Lord Rama as a leader in war and peace in Ramayana


  1. Israelmore Ayivor has said, “True leaders are like statues, whether it rains or it shines, they ne’er bend their cervixs to look backwards! They ne’er run off from challenges! ” [ 1 ] Lord Rama is one such leader who is besides known to be the embodiment, embodiment of Lord Vishnu. Swami Vivekananda has described the immortal character of lord Rama in these words, “ Rama, the ancient graven image of the heroic ages, the incarnation of truth, of morality, the ideal boy, the ideal hubby, and above all, the ideal male monarch, this Rama has been presented by the great sage, Valmiki ” . [ 2 ] Shri Ramchandra exhibits exceeding qualities of spiritual behaviors and therefore is lovingly termed as ‘maryada purushottam’.Maryadaintending the interior moral rules, moralss, imposts or regulations andPurushottamrelates to being the best amongst all work forces. He personifies the highest of human values, ne’er diverting from the virtuous way in idea, or action, even in the most critical state of affairss. He has shown many qualities of a righteous male monarch and a baronial human being. His theoretical account behavior and behavior made him a leader par excellence and that is why he is popularly termed as Maryada Purushottam ( perfect adult male ) .
  1. Transformational leading and Godhead Rama. The transformational leading has been long demonstrated by Lord Rama 1000s of old ages ago before the debut of this construct and theoretical account by Burns ( 1978 ) [ 3 ] and latter by Bass and Avoilio ( 1994 ) [ 4 ] . Burns emphasized on the common procedure between a leader and a follower, wherein each one makes an attempt to increase the other’s degree of motive. In the first book ( Bala Kand ) itself, the qualities and features of Rama as a true leader have been dealt with in item, which resulted in geting love, esteem, regard, and trust of all the people of Ayodhya. He as a transformational leader inspired his followings to absorb his values and connect with his political orientations. There can be rather a few other valuableleadership lessonsfrom the ‘ideal’ adult male and the warrior prince – Lord Rama, which can be imbibed by the military leaders of all the three wings of any defense mechanism administration.

3.Lord Rama as a leader was exceeding and led the manner. The best manner to make a positive work atmosphere is by taking through illustration and by guaranting that the squad is extremely motivated. This is precisely what Rama did with his threebrothers. As the firstborn, he set an illustration for theyounger 1s by ever being just and gracious yet austere when required. The whole of Ramayana is full of such illustrations, particularly during the last leg of the Ramayana conflict, Rama inspired his ground forces to instill virtuousnesss like intelligence, accomplishment, committedness, scheme to win.

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4.Lord Rama as leader was a participative leader and didn’t force his determinations upon others. Rama being a participative leader knew how to undertake state of affairss with a cool-headed attitude and listen to others to promote Frank and unfastened treatment on every facet. Rama gives a patient hearing to advice from his Alliess while fixing for war against Ravana and therefore, managed to pull out valuable hints of Sita’s whereabouts. It is apparent in Ramayana that Lord Rama inspired his ground forces to contend an heroic conflict and be exultant! He ne’er forced his determination of go forthing the castle for expatriate, non even on his ain married woman Sita and brother Laxman. Alternatively, he dissuaded both of them to remain in Ayodhya and allow him continue.

5.Rama was a low leader and followed moralss and a codification of behavior. Lord Rama was a solicitous and a low adult male. In fact, Rama declared his dedication to dharma when he offered Ravana a concluding opportunity to do peace on the battlefield. [ 5 ] When Ravana walked to conflict on the first twenty-four hours due to inadequate readyings and was rendered weaponless, Rama being a leader by moralss followed the codification of gallantry during war and stipulated that an unarmed enemy should non be attacked. Humility was Rama’s most outstanding virtuousness, which made him so popular. He had no vacillation in eating the tasted fruits offered by Shabri during his expatriate. When Lord Rama eventually reached Lanka, he welcomed Vibishana, the brother of his ain enemy King Ravana to his side and embraced him like a brother. In malice of cognizing that Vibishana was the brother of the devil King Ravana, he identified true and pure devotedness and love. He welcomed him heartily and made him his best friend immediately in malice of some differences and statements against this in his camp.Lord Rama being a low leader, smiled and helped everyone to demo echt concern, and managed to contend a war on his ain footings and conditions and eventually win it.

6.Rama was an indifferent leader. A leader has a individualized point of position which is exhibited in his ain alone manner. In Ramayana, Lord Rama shared his positions and thought procedures and sentiments with Lakshmana, Hanumana, Sugriva and Vibheeshana. But that does n’t make any injury to anyone else. There was no bias against anyone every bit far as the king-subject relationship was concerned. It is a well-known fact that theVanara sena( monkey ground forces ) , proved to be one of the most indispensable links to win the heroic conflict. A leader besides creates more leaders. Rama as a true leader in war believed in his army’s abilities and hence strengthened them as per the overall aim. Lord Rama helped Sugriva and Vibheeshana to set up their ain lands, likewise able military leaders should make and animate effectual possible leaders for the hereafter.

7.Rama was a leader holding a clear vision. The mission of the ground forces led by Lord Rama had a clear vision to deliver his married woman Sita from the clasps of the Lanka male monarch Ravana. This lucidity of ideas enabled the ground forces to set their best to win the conflict and eventually accomplish the positive coveted result.

8.Rama was a leader full of unity. Lord Rama, despite his huge adversities and bad luck, ne’er stepped aside from his chosen way. He ever maintained a certain yardstick for himself and his squad, thereby deriving large dividends in footings of accomplishing his ultimate end.

9.Rama was a learning leader. Rama kept himself under the counsel of the erudite sages and abstainers, and often learned much about the nature of life. Significantly, he besides learnt advanced techniques of archery and other techniques of warfare, which served him good during his concluding conflict with the evil male monarch Ravana.

10.Rama was a function theoretical account and inspired everyone. Lakshmana, Rama’s younger brother, invariably looked up to his senior brother, and therefore was willing to assist him through all the challenges life threw at him. So all the military leaders should actuate their squads and continuously reward success and enterprise.

11.Rama was an apprehensionleader. It is apparent in Ramayana that Rama was a true leader, as he understood the jobs faced by his squad members and thereby helped them in whichever ways he could. Like for case, during his clip spent in the wood he met Sugreeva who was abandoned by his ain brother Bali. He so went in front and helped Sugreeva in recovering his throne. In add-on, he was instrumental in killing the devils that used to frequently on a regular basis problem the sages in the wood.



12.The above-named leading lessons as exhibited by Lord Rama in the heroic poem Ramayana, if applied and implemented decently can organize the footing of success of all types of organisations particularly the military organisation ( Army, Air Force, Navy ) . Leadership in military is non merely restricted to some smattering of seniors with high-flown rubrics, but permeates all across organisational degrees pull offing forces. It has been apparent that a good leading illustration like Lord Rama can heighten the overall motivational degree and productiveness in any military set-up. In the military scenario, one can win and many a conflicts can be won, if there is relevant cognition for the same. Like Rama, military leaders have to be confident and demo no marks of despair. Military leaders have to be on top and maintain a path of what is go oning and derive full control of the war scenario. They should look confident and act as one excessively, so that they are able to pass on to their subsidiaries that they are determined to pull out positive results for the benefit of their state and their district. The impact of an qui vive, nimble and action-oriented leading can non be underestimated. A good military leader should guarantee that his work forces give him a patient hearing and behavior themselves on the battlefield to win the hardest of conflicts. This would let his squad to happen a proper base land and research its full potency. Military Leadership believes in bearing the brunt most of the clip and led the manner through theoretical account behaviour.

13.Military leaders in peculiar are leaders with a vision, and have the ability to see and set into position what others can non. Communicating this vision to their followings and actuating them to work towards carry throughing it, is an drawn-out challenge for a military leader. The main ingredients of good leading as portrayed by Rama in Ramayana chiefly are character, bravery and competency, which doubtless form the kernel of success for any military organisation. Character, in military context, is understood as self-discipline, trueness, preparedness to accept duty, and willingness to give whenever required. These qualities of Lord Rama can assist in minimising fright and maximising sound opinion in any critical military state of affairs thereby conveying success from a apparently hopeless state of affairs. For a military leader humbleness is one of the most hard trait to exhibit, particularly during war clip. However, there is no denying the fact that it is besides one of the most fruitful traits if used in the right way. Furthermore, a foreseen vision will ever be a motivative factor to concentrate on the end and non be deviated. Every military leader demands to hold a clear vision of what he is taking for and what will it bear him in the hereafter. [ 6 ] He besides must be in sync with his followings or squad members in order to achieve his ends. A military leader should avoid cutting corners and everything, which makes him uncomfortable. This will guarantee long-run organisational earnestness and trueness. Today’s universe is all about dynamism and maintaining gait with new developments, which certainly is a tough challenge. In the current information age where cognition is wealth, an informed modern military leader should invariably endeavor to larn, and explore new topics, intensify the apprehension of old 1s, and continuously upgrade him. Keeping abreast of the latest developments and promotions in modern agencies of warfare is the demand of the hr and is expected of all modern-day military leaders.

14.Contemporary military environment requires leaders who can comprehend what is right and cognize how to mobilise people and resources to carry through common ends. [ 7 ] Understanding single squad members and guaranting the demands to maintain each one ticking, is what is required in our present twenty-four hours defense mechanism organisation excessively. Leaderships of the armed forces should endorse their squads under all fortunes. They should cognize how to cover with their subsidiaries in order to do many of the followings, leaders in their ain right thereby making options and chances for their subsidiaries to instill assurance and optimism. In today’s military universe the one adult male show does non assure success like the earlier yearss. Intelligently distributed duty and authorization creates alterations for good and more opportunities to win. So of course it becomes quintessential for every section, every unit in the armed forces to make more and effectual leaders than of all time before. It certainly would guarantee more uniqueness ; more undertakings completed, more undertakings concluded, more missions accomplished, more promises achieved and most of all more trust physique than of all time before.


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