Love In A Tree A Rock A Cloud English Literature Essay

A Tree, a Rock, a Cloud a postmodernism work was written in 1942 By Carson Mc Cullers. The work takes topographic point in the South which is said to hold enlivened the background of all of her fiction. The scene for this peculiar narrative is in a tram cafe which is owned by a acrimonious and ungenerous adult male named Leo. The other two chief characters are left nameless. They merely exist as being “ the adult male ” and “ the male child. Leaving the two chief characters unnamed made the narrative really interesting. By making this you could really easy conceive of yourself as one of the characters which would so pull you deeper into the narrative. Because of the clip period and its new found thoughts of psychological science and depth psychology the writer may hold written this short narrative because of some of her ain personal injuries.

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In this narrative the old adult male confides in the immature newspaper boy his thoughts of love after he was abandoned by his married woman. This event led him into a life of isolation and he believes that love is a scientific discipline.

The narrative begins with “ the hobo ” naming out to the immature paper male child. He calls him boy and subsequently easy tells him that he loves him. The work forces in the cafe laughed at him because they likely did n’t rather understand his behaviour The immature male child tried to express joy every bit good but, he and Leo noticed that the adult male was really sad and serious The adult male so began to explicate to the immature male child. He showed him a twosome of exposure and of a adult females, the first was blurry. The lone thing you could truly see was the chapeau and the frock that the she was have oning. The 2nd image that he showed the immature male child was a immature lady in a bathing suit on the beach. The chief thing you could see was her tummy. It was instead big and this would do one assume that she was pregnant. After he had given the immature male child an chance to look at the pictured he asked him, “ You of all time seen her before? ” the male child answered no. He so put his envisioned back into his pocket and explained that she was his married woman. The baffled immature male child asked the adult male if she was dead. The old adult male so shook his caput and answered, nuh ” , at this point it is obvious that he is profoundly hurt. The adult male so stated, “ Tweleve old ages ago I married the adult females in the exposure. She was my married woman for one twelvemonth, nine months, three yearss, and two darks. I loved her. Yes ” . After reading this part one can clearly see that he thought the paperboy was really his boy. This could hold been another effort for love. He was married for over 12 old ages and the immature male child was twelve old ages old every bit good. Showing him the image of her tummy makes a clear connexion between the two.

The adult male believes that love is a scientific discipline. He speaks of how much he loved his married woman and all the luxuries and amenitiess that he tried to supply for her. Finding his house empty one dark left him devastated. Her forsaking had taken him on a emotional roller coaster. It is apparent that he was disturbed. The adult male merely could n’t understand why she would go forth him. He thought he had found the love of his life.

The old adult male continued to explicate to the immature boy the things that had impressed him before his married woman. “ The Moon, the leg of a pretty miss, and other things gave him a curious esthesis as if it was lying loose inside me, the adult male said. Nothing seemed to complete itself or fir on with other things. Women? I had my part of them. The same. Afterwards puting about in me. I was a adult male who ne’er loved. ” After doing this statement I believe he closed his eyes so could reminisce on the yesteryear. He began to believe and talk of how he foremost met his love. He was really aroused when he spoke of the adult females that he had fallen in love with. The fact that she had left him for another adult male was incredible. As a consequence he went on a pursuit to happen his true love. He went to Tulsa where her household lived, he went to Mobile and he hunted down every adult male that she had of all time spoke of. This adult male searched for two old ages. He went all over the state hunt of love. I believe during this clip he had driven himself brainsick. He could merely believe of acquiring her dorsum. His hunt turned up nothingness. Because of this hurting his head became clean.

The adult male began to see other things that would place with her. He so began to talk of how love should get down. I believe he realized that he had rushed into a relationship it had n’t been decently nurtured. The adult male stated that “ They start at the incorrect terminal of love. They begin at the flood tide. ” He so asked the male child if he knew how love should get down. He so whispered “ A tree, A stone, A cloud. ” Before he made these statements, we see that he has this expression which leads him to love things that can non love him back. These things were objects. Not a human. He was afraid to truly love person that he could love him back.. He took all of these stairss to love. He told the immature adult male that he loved him but the likeliness of him of all time stating a adult females this was rather slender. Loving another adult female was the last measure to this scientific discipline. He told the immature male child that he was really cautious and that he was non love once more. In the terminal the immature male child asked Leo if the old adult male was brainsick. I believe that the loss of his married woman was really traumatic. This led him to insulate himself from the remainder of the universe. He was really vulnerable and the idea of being hurt once more was intolerable. His hunt gave him comfort, in his head he believed that he would one twenty-four hours happen his married woman. Unfortunately, that was non the instance, the immature male child was his last manner to seek and link with her. In his head he candidly believed that he could hold been his boy, which in the terminal would hold led him to his married woman.

In decision, the adult male in this narrative was n’t really successful in turn outing his scientific discipline of love but, he did learn the immature male child and Leo a few things. Love is simple but, it takes clip to turn. You ca n’t do person love you if they do n’t. His married woman was n’t satisfied with him so she left him for another adult male. The traumatic loss caused him to lose his head.


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