Library Management System

Scope and Delimitation The proposed system shall be dealing with the management of data taken from the library management such as the log book of the library. Reports that will be generated by the proposed system will be limited to predefined reports to be provided by the user such as their manual way of managing the library, while no ad-hoc reports will be provided. The proposed system shall be a network-based system and the programming language that will be used in its development is C# or Java with Apache as Web server. On security, the proposed system shall not allow access to unauthorized users.

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It can only be operated if the user provides the proper user name and password which is already validated by the database administrator of the system to be assigned by authorized personnel. Students, however, may borrow books without opening restricted files. Interview Guide Interviewee:______________ Date of Interview:______________ Interviewer/s:____________ _____________ _____________ 1. What is your existing system regarding the borrowing of books? 2. What are the problems that you encountered regarding your library system? 3.

If we are to propose an automated system, how would you want the system to work? 4. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages if this library system is implemented? 5. How would this system make your work easier than your existing system? 6. How often problems arose relating the use of log book? 7. How much are you willing to finance the system? 8. Do you think that the implementation of this system would lessen the work of the librarian? 9. Do you think that the system is beneficial to both students and librarian? 10. Can you show us the information regarding your library system?


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