Luxury Brand Economy Effect Essay

Monaco is a little state. but good known all over the universe. All over the universe it is known as a topographic point of luxury. Every twelvemonth a batch of tourers visit Monaco to hold a good holiday sing casinos. luxury eating houses and off class to make a shopping in a most known. luxury trade names. In Monaco you can happen a batch of different luxury dress shops for every gustatory sensation ; you can happen everything from luxury autos to a luxury apparels and accoutrements. During the class of Luxury audit services we study a batch about the services in luxury shops.

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So our end was to split into groups and to make an audit of few shops. Our group was a large plenty for such a mission. so we were believing how to make it in a better manner. And one time we got a good thought. Harmonizing to the information we received during the seminar with Guillaume Rose. in Monaco there are a batch of Russian millionaires. and they are ever “invited guests” in different topographic points. So we decided to divide our group on two smaller groups and to compare the experience received in Gucci shop and in Celine which are situated in the bosom of Monaco. near the Casino and Hotel de Paris.

I will portion with you the Russian experience. I asked my friend. she is from Russia. for some aid in this mission. Our narrative was that we household twosome came from Russia for my friend’s nuptials and as we already bought a new skirt for my married woman we need to purchase a new bag. which must be one of the last aggregations. And the 2nd portion of our group was native Gallic with two different scenarios in two shops. As we will see following we received a small spot different experiences. Gucci shop audit Firstly we decided to scrutinize one of the most celebrated trade names in the universe. Gucci.

At 12. 00 we entered the shop. Before come ining the shop. we noticed that the show window was clean. with good lighting. but there were no goods exposed. Entering the shop. I noticed that the chief glass door was all in manus prints and it was merely 12. 00. Traveling to the shop and feigning a married twosome. we were reasoning about the fact that my married woman has already a clump of bags and for what ground she is looking for one new. Staff in the shop noticed us at one time and ran to the side beckoning their caputs as a salutation.

Merely the guard who was near the enter greeted us in a really polite signifier. We were walking through the store for 3 proceedingss and a half and it gives us a good chance to analyze the shop. We noticed that the response country was clean as it is required. but there were non adequate visible radiation. it gives to the shop a much groomed expression. And besides no music and even no fresh flowers in the shop. After 3 proceedingss and a half we meat a gross revenues individual who greeted us and introduced himself as a David. He asked us a few unfastened inquiries in order to cognize what we are looking for.

After he listened our narrative he was interesting in our old experience with Gucci trade name. We pretend that we don’t cognize anything about Gucci. He told us some information about the trade name about its singularity and heritage. After that David proposed a few bags. he explained the value of that theoretical account and brought all the colourss for that theoretical account. Besides he guaranteed that the theoretical account will be in a tendency for the following few old ages. What was non truly really good it’s a careless handling of the bag and he put them on one large pile.

And what impressed me really much is that he even don’t show the interior portion of the bag. on my sentiment it is really of import to cognize how it is inside the bah which you are traveling to purchase for a large sum of money. As I was feigning a hubby who is non truly happy to purchase a new bag. I asked about the price reduction. and I get an reply in really polite signifier that there is no price reduction at all in Gucci shop in Monaco. My feigning married woman was inquiring me to purchase the bag she liked and I was strong on my sentiment.

So a after that duologue with my married woman he proposed to book the bag till the eventide for the instance if I will alter my head. This was really polite from his side. But he doesn’t accompany us to the door and didn’t offer to giva us a concern card and to compensate down us into the clients database. Wholly we spend in the shop 26 proceedingss. So in decision I can state that the experience I have received together with my feigning married woman was far different from the Gallic experience of my group mates. Celine shop audit.

The 2nd we decided to scrutinize was the Celine besides situated in the bosom of Monaco. Our narrative was the same. we were looking for a bag which will be good to my “wife’s” new skirt which we have bought for a nuptials we are invited here in Monaco. The show window was really clean with good expounding of some goods. When we entered the shop we noticed staff speaking together near the hard currency machine. although all of them greeted us in their shop. The country of the category was really clean. there were adequate visible radiation. giving a good expression to the goods represented in the shop.

After a minute and 20-30 seconds of waiting we meat a seller. she was Russian so we were able to talk on our native linguistic communication. It impressed me really much. so I was ready to purchase everything in that shop. She was inquiring a batch of unfastened inquiries. to acquire more information about our demands and it was great. because after that she proposed a few theoretical accounts which were confronting all our demands. She was really listening. so it helps her to understand our demands. She explained everything about the merchandise. how to clean it and how to utilize it to go forth it in a new status.

Of class she valued the theoretical account and showed a few others and different colourss. She knows the stuff and the monetary value for that bag without looking anyplace. But what upset me she didn’t spoke about the trade name. because we don’t cognize anything about that trade name. except that it is a luxury and expensive trade name. As the bag we liked the most she proposed to book it till the following twenty-four hours noon. so that we can believe about buying it. She remains courtesy even in the instance of non purchasing that bag. She put our names in database and proposed her aid for any other affairs.

She accompanies us to the door and wish a good twenty-four hours for us. We spend in that shop 23 proceedingss and the felling was like we spend there about an hr. the experience we received in the Celine shop was great difference of some minutes. Decision As our group was divided for two smaller groups in order to compare different experiences. As Russian group sing the Gucci shop we received about a great experience. Points to better. I would urge to set some merchandises on a show windows. it is needed to clean the entry glass door and if there is such a demand to clean it every hr.

They need to set more visible radiations in the shop. because it was excessively dark. Some fresh flowers will make merely a good function and some soft music will be really great. And of class some preparation class for the staff. Celine experience was truly great and there is nil to talk about. I wish them to go on in that manner. The experience we received during these audits was one of the greatest. We were take parting in the procedure non merely as a customer’s but about as professionals who can detect about everything in the shop. Thankss to Ozzy Monaco for a great class.


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