Loreal International Information Department Marketing Essay


Good forenoon Ladies and Gentlemen. It ‘s a great pleasance to hold the chance to adress such a distinquished audience. First, I would wish to present myself. My name is Sandra Anticova. I work as a representative in the L’Oreal Czech Republic subordinate. Today I ‘m traveling to inform you about L’Oreal, its history, merchandises, gross revenues, construction and something about its proprietors and stockholders. Please disrupt me if there is something which needs clear uping. Otherwise, there ‘ll be clip for treatment at the terminal of my short presentation. I think that now it is clip to get down. So, I would propose that we begin with the history of the company.

The history of the company

In 1907, Eugene Schueller, a immature Gallic chemist, developed an advanced hair-colour expression. He called this new, absolutely safe, hair duy aˆzAurelione ” . With this, the history of L’Oreal began. Eugene Scheller formulated and manufactured his ain merchandises, which he so sold to Parisian hairstylists.

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In 1909, Schueller registred his ain company, the aˆzSociete Francaise de Teintures Inoffensives pour Cheveux ” , the hereafter L’Oreal. The two steering rules of the company were research and invention in the involvements of beauty, and these were put into topographic point from the start.

In 1920, the little company employed 3 chemists. By 1950, the research squads had 100 members, and the figure reached 1,000 by 1984, and is about 3,000 today.

In 1912, Eugene Schueller started to export his hair-colouring merchandise to Holland, Austria and Italy. A few old ages subsequently, agents distributed these merchandises to the USA, South America, Russia and the Far East. Today, the L’Oreal Group is present worldwide through its subordinates and agents.

L’Oreal got its start in the hair-colour concern, but the company shortly branched out into other beauty merchandises. The Group today markets over 500 trade names and more than 2,000 merchandises in all sectors of the beauty concern: e.g. hair coloring material, permanents, titling AIDSs, cleaners and aromas and organic structure cosmetics. These merchandises are found in all distribution channels, from hair salons and perfumeries to hyper and supermarkets, wellness and beauty mercantile establishments and direct mail.

Another key word in L’Oreal ‘s history is communicating. Back when advertisement was still in its babyhood, L’Oreal commissioned promotional postings ( still celebrated today ) from in writing creative persons like Colin, Loupot, Savignec, to publicise the company ‘s merchandises.

In 1933, Eugene Schueller created and launched Votre Beaute , a magazin devoted to adult females and their expression. Four old ages subsequently, he took portion in a popular wireless broadcast and started a run.

The 1950s saw the coming of a new and exciting advertisement medium: the films. L’Oreal made its on screen introduction with a run for Ambre Solaire, which was doing a rejoinder on the market. In 1953, L’Oreal won an advertisement Academy award, the first in a long series of awards.

That covers all I wanted to state about the history of the company, and now I ‘m traveling to comcentrate on some basic information about the company and on its net income.

Basic information about the company:

The company has over 50,500 employees worldwide, which are of 98 nationalities. The Group is present in 130 states and has 290 subordinates. 76 iˆ? of the forces work out of France. There are 42 mills all over the universe bring forthing L’Oreal merchandises. The pie chart belowshows how are the merchandises sold in different parts of the universe:

Fig. 1

I ‘m traveling to analyse the classs of merchandises subsequently. Now, I would wish to briefly travel through the fiscal state of affairs of L’Oreal and to inform you about the ownership. The construction of the proprietors can be seen on the following figure:

Fig. 2

Now we come to the portion, which is in my sentiment the most interesting for investors. We are traveling to look at the net incomes and finance, which are shown on several saloon charts and a tabular array. In the barcharts the x-axes is in old ages, and the y-axes is in milloons of Euro.

Fig. 3 Fig. 4

From the two barcharts we can see that amalgamate gross revenues has dropped a small spot, but pre-tax net income of the amalgamate companies have risen slighty.

Fig. 5 Fig. 6

Besides net operational net incomes and net dividends have increased. The following tabular array shows how the net incomes of the companies of the Group and stockholders ‘ net incomes acted. The tabular array expresses the same information, but you must hold it is non as ocular. The lone extra information is the Gearing Ratio, which is calculated harmonizing to the expression below the tabular array.

Table 1.

The 2nd tabular array informs us about the employees involved in research, about the research budget and about the new patents:

Table 2.

If you are more interested in this portion, delight contact L’Oreal International Information Department. The adress is:

L’Oreal International Information Department

41, herb of grace Martre, 92 117 Clichy, France

You could besides phone, direct a facsimile or merely look on the World Wide Web

Tel. : +33 1 47 56 82 65

Fax. : +33 1 47 56 82 42

Internet: www.loreal.com

Now, we can hold a expression at the construction of the company shown on the following organigram:

The construction of the company

Annual General Meeting

Supervisory Board

Board of Directors

Executive Vice-President

Corporate Communicationss

and External Affairs

Executive Vice-President

Research and Development


Administration and Fundss

Executive Vice-President

Strategic Business Development


Professional Merchandises

Executive Vice-President

Human Resources

Executive Vice-President

Production and Technology


Consumer Merchandises


Luxury Merchandises

The highest organ in the company is the AGM. The Annual General Meeting meets one time a twelvemonth to O.K. consequences and agree on future development. The Board of Directors studies to the AGM. The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall planning and fiscal operations like investings. The Supervisory Board controls the dealing of the Directors. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours running of the company. The Vice-Presidents for Production and Technilogy, Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Administration and Finances, Research and Development, Strategic Business Development, Consumer, Luxury and Professional Merchandises are below him and describe to him.

The following point of my presentation is Research and Development. It is a really broad country, but I ‘m traveling to speak about our chief intents and countries in this sector.


Since the company was founded in 1907 by the chemist Eugene Schueller, it has continued to put in decorative research with one clear purpose: to better the quality and efficaciousness of its merchandises through scientific invention. Each twelvemonth, the Group devotes 3 % of its turnover to Research and Development.

Labs in France, the United States, and Japan employ over 2,900 scientists and support staff from over 30 subjects: chemical science, biological science, medical specialty, natural philosophies, toxicology, etc. Research findings are published in legion international scientific diaries, and in 2003 L’Oreal applied for 515 patents

L’Oreal Research missions are:

A To derive an in-depth apprehension of healthy tegument and hair at the cellular degree

A To nail the biological procedures behind the skin ripening procedure, sun harm, pigmentation alterations every bit good as natural hair colour, greying and loss

A To synthesise active molecules which protect, fix or colour: over 110 original molecules have been produced by L’Oreal Research

A To plan and develop new merchandises in all decorative Fieldss, including tegument attention, hair care and makeup: over 3,000 new expressions come out of our research labs each twelvemonth

A To measure merchandises ‘ efficaciousness and safety utilizing in vitro trials like human tegument theoretical accounts, every bit good as sophisticated imagination techniques and centripetal analysis.

Our company collaborates with research units in some 20 states worldwide in advanced scientific Fieldss.

The last point of my presentation is L’Oreal ‘s merchandises. They are divided into several classs, which have wholly different images and belong to diferent monetary value classs. Our company wants to accommodate clients of every age all over the universe. There are gross revenues statistics for every class. I ‘m traveling to show the last one-year statistics. The first class is professional merchandises.

Our merchandises and how are they sold:

Professional Merchandise:

The most popular trade names in this class are: KERASTASE, MATRIX, REDKEN and LUO COLOR. They are used bu hairstylists and cosmetitians all over the universe.

After several old ages of rapid growing, the Professional Products Division has continued to win market portion in all parts of the universe. In 2003, it maintained a high growing rate: its gross revenues improved by 8.6 % In North America, the Division achieved growing of 10.7 % . In Western Europe, the growing rate was 5.3 % . In the remainder of the universe, growing reached 15.3 % . The Division performed peculiarly good in Eastern Europe.

Amalgamate gross revenues by geographic zone

a‚¬ 1000000s

a‚¬ 1000000s



% of 2003 gross revenues

Like-for-like growing 2003/02

Western Europe



51.0 %

5.3 %

North America



31.7 %

10.7 %

Rest of the World



17.3 %

15.3 %




100.0 %

8.6 %

Table 3.

Consumer Merchandise:

The Consumer Products Division markets its merchandises through mass-market retailing channels, enabling all consumers to take advantage of its high engineering merchandises at competitory monetary values. The Division ‘s trade names develop hair care, skin care, make-up and perfume merchandises that meet the aspirations of all of its clients. As the most celebrated trade names in this cathegory I can pull off: L’Oreal Paris, Garnier, Maybelline New York, C. C. B. ( Club des Createurs de Beaute ) .

Amalgamate gross revenues by concern section

a‚¬ 1000000s



% of 2003 gross revenues

Like-for-like growing 2003/2002

Hair care



52.7 %

6.2 %




26.4 %

5.9 %

Skin care



15.7 %

23.7 %




1.7 %

-11.9 %




3.5 %

-6.4 %




100.0 %

7.7 %

Table 4.

Luxury Merchandises:

The Luxury Products Division develops planetary prestigiousness trade names sold in sole and selective mercantile establishments: section shops, perfumeries, travel retail mercantile establishments and the group ‘s ain dress shops.

Its mission is to offer clients personalised advice and service. There are many trade names in this class on which our company can be proud of. The most good known are: LANCOME, BIOTHERM, HELENA RUBINSTEIN, PRESTIGE ET COLLECTION, GIORGIO ARMANI, RALPH LAUREN, CACHANEL, PALOMA PICASSO, KIEHLS, SAU UEMURA.

Amalgamate gross revenues by concern section

a‚¬ 1000000s



% of 2003 gross revenues

Like-for-like growing 2003/2002

Skin care



35.8 %

6.0 %




39.5 %

2.2 %




24.7 %

4.9 %




100.0 %

4.2 %

Table 5.

Active agent Cosmetic

The Active Cosmetics Department designs and markets dermo-cosmetic attention merchandises sold in pharmaceuticss and specialist subdivisions of apothecary’s shops. Its merchandises offer consumers proven safety and efficaciousness, backed up by pharmaceutical advice and dermatological prescription. the most sold trade name are Vichy and LA ROCHE-POSAY.

Amalgamate gross revenues by concern section

a‚¬ 1000000s



% of 2003 gross revenues

Like-for-like growing 2003/2002

Skin care



75.5 %

15.4 %

Hair care



8.8 %

7.2 %




8.2 %

-1.3 %




7.5 %

-1.2 %




100.0 %

11.9 %

Table 6.


So, I have told you something about the history of the company, its gross revenues, merchandises, research, proprietors and shareholders.I hope that you gained some interesting or utile information today.

The End of the presentation:

Thank You for your attending. You have been a fantastic audience. If you need any farther information, please compose me an electronic mail, my e-mail adress is: sandraanticova @ loreal.cz or phone me, my nomadic phone figure is: +420 731200258. And now I ‘d be glad to seek to reply any inquiries.

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