Lord of the Flies – Simon’s Moral Battle Essay Sample

Simon’s moral conflict with the Lord of the Fliess
The fresh “Lord of the Flies” is a authoritative book that can be interpreted in assorted ways. The novel besides deals with a battalion of symbolism. and human ethical motives. William Golding has done an first-class occupation with Godhead of the flies in the sense of making a model of symbols and implicit in messages behind the existent. overpoweringly originative and lurid plot line. Simon’s long. lone quest represents man’s ageless battle between humanity and savageness. Simon represents the diffident scruples of world when he struggles with the determination of taking Jack or Ralph. In the beginning of the novel. Simon walks mediate Ralph and Jack. who represent good and evil severally. as if being posed the inquiry of pick for the first clip. “ ‘If Simon walks in the center of us’ said Ralph. ‘then we could speak over his head’” This proves that Ralph and Jack feels that they are better than Simon. and are higher than him. so by looking over his caput. he is inferior. smaller and weaker. Simon besides had to make a dual measure for each of their stairss. another word picture of the lower status that Simon suffers from.

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Simon accepts that Ralph is the head. and is happy with the determination. Simon even asks Ralph to exert his power as head. therefore content that he possesses it and non the roseola. unorganised Jack. “Simon poked his caput out carefully. ‘You’re head. You tell em off’” . Simon does non to the full emerge from the partly completed hut. as if afraid to interfere with the concern of the leaders. Simon is going paranoid. as he easy turns towards the evil ways of Jack. “Simon paused. He looked over his shoulder as Jack had done at the stopping point ways behind him and glanced fleetly round to corroborate that he was absolutely entirely. “Simon is going paranoiac. because he does non fear the animal. but instead Jack and Ralph. non cognizing which to take yet. Simon’s treatment with the Lord of the Flies represents mankind’s ability to happen enlightenment within itself.

Soon after discoursing his pointless being with the Lord of the Flies. Simon realizes that he is non existent. but continues to discourse with the bloody caput. “Simon’s oral cavity labored brought Forth hearable words. ’ Pig’s caput on a stick’ . ” The hog so admits that the animal is a portion of Simon. that running off is ineffectual and bootless. because Simon will ne’er be able to run off from himself. so he stays in an effort to cover with his interior devils one time and for all. The Godhead of the flies calls Simon a silly male child because Simon is truly merely a small kid. “This has gone rather far plenty. My hapless. misguided kid. make you believe you know better than I do? ” The last sentence is rather dry within itself because the LotF is portion of Simon. so in world. he couldn’t perchance cognize better. Simon so realizes that he is merely a small male child caught up in a conflict he doesn’t desire to be portion of. He has been misguided by everyone. for the ground that he doesn’t cognize what is good for him.

At the decision of their distorted and brooding conversation. Simon can no longer digest the heavyhearted words of the hog. and loses consciousness. “Simon was inside the oral cavity. He fell down and lost consciousness. ” Simon swoons because he is overwhelmed by the world of immorality that he all of a sudden realizes. Simon’s decease represents mankind’s ineffectual pursuit in happening balance between good and evil ( nevertheless merely 1 can win ) When Simon emerges from the jungle to rejoin his friends. Simon is viciously slaughtered Even though they all knew it was non the animal like Jack had said. but a immature. guiltless male child who is tired and thirsty. they did non waver to stop his short life suddenly. “A thing was creeping out of the forest. T came in darkness unsteadily.

The shrill shouting that rose before the animal was like a hurting. ” After Simon’s decease. no 1 was willing to discourse his decease. because they all knew it wasn’t an accident. non even piggy want to acknowledge it. Ralph was the lone 1 who spoke out. the lone true good individual on the island. and was told to maintain it to himself by the rational piglet. Possibly the folk like male childs would non hold killed the not guilty Simon if it was wide daytime. and they weren’t partaking in their blood hungry ritual dance and chant. The chant and dance have their ain effects on the kids. The chant prepares their heads for killing.

By reiterating over and over “’Kill the animal! Cut his pharynx! Spill his blood! ’” they accept that blood will be spilled and decease is inevitable at their custodies. While the dance. prepares their organic structures for the battle that will certainly result. Their Black Marias round. their musculuss are stretched and prepared to exercise themselves at high degrees of endurance. Together. the dance and the chant fix their head. organic structure and spirit to trail. Hunt. and finally kill anything. When under the effects of this feverish rite. their heads are non prepared to believe logically. but have switched to the carnal side of the encephalon ; hence killing Simon was merely in their eyes. for they had to kill something. But this is how evil plant. what is merely in the eyes of immorality. is perfectly out in the eyes of good.


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