Levi’s Strauss: a case study from an organizational plan point of view Essay

Levis is doubtless one of the most recognizes trade name of denims on the planet. The concern found by the Strauss household in 1875. ab initio manufactured denims for mineworkers out of collapsible shelter cloth and canvas. However they subsequently shifted to fabricating denims from jean which gained popularity amongst mineworkers during the California gold haste.

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Strategic elements of an organizational program

The procedure of developing strategic elements of an organizational program involves three wide classs.

Analysing: Levi’s Strauss analysed its visions. mission aims and external environments. This meant rating of the current market portion and its cleavage. merchandise scope of rivals and what the company may desire to make about it.

Decision: From the findings of the analysis. the company had to make up one’s mind on two chief factors. What industries to seek and spread out into and how to be competitory in those industries. As such Levi commissioned market research bureaus to transport out study and research on the wonts and attitudes of its client base. This was all done with the thought of traveling into the higher monetary value vesture market since up until now Levi has largely produced insouciant wear of the low monetary value class. After such quantitative studies the mark market was selected.

This mark market comprised of Independent consumers with expensive gustatory sensations looking for authoritative designs which are non massed produced and rely on single styling and adjustment. It was so decided by Levi to transport out analysis of its mark market in order to analyze their attitudes and behavior in inside informations so that farther programs to come in the specific market section can be made.

It was decided by Levi to avoid direct monetary value wars and as a consequence Levi decided to bear down 10 % above the monetary values of it closest rivals. In order to provide to the authoritative independent nature of the mark market section. Levi besides decided to administer through quality departmental shop ironss.

The concluding phase of the determination doing procedure involved transporting out trials for acceptableness. This was done through the usage of consumer treatment panels led by psychologists and were targeted at seeking out the existent motives behind the manner the mark market behaved. This led to the apprehension that Levi was non merely ready to bring forth authoritative suits because of the association of its trade name individuality and value with insouciant standardized apparels and its strong ties and beginnings to denims related vesture. This in bend led to the selling squad to concentrate on jackets and pants instead than suits so that it can foremost get the better of its image for insouciant dress.

Actions: The concluding measure in the procedure for developing strategic elements for organizational program involved the procedure of conveying all that be aftering and determination devising to world. The determination was made by Matthew to underscore chiefly on jackets and pants in its new Tailored Classicss line and so the initial thought of suits was dropped before the new line was launched.

The organizational program developed by Levi in order to travel into new market sections. chiefly the higher priced vesture market when put into consequence. showed marks of underperformance. This was chiefly because of the determination to abandon the fabrication of suits based on its acceptableness trial findings. Those findings convinced the sellers in Levi to accept that Levi was excessively closely associated with insouciant merely wear and clients were non favorable of the thought of Levi bring forthing authoritative natured suits of non standardised but custom form and gustatory sensation. It was later apparent that Tailored Classics failed to accomplish its gross revenues marks in the attendant months after its launch.

Strategic effects on an organizational program

The execution procedure of the organizational program drawn up by Levi involved implementing its assorted quantitative and behavorial reseach findings in its concluding executing of the organizational program. This meant traveling off from its initial determination to bring forth what the mark client section wants and fabricating jackets and pants alternatively. The determination was made on the footing of accpetability trial consequences. In order to get the better of the underperformance of the Tailored Classics line in its inital few months monetary values were reduced to run into gross revenues marks which failed critically. The effects of these on the stakeholders was reduced returns for the investors. and a deficiency of religion in the trade names ability to provide to the usage independent authoritative demand andconseuquential underperformance of the trade name impeding its trade name enlargement.

Scheme to pass on organizational programs to identify interest holders

To come up with an feasible program. the Levi public dealingss had to work through a sequence of stairss.

The first of such stairss was puting out a communicating aim. Ideally. whatever the aim is. it is best effectual if its particular. mensurable. accomplishable and realistic. The communications objective for Levi was to convey to the client that Matthew is able to do a good suit when they put their head to it despite its beginnings being in the denims fabrication industry and its past history of largely insouciant merely apparels.

Second The Levi staff had to come up with a cardinal message to its interest holders. The most of import stakeholders group. the consumers themselves were made aware of the message with the aid of the name for the new line “Tailored Classic” . This conveyed the thought that Levi is prosecuting in the fabrication of non standardised usage authoritative wear that were more trim to the clients single demand.

Having decided upon the overruling cardinal message each seprate group of stakeholders were prioritised and a seperate cardinal message was set for them in order to do certain that most of the stakeholders were addressed and no 1 felt left out despite the purpose of targetting the new line at the higher monetary values market.

Different communications tactics had to be developed for each of the interest holders groups. runing from the consumer. the media. the investors and the givers and voluntaries involved with Levi.

Finally the budgets and duties were decided upon by the Levi managers based on their studies and were allocated amongst its different sections and staff.


Following all the stairss sing execution of the strategic elements of the organizational program and the procedure of pass oning with the assorted stakeholders. Levi had to guarantee that it was wrking to accomplish the nonsubjective set. And depending on the consequences of the assorted studies and research. get downing from the consumer behavior forms and disbursement wonts. the analysis of its mark client section and eventually the acceptableness trial of its new line before its launch all in term one by one allowed Matthew to reexamine and alter its cardinal messages. communicating tactics and eventually its aims. Ths led to the concluding determination to concentrate largely on the jackets and pants market instead than the trim suits market because of the deficiency of the consumer assurance in Levi’s ability to bring forth trim suits that meets single reuqirements. Overall the appraisal and rating procedure contributed to a great extent in the concluding determination to present the new line in a much different signifier than intitally percieved.


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