Life as We Know It: Stick Figures

Life as we know it: Stick Figures 9,000 dollars for good breast implants, 4,500 dollars for a face lift, 3,800 dollars for a tummy tuck, 2,800 for a nose job, and the list just goes on and on. These are just some of the many outrageous procedures that people undergo everyday around the world. Why do people do this? To look like a movie star of course. More and more people are becoming drawn into the craze of hovering over the television and reading every gossip magazine to see what’s happening in the world of celebrities.

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The extreme fascination that people have for celebrities, in my opinion, is a very unhealthy one to say the least. There are three major reasons for this; people are so involved in celebrities lives that they take valuable time out of their lives to check up on how celebrities are doing in theirs, people are so caught up with celebrities, that they are forgetting about major issues in the world, but most importantly and dangerously, the way people look at themselves and treat their bodies after seeing how a new nose job made someone look, or how a much skinnier someone looks because they have been throwing up.

People today should not be so fascinated with celebrity’s lives, it’s purely unhealthy. By definition, obsession is an unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone, a fixation. Today, more and more people are obsessed with what Page 1 is going on in a celebrity’s life. Studies have even shown that people that aren’t very religious look up to celebrities to fill the void of Jesus. Leo Braudy suggests that celebrities are more like Christian calendar saints than like spiritual authorities (Tiger Woods, patron saint of arriviste golfers; or Jimmy Carter, protector of down-home liberal farmers? ). Celebrities have their aura—a debased version of charisma” that stems from their all-powerful captivating presence. When it gets to the point of idolizing celebrities to the point of the being a religious icon, that’s when it gets a bit ridiculous. Our fascination with celebrities has gotten so out of hand that it has now become a disorder. After surveying more than 600 people, James Houran, a psychologist with the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, and his team of researchers from universities in the United States and Britain recently identified a psychiatric condition they have dubbed “celebrity worship syndrome. It’s an unhealthy interest in the lives of the rich and fabulous. According to the researchers, about a third of us have it to some degree. To measure people’s interest in celebrities, the group devised the celebrity worship scale. The three levels move from; Entertainment social: This is casual stargazing. The level of celebrity worship here is really quite mild: “My friends and I like to discuss how Ben could have moved from Gwyneth to J. Lo. ” Intense personal: The person seems to feel a connection with the star: “I consider Halle Berry to be my soul mate. Borderline pathological: Here, admiration has gone stalker-esque: “When he reads my love letters, Brad Pitt will leave Jennifer Aniston and live happily ever after with me. ” Many people argue that if we did not idolize and worship celebrities, then the whole media market would dissipate. This is a good point, yet many celebrities find it odd that we are so Page 2 fascinated with their lives. Take Angelina Jolie for example, she understands that people are going to wonder what’s going on in the world of celebrities, but she thinks that she is just like an other human being.

She can’t comprehend why people would be so obsessed over people like her. There is a war in Iraq, there are kids shooting at each other in school, there is a lack in funding for children’s education, yet the majority of us turn our heads away from those issues and focus on what religion Tom Cruise is today. Alesha T. Hardwick wrote argues this point well when she states, “There is increasing funding for education on all levels, especially inner-city schools. We need to stabilize the economy so students can find jobs when they get out of school.

We also need to teach our children to stop idolizing celebrities and starting idolizing those like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This list could go on, but the point is that society has lost sight of these issues and that could be dangerous. ” It is argued that we are still in tune with what is going on in the world. Sure, we have healthy competition going on for presidential candidates, and people are interested in that. But, rather than focusing on how they plan to make their changes happen, the media has to hit us with zinger sound bites of who insulted whom.

We need to get our heads in check and focus on what is really going on in the world around us. Not what is going on in a certain celebrity’s life. When we think of celebrities, we think of fame, money, glamour, and looks. People today are undergoing surgeries left and right to get that perfect body or that perfect face. But, most dangerously, people are doing whatever it takes to be skinny. Page 3 There are even T. V. shows that take people and give them a complete face and body transformation to look like their favorite celebrity, on of which is MTV’s I want a famous face.

Unfortunately there are no statistics for deaths related to plastic surgery, but many of the complications can be; infection, lasting nerve damage, a hole (perforation) in the bowel during abdominal procedures, blood clots, particularly in women taking birth control pills, skin tissue death (necrosis), especially in smokers and people with diabetes, Skin burn (during ultrasound-assisted liposuction from the heat of the ultrasound device), fluid in the lungs, shock, and worst of all, death.

Even with being well aware of these risks, people still go through with the procedures just so they can look more like their favorite celebrity. A big problem among the younger crowed of people fallowing celebrities is anorexia and bulimia. 20 to 35 percent of all people with eating disorders usually have anorexia or bulimia, and statistics show that about 10 percent of all teenage girls have one or the other. The number keeps increasing, and it is getting blamed on the youth trying to portray their bodies to be the same as other youth celebrities or even supermodels that are strutting down the runway.

There are people that think that it is healthy to live in this fashion, but these people are just plain ignorant. Eating disorders can be fatal, such as death by starvation. Even for those who survive, the eating disorders often cause much distress. 60 % of people with anorexia and 40 % of people with bulimia feel unwell. Common side effects of eating disorders are kidney problems, stomach problems, teeth problems, malnutrition and distorted nutrition balance. Psychiatric side effects can be alcoholism, drug abuse and suicide. In one study of patients with Anorexia, Page 4 5 % died within 12 years because of suicide, infections, stomach problems or malnutrition. Our youth needs to stop focusing on other celebrities and how they look, and they need to start focusing on more important thing, like their health. Based on the hard facts, it’s easy to see why I am against people being so fascinated with celebrities and their lives. We really should focus more on how are lives are being effected by everyday situations, and what is going on around the world. Unfortunately, not everyone sees things the same as I do.

So, there are still going to be those people out there that check the internet every five minutes to see how a certain celebrity couple is doing, there are still going to be those people that care more about where Brad and Angelina’s next baby is going to come from, and there are still going to be those people that don’t like the way they look, so they go and risk their life to change their appearance. I don’t agree with how unhealthily fascinated we are with celebrities, and I hope people start to see how much we are letting it take over our lives.


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