Library Management System Essay

In today’s modern age where computing machine has become a manner of life. it is apparent that a bulk of country’s establishment still do non accommodate high engineering. Particularly in some schools. library minutess are still done on paper. We all know that modern school libraries are runing at great gait endeavoring to function as many pupils as possible with the best of their abilities. But as the old ages rolled by. the figure of survey has grown and the manual method of pull offing pupil and book records is no longer practical. A Library Management System is a system that makes usage of information engineering to execute managerial objects.

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The chief end of a library direction information system is to hive away. form. portion and recover critical information needed to execute day-to-day operational maps of the library. St. Matthew Academy of Cavite does non hold one. Since library has a really big figure of books and big figure of members. it is impossible for bibliothecs to manage twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities manually. Therefore. a library direction system is used to ease the undertakings in the library. With turning population and high demand of pupils. St. Matthew Academy of Cavite is in demand of such system.

And so this is the ground why the advocates came up with the thought of developing the system. By agencies of obtaining good public presentation of such system for the library. the degree of production and effectivity of the library will come on. Therefore. this proposal was conducted to develop a system that will minimise all paper plants and manual records maintaining. therefore leting the bibliothecs and staff easiness in maintaining path of pupil records. cut downing waiting clip and increasing the figure of pupils served – a system that is well-organized. efficient and user-friendly. Statement of the Problem.

We had observed that the St. Matthew Academy of Cavite Library does non hold a secured system to protect their records and files. The survey aims to reply the job. “How will the proposed system assure security for the files and records of the library? ” Some library cards and other files are misplaced or lost due to improper storage. The survey seeks answer to the job. “How will the proposed system maintain path and record all the files and information? ” Harmonizing to the librarian. paper plants and manual procedure consume a batch of clip which causes the minutess to be slow and inaccurate.

”How will the proposed system produce accurate and fast minutess? ” Importance of the Study St. Matthew Academy of Cavite is located in Niog 1. Bacoor Cavite that offers simple and high school classs owned by Mr Efren L. de Guzman ( School manager ) . In the School library. the procedures are done manually. A borrower should hold a library card ; this will function as library pass/identification to avail the privileges to each pupil of the school. The pupil may come in the book subdivision and hunt for a book. After taking a book. he/she will take it to the bibliothec.

The bibliothec will acquire the catalogue at the dorsum of the book and make full the inside informations on it. The pupil must give up his/her library card. Today. the sort of procedure they are utilizing is no longer convenient. With constitutions like St. Matthew Academy of Cavite. Library Management System is necessary. We are already in the stage wherein a batch of technological progresss are taking topographic point which makes the proposal really suited. Through the execution of the said system. better consequences and betterments will take topographic point and it will chiefly lend to the advancement of the constitution.

The users are the people for whom the system is being built for. Therefore. the Library direction system will assist fulfill the demands of the user. Particularly now that we are in the modern age where engineering has become portion of our lives. the system is really appropriate to carry through the ever-changing demands of users. The research workers are the one responsible for run intoing the user demands. The survey surely adds cognition and improves the researchers’ accomplishment in developing a functional system that would fulfill their clients.

The survey unleashes their ability to look into and come up with a system that makes them more effectual and productive research workers. For the hereafter research workers. the Library direction system works for little library constitution merely. Therefore. if the hereafter research workers will happen the system appealing. they can come up with new thoughts and heighten the system for a more utile and efficient system which can be used for larger libraries. Aims of the Study In general. the survey aims to supply a better system for the SMAC library that would assist the bibliothecs to do their work easier.

The system is created to replace the manual loaning. returning of books. Specifically it aims: 1. To be after for a system that will decrease all paper plants and manual processs to do minutess fast. accurate and accessible. 2. To analyse the map and public presentation of the library direction system. understand the user’s demand for the system. 3. To plan a user-friendly system that is secured and protected that will assist the users understand the maps and flow of the system. 4. To implement a system that will assist bibliothecs to maintain all the records and dealing manageable.

Time and Place of Study The proposed survey was conducted at St. Matthew Academy of Cavite. located at Niog 1. Bacoor. Cavite. in the twelvemonth 2012. Scope and Limitation In general. the focal point of the survey is to supply a better system for the SMAC library. The execution of the Library direction system will supply solutions for the bing jobs within the library. The Library direction system is intended to pull off the minutess traveling throughout the library. It will enable the user to run all the records that are entered to the system.

The system maintains the record of the books in the library. adoption and returning procedure of the books in the library. It includes the information of books such as rubric of the book. name of writer. the day of the month it was published. The terminal user of the system is the librarian or the one in charge of the library. which take attention of the minutess inside the library. Developments and effectivity are to be established in this proposal. However. every survey has its ain restriction. The restrictions of the system are the undermentioned: Faculty of Books – The user is capable of adding. redacting. and seeking of book information.

The members can seek for book rubric. writer or capable by keywords through the OPAC ( Public user interface ) . The OPAC merely displays consequence of the searched book. The members are non capable of redacting any records. The user is non capable of canceling records because this is an stock list. Faculty of Members – The user is capable of adding new members. redacting. seeking and updating member’s information. The user is non capable of canceling members in the database. Module of Borrowed Books – This faculty includes informations of books which are issued or borrowed. The user is capable of adding records about issue of books.

Faculty of Returned Books – This faculty includes informations of books which are returned. The user is capable of adding of records. Module of Unreturned books – This faculty includes the record of all unreturned books. Module of Penalty – This faculty includes informations of mulct on members for late return of books. harm of books or lost books. It does non include printing of reception. Module of Transaction – This Module includes the minutess of adoption and returning of books. and keeping records of the book inside informations. member info. day of the month borrowed. due day of the month. the day of the month returned and punishment. if any.

Definition of Footings Visual Basic – a scheduling linguistic communication created with the chief intent of learning coders and developers how to plan and develop GUI. Database- a aggregation of informations ( information ) on a specific subject stored in an organized mode. Record- all of the information listed for one peculiar point ( individual. topographic point or thing ) in the database file. Search/Find –an operation to turn up a particular record ( s ) that satisfies a statement or statements of standards. OPAC ( Public Interface of User ) – or merely Library Catalog is a database of stuffs held by a library or group of libraries.

Users search a library catalogprincipally to turn up books and other stuff physically located at a library. Circulation- or library loaning comprises the activities around the loaning of library books and other stuff to users of a loaning library. A circulation or loaning section is one of the cardinal sections of a library. Filipiniana- depository of stuffs sing the Philippines either published within or outside the state. authored by a Filipino or foreign authors every bit long as it is about the Philippines. This subdivision includes books in the different Fieldss of enterprise.

Reference – assorted books that are beginnings of information about different topics. They include lexicons. encyclopaedia. manual. and other informational books. Most books in the Reference Section may non be taken out so that they are ever available to those who need them. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Information System It has been a computing machine epoch. The computing machine revolution is greatly impacting the manner human’s life. The undertaking of the storage and retrieval for vest sum of information has been taken over about wholly by computing machine system.

The computing machine has made it possible to automatize much of the information interchange and processing that constitute the nervous system of the society. The computing machine system that provides the mechanization is normally called information system. It will be responsible for computing machine engineering for long term impact on society particularly in scientific discipline like in the field of wellness and medical specialty. chemical science. mineral geographic expedition. millitary tactics. finance. instruction. media and communications. economic sciences. athleticss. transit. picture taking and other related countries.

The information storage and retrieval is an active country of computing machine to assist related work both for hardware device and package system as it was stated. information storage and retrieval involves more than hardware devices and storage media entirely. To do the physical equipment readily. useable it is necessary to operation associated with it are to add information and others. While many people are excited about all these utilizations of computing machine. many others are concerned about the jobs like work supplanting. invasion. privateness. and the personalization in concern operatation.

The advantages of a new technologyb are frequently obvious but the problemas that may originate are much more hard to entree. ( Davis. 2005 ) Use Case Diagram A usage instance is a methodological analysis used on system analysis to place. clear up. and form system demands. The usage instance is made up of a set of possible sequences of interactions between systems and users in a peculiar environment and related to a peculiar end. It consists of a group of elements that can be used together in a manner that will hold an consequence larger than the amount of the separate elements combined should incorporate all system aactivities that have significance to the users.

A usage instance can be thought of as a aggregation of possible scenarios related to a peculiar end. so the usage instance and end are sometimes considered to be synonymous. ( Antoinette Michaella. 1999 ) Class Diagram A category diagram is an illustration of the relationships and beginning codification dependences among categories in the incorporate mold linguistic communication ( UML ) . In this context. a category defines the methods and variables in an object which is a specific entity in a plan or the unit of codification stand foring that entity. Class diagrams are utile in all signifiers of object oriented scheduling ( OOP ) .

The construct is several old ages old but has been refined as OOP patterning pardigms have evolved. The categories are arranged in groups that portion comon features. A category diagram resembles a flow chart in which categories are portrayed in boxes. Each box holding three rectangles indoors. The top rectangle contains the name of the category ; the in-between rectangle contains the properties of the category ; the lower rectangle contains the methods. besides called operations. of the category lines. which may hold pointers at one or both terminals. link the boxes. These lines define the relationship. besides called association. between the categories. ( Francis Michael. 2001 )

Related Studies on the Proposed Study Saint Vincent High School Library System The aim of Saint Vincent High School Library System is to impelement a system to ease the adoption of books in the school. The Library contributes to the quality of services offered in the academic community. doing it an first-class topographic point for survey and research. The Library is antiphonal units that have adapted and changed well over the old ages. ( Pomperada. 2011 ) El Segundo Unified School District Library System The School Libraries of the El Segundo Unified School District are profoundly involved with the El Segundo Public Library.

The Public Library portions the Automated Circulation and online Public Access Catalog System with the School Libraries. The School Libraries serve as subdivisions of the El Segundo Public Library. This coaction means the El Segundo Public Library Card is used at the School Libraries. Anyone sing the Public Library and utilizing the Online Public Access Catalog ( OPAC ) can turn up and bespeak any book in any of the libraries. Using the Interlibrary loan system. books are shared between the school libraries and the Public Library.

Books can besides be pooled together to help a instructor with a research assignment. UCV Library System The University of Cagayan Valley Library System is an of import portion of UCV instructions. These are the bosom and encephalon centres of the University. and particular topographic point to make research and thorough survey. The libraries provide each college with rational. up to day of the month high tech resources to back up its educational plans. ( Del Rosario. 2008 ) Table 1 shows the comparing of local surveies features with the characteristics of the proposed system. |FEATURES |SVHS |ESUSD

|UCV |SMAC | |Checking of punishments | | | | | |Viewing of records | | | | | |Updating of Records | | | | | |Adding of Members | | | | | |OPAC | | | | | Table 2. Comparison of Local Studies features with the Proposed Study Legend: SVHS- Saint Vincent High School ESUSD – El Segundo Unified School District UCV – University of Cagayan Valley METHODOLOGY The Model chosen for the survey is Waterfall Model. The following are the confirmation stages: Figure 1. Waterfall Model The Planning Phase. the research workers determine the nature and range of the development. In this stage. the research worker gathered all the information about their procedure.

The process was conducted by questioning the librarian to larn the procedure of borrowing books from the library. The librarian provided sufficient and utile information on how the manual adoption of books in the library is conducted. The system’s physical interface. informations purpose. etc. . was reviewed by the research workers. The Analysis Phase. the research workers analyzed the user’s demands for the system. In this stage. the system shall be defined in more item with respect to system inputs. procedures. end products and interfaces. The system shall be described in footings of the maps to be performed.

The papers for system testing was prepared in this stage. The Design Phase. depict how the proposed system will be built. It defines the specifications. programs. parametric quantities. activities. procedures. The research workers designed a well-structured GUI to do it allow for the users. It must be user-friendly and secured. The Testing Phase. a peculiar procedure or method for seeking or measuring. The system needs to be evaluated and tested before it will be used in SMAC Library. A sequence of trial was held by the advocates to stress all possible jobs that may happen.

The Implementation Phase. the transporting out. executing or pattern of a design. It encompasses all the procedures involved in acquiring new package or hardware runing decently in its environment. including installing. constellation and running. testing and doing neccesary alterations. The Maintenance Phase. the last stage of the system wherein all countries of operations and maintenace are performed. The system is being used and monitored to guarantee that it meets the demands ab initio stated in the planning stage. ———————– Design Maintenance Implementation Testing Analysis Planning.


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