Living Between Two Worlds English Literature Essay

Populating in two different universes may sound a better thought for people who have ne’er found themselves in such a state of affairs but for some of us who have tried that it is instead abashing. I was born and brought up in the rural countries of my state where the agencies of support were different from the sort of found in the metropolis. Those yearss there were no electricity, people used the same linguistic communication and vehicles were rear and people most of the clip walked on pes, to do the more interesting places were rear trade goods. Populating this sort of life style may look to be hard compared to the life style in the metropolis but for us who experienced it was wholly interesting and merriment.

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It was non until the clip came when I had to populate this sort of life and fall in the celebrated Nairobi metropolis I realized that it was hard to populate between two universes. I can retrieve really good that I had turned 18 that month and had already finished my signifier four test. The thought of traveling to town was really interesting to me since I was traveling to town little did I know that it was the high clip my life style was get downing to alter. As a adolescent holding brought up in the distant countries of the state I knew nil about Nairobi except the issue of the “ upside down visible radiations ” of the metropolis as they called by the rural folks, which referred to electricity visible radiations. Since I was traveling to college I was accompanied by male parent and the journey seemed ne’er to stop since it was my first twenty-four hours to go by a vehicle as I besides schooled in the rural country. Finally I could state my reaching to the metropolis because of the visible radiations which were every where and more surprising to me was the different linguistic communications I heard different people talk. It was at this minute that I realized my life had truly turned to a different page. Thingss started working non for the best as I thought but for the worse.

In the small town everything was provided and when you to the store or hotel you merely ordered utilizing your slang but things here were altering. The lone linguistic communication I could understand was Swahili and really small English. The job was that it was besides hard to understand them since I went to a rural twenty-four hours school where slang conversing was normal and a tendency of the school. It dawned on me when I went to the store and ordered for staff of life with my common linguistic communication and no 1 responded small did I know that he did non understand my linguistic communication. Life continued to be a battle for me because it was even hard to socialise as no 1 wished to place with me.To make the affair worse things were wholly bad in college where everything was English. The talks were done in pure English and I could non understand as our high school instructors were extremely obsessed with common acquiescence and even explained in the native linguistic communication. My college couples were besides a incubus to me as at that place seemed to be no who came from my country. In fact I was ever entirely and I was experiencing so lonely whenever I saw a group of people discoursing I would go through by them to hear if they speaking my linguistic communication but it was all in vain.

The most awkward minute was the twenty-four hours when we were given an assignment which was to be presented in category. We did the assignment and gave out for taging so it came the twenty-four hours of presentation. As I was reading my essay pupils kept kicking that they non understanding until I came to free assurance started shuddering and I eventually collapsed. The lone thing I remember was the lector noticing that I had good thoughts. The undermentioned forenoon I was the talk of the twenty-four hours as everyone was indicating at me. Thingss were going worse each and every new twenty-four hours. I was get downing to free my assurance easy by easy and my ego regard was traveling down since no organic structure cared about me. I felt like I was populating in another universe where people were less concerned about other people ‘s life. I kept repenting the twenty-four hours I came to the metropolis and I blamed it all on my male parent who brought me at that place.

Thingss ne’er came to an terminal with this, because I remember another twenty-four hours when I went to shop in the supermarket. I went directly to the shelves picking the points I wanted and seting them in my bag. Then I stood at that place stranded where to be since I was the lone individual shopping at that clip until one the merciless attenders came and confronted me stating I was a stealer. I left the topographic point so abashed and confused such I was about run over by a auto while traversing the route.

It was until by the terminal of my 2nd month in college when I started seen some visible radiation at the terminal of the tunnel. One twenty-four hours as I was resting at the field thought of how I will go forth the metropolis without my male parent ‘s cognition, a college mate came over. More surprisingly she greeted me in my native linguistic communication, I felt like Eden was opening for me to come in even without atoning my wickednesss. I looked at the cat and I could non acknowledge him but my witting was feeling some good intelligence. The cat introduced himself merely to recognize that he was my long lost cousin whose household leaved in the metropolis. He was informed about me by my caring female parent who was worried about my life in town. I all of a sudden felt a sort of relieve from confined. We could speak freely with him and he made me experience like I was back usual life manner. We shared a batch with him and he was ever at that place for me. He oriented me to the metropolis life style until I came to get by with everything.

The feeling of life in two different universes whereby when alone I had to populate my usual rural life but when outside like in college I felt like am in another universe. Each twenty-four hours now became a brighter twenty-four hours in my life as he introduced me to different issues. I started recovering my assurance and I started socialising with others through my cousin. By the terminal of my first twelvemonth in college I was familiar with everything in Nairobi and life became what I had ne’er thought it can of all time be. My classs besides went up and those who looked down upon me began confer withing me. It was from this experience that I came to recognize that populating between two universes is existent heard. This happens particularly when you have to run into the odds of the two different universes.


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