor. ”

When sing past economic crisis in respects to ingestion of goods and services it has been proven that when the emotional entreaty of a merchandise in a market is strong ( kids ‘s wear is an illustration ) , the market weathers the storms.

However, it is clear that branded intimate apparel has to hold touchable ‘reasons to purchase this ‘ benefits because if the consumer merely wants something merriment and stylish they can travel to Primark or Top Shop. The traditional values of trade names ( quality and tantrum ) demand to be supplemented to a greater extent with design invention or a quicker response to tendencies.

2.2 Future Mentality

The demographic and economic state of affairs looks set to supply a mostly favorable environment for the intimate apparel market to turn, with social richness turning steadily, affording greater discretional spend to put in premium lines.

Harmonizing to Mintel ( 2010 ) the demographic of working adult females aged 20-34 are expected to turn in front of the overall population during the 2010 period, increasing the nucleus consumer base for the market.

There are besides attendant social alterations that are act uponing the intimate apparel market for 2010. The most obvious one is the roar of the pureplay retail merchant. In fact, selling online is progressively of import in such a competitory market. Retailers with transactional web sites all study strong growing via this channel which indicates that consumers are progressively confident about purchasing online, and this is a cardinal channel for lingerie trade names and retail merchants to make a wider audience.

Television programmes like Trinny & A ; Susannah and How To Look Good Naked have been really influential in foregrounding the importance of underclothes in looking good and dressing good. Womans are now more educated about intimate apparel and its benefits and in bend more are acquiring decently measured and fitted. While the per centum of adult females have oning the incorrect size bandeau has declined from 80 % to 70 % in the last few old ages, harmonizing to industry beginnings, there ‘s still a long manner to travel.

One issue in the market is besides that about two-thirds of adult females are purchasing merely for replacing, demoing that the intimate apparel industry still has much to make to change over them into desire-led buying.

To counter consequence the “ purchasing for replacing ” consequence trade names will hold to advance an aspirational life style and a existent value proposition.

Retailers and concern experts have reacted with cautiousness to the intelligence that the UK is officially out of recession. Indeed the growing is so anemic that strategists from the governing Labour party fright that the state could really contract once more. The economic system growing figures are of a meager 0.1 per cent for the concluding one-fourth of 2009 which means that for the first clip since early 2008, the UK is now technically recession-free. ( Financial Times Online, 2010 ) .

Fig 1.2 “ Back to growing – but merely merely ” . ( Beginning: Financial Times Online, 2010 )

David Hudson, London ‘s caput of formal insolvency at Baker Tilly Restructuring and Recovery LLP warns that “ while economic experts may be rubbing their custodies in hilarity at the rush in the wellness of UK PLC, the blunt fact is that many concerns will contend to last during 2010 and the bantam 0.1 per cent addition in Britain ‘s economic wellness will intend nil to them on a practical degree ” ( Lingerie Buyer, February 2010 )

This feeling is reflected through the intimate apparel industry as in Lingerie Buyer ‘s strawpoll of mugwumps many revealed that although they are optimistic that 2010 will turn out to be more successful, the intelligence that recession is over should be taken with watchfulness. The proprietor of Just Bras in Rochdale, Jacqui Lowe, speaks out on the fact that she believes the disbursement forms of her clients are still those of a recessive behavior: “ Customers are still purchasing rudimentss, instead than handling themselves to a lovely set. The clients who were antecedently purchasing five sets at a clip are now merely purchasing one or two. We have seen good concern online, nevertheless, so I ‘m trusting the shop will follow suit over the following few months. ” ( Lingerie Buyer, February 2010 )

Jaqui ‘s statement outlines two key variables that are actively altering the face of the UK intimate apparel market: What consumers buy and where they choose to do their purchase. The interaction between these two variables has outlined the fact that in the recession the UK lingerie consumer splits itself into two distinguishable classs. Her disposable income allows her either to merchandise up or merchandise down, therefore giving manner to a alteration of form in the intimate apparel market.

2.1 The market form: Polarization

The recession has decreased disposable income and hence consumers are altering their shopping wonts. The reverberations upon consumer disbursement and on the manner industry created by the fiscal crisis of October 2008, have had an inevitable consequence on the wellness of the planetary intimate apparel industry. Retail Analysts feel that 2009 is a polar twelvemonth for the intimate apparel market, worldwide. ( Verdict Underwear and lingerie 2009 ) Pamela Scott, the pull offing editor of Underlines magazine, believes that it has been the in-between mass-market that has been most affected.

In his instance survey for Femilet Svend Hollensen pinpoints that portion of this atomization has been ab initio caused by the entryway of new beginnings of competition to the traditional chief street ironss. These include supermarkets, mail order and online shopping who have contributed in doing the retail monetary values become sharply competitory. Indeed, the large corporate ironss are claiming a turning market portion with fewer but bigger, mercantile establishments.

In fact, harmonizing to the Department of Trade and Industry, the largest stores and ironss control about 75 % of the vesture market ; hence the turning engagement of the food market multiples is surely adding low monetary value capacity.

Furthermore, the addition of perpendicular integrating amongst makers and retail merchants means that a turning figure of manner retail merchants are selling their ain trade name of intimate apparel. Some of the chief fast spread outing international companies that are working vertically and suggesting lingerie scopes include Zara, Uniqlo, Mango, H & A ; M, C & A ; A, Esprit, American Apparel. ( Hollensen, 2004 ) . It is of import to observe that their perpendicular construction enables them to react to tendencies rapidly. This means that their manner potency is high and that they are able to bring forth the designs the consumer wants to see in shop with a speedy response rate. Hence giving them competitory advantage over non vertically structured trade names who do non profit from economic systems of graduated table or perpendicular integrating. These retail merchants are, harmonizing to Just Style’s2009 underwear study, the first in line when cashing in on the “ underwear as outerwear tendency ”

Cheaper imports are besides promoting a general monetary value bead particularly influenced by bandeaus and bloomerss coming from Eastern Europe and the Far East. This has helped discount houses such as Primark to function an even wider scope of bandeaus and bloomerss at low monetary values. Lower monetary values and wider scopes have both been influential in assisting to excite demand.

Brassieres and bloomerss have become a self dainty point for many adult females and are even a gift point at certain times of the twelvemonth. During the recession the branded houses have all worked hard at bettering their styling, conveying in new cloths, new building techniques ( particularly for bandeaus ) and plentifulness of stylish thoughts. Consumer research carried out by Mintel ( April 2009 ) high spots merely how an evolving involvement in manner is making legion chances for makers and retail merchants. Womans are more likely to hold a “ closet ” of underwear, purchasing different manners and types for different occasions. ( Hollensen, 2004 )

Companies accomplishing some success appear to include those aiming wellness activities, such as watering place, gyms and wellness nines, with loungewear and exercising related intimate apparel. Although concerns such as Triumph have integrated forwards into their ain retail mercantile establishments, there are uncertainties about how successful this has been. For independent retail merchants, tantrum and stock control direction remain cardinal, both for enticing the elusive client in, and pull offing the financials whilst making it. ( Just Style 2009 )

The polarisation of the market hence brings about four chief challenges for retail merchants, these are illustrated in the undermentioned diagram.

Fig 1.1 The chief challenges in the current UK intimate apparel market

Beginning: Verdict Underwear and retailing 2009

2.2 Selling schemes to counter balance the polarization of the intimate apparel market

There are a figure of schemes that specializers can use to support their portion against vesture specializers and grocers. Mid to up-market specializers need to warrant their higher monetary value placement by runing harder on properties such as scope, service and shop environment. Price, excessively, needs to go a bigger focal point as retail merchants across the spectrum reevaluate their monetary value fight.

Service is one nucleus portion of the intimate apparel offer that can assist to put a specialist apart from general vesture retail merchants, for whom underwear is typically a high denseness add-on to their nucleus vesture scope instead than a nucleus focal point, intending limited preparation and normally no dedicated staff. High service degrees can be a nucleus defensive arm against value retail merchants in peculiar, whose low cost theoretical account further discourages investing in trained intimate apparel advisors. A merriment, stylish underwear offer can besides make a valid point of difference, bring forthing involvement and warranting higher monetary values, though it typically needs to be complemented by a volume-driving nucleus offer that is less mutable, such as basic white jersey bandeaus.

Bra adjustment

Frequent stock turnover can be used to promote extra gross revenues and more regular visits to the underwear retailer/department – though the costs are more prohibitory with underwear than other vesture types due to the extended scope of size options required and, hence, the high proportion of merchandises necessitating end-of-season markdowns. As with vesture retail merchants, in the recession the true victors will be those that can pull off their supply ironss efficaciously to manage the complex stock issues that derive from the huge figure of merchandise sizes, types and manners – peculiarly in bandeau. This typically necessitates a more mensural attack to fashionability with a smaller proportion of fashion-driven merchandise being used in an attention-getting mode to update the expression and feel of the section and promote repetition footstep.

Specialists with important online offers such as Ann Summers, La Senza and Figleaves can utilize their extended scopes to distinguish themselves from other underwear retail merchants – in peculiar non-specialists. This basically plays on the convenience component of the proposition with a broad scope of bandeaus suited for different occasions, frock forms, colorss and organic structure form demands without the demand to shop around. Yet even within such offers, it is of import to hold a really clear monetary value architecture with appealing entry degree monetary values on easy comparable basic merchandises with the added benefits of each higher monetary value degree clearly highlighted and easy for shoppers to understand. This is where strong stigmatization aid.

Focused consumer aiming besides allows retail merchants to warrant higher monetary values, for illustration size-based specializers such as Bravissimo and Little Women and grownup specializers such as Ann Summers and Agent Provocateur. There is a hazard with product-based schemes that mainstream retail merchants may put in the same niche merchandises, such as the increasing handiness of larger cup sizes, gnawing the competitory advantage of niche specializers and doing it progressively difficult for them to pull and retain clients.

The enlargement of value retail merchants, notably George, into larger cup sizes is a concern when analyzing the chances of specializers that cater for harder to happen sizes. The economic downswing is likely to promote some cash-pressed clients to actively look into cheaper intimate apparel options and some specializers may happen it difficult to keep client trueness given the progressively broad handiness of low-cost options. Product-based niche specializers may hold to re-examine their entry degree pricing to better vie with such menaces. For niche specializers that offer a strong experience-based retail proposition, such as the grownup intimate apparel retail merchants, there is less hazard of invasion on monetary value entirely. However, wider handiness of more alien underwear merchandises such as girdles and Basques, for illustration through section shops, erodes some of their point of difference.

Store design and ambiance is a cardinal component of distinction from value vesture retail merchants – peculiarly given the added investing some of the taking value participants such as Peacocks are seting into their storefits. Midmarket and premium participants need to go on updating their shops, despite economic force per unit areas to salvage money, to guarantee their shopping experience stands out as more gratifying than a inexpensive option. Other inside informations can farther heighten this investing, such as attractive packaging and shop aromas – inside informations that are frequently neglected by low monetary value retail merchants yet build added value into the experience.

Chapter Three:

Consumer Behaviour

Inside every advertisement executive is a faery godmother waiting to acquire out, ready to assist Cinderella travel to the ball. But, other yearss other ways ; in the yesteryear, the presenting Cinderella seemed rather incognizant that her apparels were losing. Now, on the contrary, brace belt have oning theoretical accounts look as if they scarcely take them off for the shower. Striptease schools learning wives how to discase temptingly and therefore reawaken their husbands’ardour are on the addition. The married womans can mail-order the appropriate intimate apparel from slick catalogues which arrive spontaneously with the station. Despite its vicissitudes, intimate apparel has risen once more and once more from its ashes, ne’er discontinuing to astonish. Haute couture now proposes “ underwear ” as “ outerwear ” . Dresss are made utilizing “ waspies ” , half cup bandeaus and waist determiners. Corsets and embroided half-slips have become the cardinal constituents of modern two pieces or voguish eventide frocks. Womans are more progressively seen in the executive board suites and as a effect makers have created a new societal class, wittily dubbed the “ dual agent ” , this is the concern executive or Sloane ranger type of adult female who in secret wears a black brace belt, like those favoured by call misss, under her Chanel suit. Be it to do herself experience like she possesses a secret individuality she withholds from everyone in the board room or to add a touch of unseeable muliebrity to her otherwise everyday work wear. Lingerie is non merely a affair of gustatory sensation. For adult females, it has everything to make with inherent aptitude and sensitiveness. As a purchase it is a comparatively cheap choice me up dainty. Recent glooming economic province and conditions have called for such purchases and statistics show the female consumer is antiphonal and petitions for more attending to be paid to what lies beneath. But the ways in which we reach out to her are, germinating.

A new and elusive technique is required in the affair of intimate apparel, one that runs counter to the advertiser ‘s usual attack. Magazines losing market portion wonder “ Does sex still sell? ” and so demo that it does by utilizing sex to increase their circulation. By contrast, the advertisement industry has realised that underwear and sex are non needfully a good tantrum. Sexual activity can be used to sell most things, peculiarly to work forces. But underwear belongs to an basically feminine universe in which the adult female has become a merchandise of her ain right.


Social networking s now valuable tools that can assist you link with your clients. No other coevals has lived and documented its life online every bit much as this 1. What started as a phenomenon among web understanding teens has become a powerful societal and cultural force that is non to be under estimated in its impact on today ‘s client behavior. Professional sellers and merchandise developers have been speedy to tap into the chances societal networking offers for market research and accessing utile consumer penetrations. Now more and more retail merchants are utilizing Facebook and chirrup and other sites to interact with their clients. societal media have empowered today ‘s consumer in many ways sentiments are being formed and expressed online and the velocity of the messages every bit good as the boundless range of the web means that their experiences are communicated to a much wider audience so of all time earlier. Social networking has changed how people communicate ” says Chris Middleton, societal media expert and proprietor of marketing bureau Eskimosoup. “ It ‘s the first clip we can speak straight to 1000s of people and have a voice, before it was merely reserved to traditional media publishing houses. In existent life, our webs are rather little, but non on societal media it ‘s boundless. That ‘s a really powerful thing. ”

This is mirrored by Olly Mann internet analyst and podcaster. “ Social networking is a nexus based economic system, the subscribers who became the most valued are those who portion the best links. So if as a consumer you consider your aunt Carla to be a amusing astute and important usher to tendencies and manners you are merely every bit likely to follow her recommendations as you are to look into out what Jennifer Aniston is have oning on the ruddy rug. That ‘s a large game-changer for consumers and retail merchants. [ aˆ¦ ] now everyone can be a critic, everyone can be a journalist. ” “ Social media selling is non about bring forthing gross revenues, it does n’t work like an ad, it ‘s about constructing a echt community with people who appreciate what you do. its non your merchandise that ‘s in the limelight, its you as a company, as a concern your Facebook page or chirrup tweets build a image of your administration and demo the personality behind the concern. the worst thing you can make is utilize it as an advertisement platform and to force a certain message. societal networking is non a one individual duologue and people will resent it if they feel this is being manipulated.

Tax return of the slayer cleavage:

In a series of advanced launches reminiscent of the late 90 ‘s conflict for push up domination between Gossard and Playtex a figure of trade names including Wonderbra Maidenform and Panache are traveling all out to do the most of the consumers desire to spend-and will endorse the merchandise with a host of selling activity.

The push up market is now deserving ?187.2m-growing by 45 per cent between 2008 and 2009 harmonizing to TNS in November 2009- and trade names runing in that sector are capitalizing on the 25-34 twelvemonth old adult female ‘s desire to increase her flop by at least a cut size.

Wonderbra is presenting its Full consequence 3D bandeau which claims to take wearers up by a cup size to its alone fan-shaping cushioning. “ Consumers do n’t desire to look “ ‘fake ‘ , but we appreciate that they want a bigger flop, particularly for particular occasions, ” says wonderbra senior trade name director Martina Alexander. Establishing in Spetember at a RRP of ?28, Full consequence will be supported by a PR launch run, on a dedicated web site, a digital run, in-store POS and impactful packaging.

US lingerie trade name MaidenForm, meanwhile, is conveying its Like Magic construct to the UK following a successful test in Victoria ‘s Secrets. Claiming to be the first moulded bandeau to take you up two cup sizes. UK commercial manager Jane Deneraez says that they ‘ve had such a good reaction from purchasers that they are traveling the launch early to June and will “ spearhead a major selling push. ” Maiden signifier is shiping on a series of marketing stunts for this twelvemonth. Avideo having a theoretical account have oning the trade name ‘s iconic Ag ness used in adverts 40 old ages ago will be available to retail merchants, while a viral run is in the devising.

Panache is besides offering a assortment of elating bandeaus within its Atlantis trade name. The all new aggregation includes pieces designed to stress the visual aspect of a bigger flop utilizing three degrees of uplift- Enhanced, Dramatic and Ulitimate. Image adviser Angela Marshall says the new merchandises are certain to be a success with adult females who are n’t 100per cent confident in their organic structures.

Image adviser Angela Marshall says the new host of cleavage enhancing merchandises are certain to be a success peculiarly with adult females who are n’t 100 per cent confident in their organic structures. “ Rather than concentrating on the good points, adult females by and large focus on the parts of their figures they dislike and breast size is one of those countries, ” explains Marshall who is the laminitis of Appearance Management. ” We all want something different, but for the adult female who wants to increase her cup size, experience sexier or better in her vesture without holding to travel to the lengths of surgery, so these heightening bandeaus are traveling to appeal. ”

“ There are 10 wardrobe personalities adult females fall into and these new, heightening bandeaus will peculiarly appeal to two of them ; the dramatic personality, which is the adult female who wants really big dumbbell that are the focal point of her figure and the romantic who is feminine and wants to underscore her curves. ”

Because many consumers are motivated to fit up to an ideal visual aspect, they frequently go to great lengths to alter facets of their physical egos. From cosmetics to plastic surgery, tanning salons to diet drinks, a battalion of merchandises and services are directed towards changing or keeping facets of the physical ego in order to show a desirable visual aspect. It is hard to exaggerate the importance of the physical self-concept ( and the desire by consumers to better their visual aspect ) to many selling activities. Solomon

Poor suiting on high street ‘no surprise ‘

Harmonizing to Lingerie Buyer industry experts and independent retail merchants say they are defeated but “ non surprised ” about the consequences of a recent survey that found the huge bulk of UK high street shops fit bandeaus falsely. The “ Bra Fitting? No it is n’t ” study by Which? Involved 11 research workers aged 25 to 75 with a DD cup or above being assigned to purchase an ordinary bandeau from high street stores. The consequences returned a damning finding of fact on the UK high street ‘s fitting abilities with merely 29 per cent of the bandeaus being fitted right, and the watchdog unable to urge any of the shops tested. Some examiners were sold bandeaus that varied from sizes 34 FF to 40D, while one adult female was sold the same bandeau in two different House of Frasers but in sizes 34C and 34F. Meanwhile a 30 twelvemonth old and a 75 twelvemonth old were sold the same push up bandeau from LaSenza: neither fitted right. John Lewis came top of the study, with a still less than impressive 45 per cent of bandeaus suiting right. Bravissimo followed close behind with 43 per cent, M & A ; S with 36 per cent, Debenhams with 35per cent, La Senza with 31 per cent and eventually house of fraser with 28 per cen. Which? Spokeswoman Jenny Driscoll says that “ if shops are traveling to offer this service to clients they need to up their game-do it decently or do n’t make it at all. ”

Nicky Clayton Head of vuying at Rigby and Peller, says that the consequences did n’t surprise her at all and merely confirmed what her company ‘s ain research had shown. “ It supports what we have found in our ain recent research that 80 percentof new consumershave been have oning the incorrect bandeau when they come to us. There is an atrocious batch of room for betterment across the high street and unless they commit more resource and preparation, clients will go on to be given the incorrect advice and the incorrect merchandise ” . Clayton says that more investing is required into developing high street staff to guarantee criterions better.

Of class the consequences have a Ag liner for the independent sector, which prides itself on client service and right fitting garments-and could supply adequate ammo to drive consumers in shop. Mary Whatley, proprietor of Hidden Agenda in Botley and Romsey, says, “ Women need to be certain they ‘re in a bandeau that fits them correctly-hopefully it will drive gross revenues to independants, although I do n’t believe it will halt consumers from traveling to the high street. We merely necessitate to maintain working hard at what we do, and hopefully increase the sum of of adult females have oning bandeaus that fit them right.


Asos has launched its first plus size scope aimed at sizes 20-26. Called Asos curve, it will include a scope of womenswear and swimsuit. Asos has merely announced record gross revenues up more than 30 per cent and a turning international concern. Asos hopes that by offering plus sizes it will increase gross revenues even further.

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“ Trade names need to distinguish themselves, and besides be consistent in their trade name message, aiming and positioning. It will be of import to maintain costs down but non compromise on quality. Winners will hold niche merchandise combine tantrum, map with manner, supported by a convincing selling run that makes adult females experience they are purchasing into an aspirational life style. ”

-Lingerie Buyer, February 2009 Issue


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