Lights and Sound Museum Essay Sample

I personally enjoy the presentation in Lights and Sound Museum. it’s because of my love in history. I love history since I was in simple. some people history is deadening but for me history is one of the exciting topics in school because we’re analyzing past events for us to cognize and understand more why some historical events go on. The museum was great it showed many events in the history of our state. the presentation told us about how the Spaniards came and how did our brave ascendants fought them back against their dictatorship. The museum had a good props and presentation. including the sounds and visible radiations. and in every portion of the museum had a some marionettes and images that portrayed the life of the Filipinos accompanied by sound system storyteller. That’s why I enjoy the museum.

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After sing the museum. I learned some new things. what was the life of our ancient ascendants before the Spanish came. there life was a peaceable life. they are tribes work forces and scattered all over the Philippines and they traded among each other and they besides traded with Chinese people but when the Spaniards came everything alteration even their spiritual belief because the Spanish introduce Christianity and do them slaves in their ain state. The Spanish dictatorship continued for over 300 old ages and sparks some Filipino work forces to originate. I learned that every state in our state that clip has their ain rebellion leader ready to contend the Spaniards but after old ages came the most Filipino who awaken his countrymen was Dr. Jose Rizal. He wrote his two novels: “Noli me Tangere” and “El Filibusterismo” . both of them shows the corruptness of the church in our state. Jose Rizal put fires in the bosom of the Filipinos for them to woke up but this leads to his decease. he was executed by the Spaniards in Bagumbayan. I besides learned about how did the Spanish falls under the British Royal Navy. Spain was the pearl of the sea. known every bit invulnerable as so defeated by the British naval forcess and Spain was no longer the mightiest naval forcess in the sea. That’s all new things I learned.

Visiting the museum was a great aid in our class RZL10 because the museum chief subject was the life of Jose Rizal and aside from that we besides learned extra information about our country’s history. for me it’s an all in one bundle of historical information about country’s destiny under the Spanish Colonization.


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