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Near the terminal of my junior twelvemonth at Mission Viejo High School, I received my driver ‘s licence. At the immature age of 16 and a half, non cognizing precisely how to drive absolutely and still inexperienced, I was rolling the streets without a attention in the universe. I thought I had so much freedom, being able to drive myself wherever I wanted. I had non a concern at all about possibly acquiring in an accident and was merely stoked on the freedom I now had. I could drive myself to any topographic point I wanted to and I now became about an grownup I felt like. That dark after I got through my test and passed for my licence I got handed those keys from my ma and hopped in my round up old sunburn colored 1995 Ford Taurus. I grabbed the keys and jumped into the auto, driving off hurriedly and fast. I was eventually able to merely throng through traffic and get to where I wanted to be whenever I wanted to. The 800 dollar auto made me now in control and set me in a quandary to either follow the regulations of the route or act foolish and drive loony like most of my friends at that age.

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About one hebdomad after eventually acquiring my licence I took the auto out on a school twenty-four hours, I woke up in a batch of excitment excited out of my head and dying to eventually drive myself to school. I took a speedy shower, got ready, ate breakfast, and darted out the door with the Taurus ‘ keys in my manus ready to drive. I called my friend Corey hurriedly before I got in my auto and asked him if he needed a drive to school even though the jurisprudence is that new drivers have to wait one twelvemonth before they can hold any riders. In world I have non met one individual that has followed that regulation. Not holding a attention in the universe I asked him anyways and evidently he agreed because he ever walked to school, but today was his lucky twenty-four hours. When I eventually unlocked the auto, got in, started it, and set my custodies on the wheel a jar of exhilaration overwhelmed my organic structure. Once in the auto, I realized what a nice twenty-four hours it was in cheery Southern California so I made my manner to pick up my friend. I arrived at his house to pick him up and chiefly to boast about holding a auto and licence when he did non. I could state he was covetous when he got in because now I had freedom where he still had to inquire his parents for drives. I drove the two of us to school. Then after school I drove him back place safe and sound.

Subsequently at dark about 7 o’clock, Corey called me inquiring if I wanted to hang out. With my newfound freedom I agreed and felt overjoyed without holding to inquire my pa for a drive any longer. I did n’t even inquire for permission to go forth because I did non care any longer because I turned 16 and now I could drive a auto. I got in the Taurus and with the keys I turned on the auto. When I arrived at Corey ‘s house I saw him waiting outside inquiring if I wanted to travel to the park and play some light up Frisbee because in the dorsum of my auto I had this Frisbee that lights up looking like a UFO so we could play at dark. Knowing that I am non allowed to be driving people I go in front and name my other friend Nico to see if he wants to come drama with us. Thinking how cool I am with my auto I ask if he wants to acquire picked up excessively and he said yes. I pick up Nico from his house and we begin to do our manner to the park.

Now the three of us are in my auto and drive to the park next to our high school. There is a traffic visible radiation on the corner of Chrisanta and La Paz. The visible radiation turned ruddy and we needed to do a right bend. I slow down to be cautious, but I did non halt like I am supposed to all the manner and I go in front to turn on the ruddy visible radiation believing no auto is at that place coming my manner. Then the auto began to agitate like an temblor and my epinephrine starts pumping. Right in the center of our conversation a auto all of a sudden appears on the driver side auto door and I felt panicky. Now coming in to my senses I realized I was in an accident. I drove and turned right into the nearby gas station to look into the harm and the auto buttocks followed. Luckily it was merely a dent on my auto door with a twosome scratches that I could smear off. The other auto was a Toyota Highlander and it looked all right. We exchanged information and we went our separate ways.

I could n’t believe how dense I was and would acquire in an accident merely a few yearss after I got my licence. I called my pa right after and told him the intelligence. He spoke to me in a ferocious tone and I could state he was really huffy, merely like any other pa would be. I did non desire to travel place because I knew he would shout at me and I did non desire to hear it. I knew I messed up and it was evidently my mistake and my pa would reasonably much state me what I already know. Still unworried I take my clip traveling back place. I arrived at my house take my clip to travel indoors, I turn the door boss every bit easy as possible so went inside to hear what he had to state. I am shocked he did n’t shout at me like a huffy adult male one time I walked indoors, but merely asked if I was O.K. . Then humbled me in a unagitated tone stating me how dense and unworried I thought I was. I realize that all he had to state was true. I learned that drive is a serious privilege and something non to take for granted. I am besides non as unworried and foolhardy like when I was 16 any longer.


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