Levels Of Deprivation Amongst Different Ward Of Canterbury Economics Essay

This essay is traveling to compare the degrees of want amongst the different wards of the Canterbury territory ( Barton, Northgate, St Stephens, Westgate and Wincheap ) . I will do comparings utilizing statistical informations from the Office of National Statistics[ 1 ], in peculiar I will concentrate of factors such as educational attainment, physical environment and the lodging stock ( lodging stock and figure of people populating in families ) .

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Canterbury is a reasonably little metropolis in the south E of England. Canterbury has a population of 148,100 ( mid-year 2008 estimation ) 1. Canterbury territory has the largest population of any local country in Kent. In 2000, the territory besides experienced the 2nd largest population growing ( +9 % ) of any Kent territory with the exclusion of Ashford. This is partly because of the exponential addition of pupils ; this is due to the rapid enlargement of the Canterbury Universities, the University of Kent, Canterbury Christ Church University, and the University College for the Creative Arts and most late GAU ( The Girne American University ) . With an estimated 45,000 pupils[ 2 ]go toing Canterbury ‘s four universities and farther instruction colleges each twelvemonth, bring forthing money and employment for the local economic system. In add-on touristry is a really important constituent of the local economic system and in 2000, harmonizing to statistics, supported an estimated 4692 occupations and generated about ?132,000,000 in outgo[ 3 ].

Canterbury is in theA City of CanterburyA local authorities territory. The metropolis ‘s urban country consists of the six wardsA of Barton, Harbledown, Northgate, St Stephens, Westgate, and Wincheap. These wards are electoral wards which have 15 of the 50 seats on theA CanterburyA City Council. Twelve of these seats are held by theA Liberal DemocratsA and three by theA Conservatives. This is really good to the metropolis as it means the different countries can be controlled separately, so occupants can set frontward thoughts and inquire inquiries to their wards. Politicians who will seek and assist will seek and assist their occupants. This is besides really utile as there are two political parties as they will hold different positions and purposes. This is valuable as each of the wards is really different. Each has a different manner of lodging, including a big creative activity in the family size. Besides the environmental quality varies greatly across the wards.

Within most metropoliss there is considerable fluctuation in the quality of life. This raises inquiries about equality of chance and societal justness. In MEDCs, there are countries that are labelled as hapless and these are countries of want, poorness and exclusion. In MEDCs these are frequently inner-city countries or ghettos. The factors associated with want are varied. Urban poorness and want can be measured utilizing a figure of indices ; these include physical steps ; such as quality of lodging, degrees of pollution, incidence of offense etc, societal indexs ; including degrees of wellness and entree to services, and criterion of instruction etc, economical indices ; entree to employment, and unemployment degrees and political steps which include chances to vote and take portion in community administrations. Major issues within interior metropoliss in MEDCs are that belongingss have deteriorated and the bulk of them are overcrowded families. Social segregation is another chief job along with racial favoritism, an illustration of this is in Brixton where people are socially excluded. To reason the environmental issues besides have a large issue on an countries want. When the mills move to locations outside of the interior metropolis, where land monetary values are cheaper, the mills will be left to disintegrate, and the hapless province of fix causes a cheerless environment. Besides in interior metropolis frequently has a deficiency of unfastened infinite, with pollution degrees frequently being high due to traffic congestion.

After the industrial revolution people became progressively affluent. This led to societal segregation, the wealthier people moved out of interior metropolis suburbs. Peoples left in the interior metropolis were older occupants, individual parent households, pupils, and poorer households. In add-on the cultural minorities were left buttocks in the interior metropolis suburbs- formation of ghettos. Centrifugal motion, in peculiar counter urbanization increase the job. The motion of concerns to out of interior metropolis countries leads to increasing unemployment degrees as there are less employment chances available in the interior metropolis, this will all finally lead to the metropolis going a ‘dead bosom ‘ . In add-on the remotion of concerns causes a loss of money from the country so there is small money available to put in betterments. Furthermore out-of-town shopping Centres mean that less affluent people from the interior metropolis are deprived of better stores as they might be less nomadic, or can non afford to go out of the metropolis every clip they wish to shop.

Barton ward is Canterbury ‘s largest ward, in footings of land, in the local Canterbury country. Barton ward is situated in the South of Canterbury. This ward/area is peculiarly sought after by many including households and pensionaries. The Barton Ward is home to 8,051 occupants ( 2008 estimation ) 1, with 28 % being within the 25-49 age set and 26 % within the pensionary quartile. Within this ward are many different spiritual occupants belonging to a assortment of spiritual groups. The bulk of the occupants are Christian 78.4 % , nevertheless there are 1.3 % Muslim, 0.9 % Hindu and 0.4 % Buddhist, the remainder of the occupants either blond to another faith, the remainder of the occupants either belong to another faith, non spiritual or their faith was non recorded when roll uping the information in the 2001 nose count. By holding a assortment of faiths so it gives the occupants a greater cultural consciousness. In add-on, 77 % of the 8,051 occupants had achieved 5 or more A* to C class base on ballss, including English and Maths, at GCSE or equivalent between 2008 and 2009.Picture1.png

As antecedently mentioned the South of Canterbury and the Barton ward is a peculiarly sought after country. Local Canterbury estate agents describe the country as ‘South Canterbury is the most esteemed and sought after countries within easy range of the metropolis and local comfortss ‘ – Godwin Curtis and ‘one of Canterbury ‘s premier residential locations ‘ – Regal Estates. The Barton ward had 677 homes in March 2008. The mean value of belongings gross revenues, utilizing average norms, in 2008 are a batch higher than the norm of the whole of Canterbury. With all homes at ?228,000 ; flats at ?172,500 ; terraced houses ?202,500 ; semi-detached houses ?250,000 and detached houses at ?375,000. All of the belongings values are significantly higher than the average norm of England at merely ?174,500. Another of import factor when measuring an countries want is the countries physical environment including land usage. In January 2005, the Barton ward had a really high per centum of green infinite, 88.9 % and an extra 5.3 % of domestic gardens. So the Barton ward has a really big figure of green infinite, 94.2 % . By holding this high figure, occupants can hold a high quality of life as the environmental quality of the country is besides really high. Large green infinites are indispensable as they provide an country for occupants to loosen up, and be off from their busy working lives. So to reason the Barton ward has a really low want degree ; the latest Index of Multiple Deprivation ( IMD ) for this country was rank 25,186 out of 32,482 in England, where 1 was the most disadvantaged and 32,482 the least. This is calculated by utilizing the undermentioned factors ( some evaluated above ) , income ; employment ; instruction, accomplishments ; wellness ; lodging and services ; the life environment ; and offense.

St Stephens ward is the 2nd largest ward in Canterbury, in footings of population. St Stephens ward is situated in the North of Canterbury, it covers countries such as Hales Place and St Stephens and other nearby countries. The St Stephens ward has 9,036 occupants ( 2008 estimation ) 1, with a important 47 % being pupils as it is really near to the University of Kent, where 16,000 survey. To back up this lone 11 % of people aged 50 and over unrecorded in this country. This figure is really little in comparing to the Barton ward. Similarly to the Barton Ward, St Stephens besides has a broad scope of different spiritual civilizations. Again the bulk of occupants are Christian 68 % , besides 1.5 % is Muslim, and 0.7 % is Hindu. However 28.8 % have either no faith, the faith was non stated or more likely the faith was non recorded when statistical studies took topographic point. Quite significantly 60 % of the occupants of the ward achieved 5 or more A* to C class base on ballss, including English and Maths, at GCSE or equivalent between 2008 and 2009. This figure is higher than the per centums achieve in the Canterbury territory and England norm. This could be due to the University of Kent being within the top 40 universities in the UK so the entry demands will be reasonably high.

Many households and pensionaries avoid life in the North of Canterbury because of the big pupil population. So this makes the belongings values hard to value as many of the houses in the ward have been converted into pupil suited lodging, where they were originally 3-4 sleeping room household houses now they are 6-7 sleeping room pupil houses. Besides the status of pupil houses is stereotypically described as untidy and non good maintain, true in most instances. Therefore these will all impact the belongings values nevertheless the average norm of all homes in 2008 was ?220,000. Following this are flats at ?155,000 ; terraced houses at ?193,500 ; semi-detached houses ?225,000 and eventually detached houses at ?308,000.However many houses in this ward are rented to pupils. The mean rent monetary value for a terraced house in this country is ?615 – ?837. This is reasonably low in comparing with other countries in the remainder of England.

St Stephens ward has a immense 38.1 % of green infinite, a batch of this coming from the University Fieldss, which the University of Kent are pleased approximately what as they believe pupils work better and accomplish better classs in a nicer and more calming environment. The latest Index of Multiple Deprivation ( IMD ) for this country was rank 25,289 out of 32,482 in England, where 1 was the most disadvantaged and 32,482 the least.

A ward really similar in many ways to St Stephens ward is the Westgate ward. Westgate ward is really near the metropolis Centre and stretches from the underside of the metropolis Centre, Westgate Towers up to the St Stephens ward. The Westgate ward is home to 15,847 occupants ( 2008 occupants ) 1, with the bulk of the occupants being aged between 16 and 24, this cohort is 34 % of the occupants. This is closely followed by an besides really high per centum of people aged

between 0 and 15. From this you can state that the Westgate ward has a really high birth rate in comparing with the other Canterbury wards. Notably there is a little population of elderly people 50-64 nevertheless there is a rise in the figure of people populating in the ward that are aged 65 and over. This could be because of a few grounds, in peculiar they may few that they need to be near to services such as stores and medical services such as infirmaries as they may non drive and they may prefer to be near to neighbors instead than secluded in a rural country in instance there is a job. Likewise there is another broad scope of spiritual communities. There is a reasonably moderate 1.2 % of Muslim and this figure is closely followed by Buddhists at 0.8 % . The Northgate ward has no record of educational attainment, so hence no decision can be made from the instruction statistics of this ward. However the mean value of belongings gross revenues, in 2008 was low in comparing with the remainder of Canterbury. The norm of all homes ?179,998 in this ward but the mean monetary value of all homes in Canterbury is ?195,000. Flatss are valued at ?165,000 ; terraced houses at ?197,500 ; semi-detached houses at ?185,000 ; and detached houses at ?265,000. Equally good as belongings monetary values being low, there is besides a really high per centum of non-domestic edifices within this ward, a immense 21.8 % this is about dual the per centum of domestic edifices at 12.8 % . The physical environment of the Westgate ward is reasonably different to the remainder of the wards as there is minimum green infinite. The latest Index of Multiple Deprivation ( IMD ) for this country was rank 25,190 out of 32,482 in England, where 1 was the most disadvantaged and 32,482 the least.

The Wincheap ward covers the West of Canterbury country. Along with the St Stephens ward, there is a reasonably high population of 8,779 people ( 2008 estimation ) 1, with a moderate per centum of them being within the 16-24 age cohort, 46 % , the 2nd highest figure in the Canterbury country. The ground for this could be the belongings values being reasonably low, all being below the average norm for Canterbury. Of the 622 homes in this ward, the mean value of belongings gross revenues, in 2008, flats average was ?177,500 ; terraced houses, ?183,000 ; semi-detached houses ?173,000. However the Office of National Statistics has no record of an mean monetary value for degage houses, this could be because of two grounds ; either, the Wincheap ward does non hold any degage houses, there were either none built or they have been converted into flats so they are categorised as flats non as detached houses. Or when the Office of National Statistics collected informations they did non roll up informations for degage houses. This is a job when comparing between the wards of Canterbury, as there is informations losing.

To go on the Wincheap ward has the highest per centum of spiritual groups in Canterbury, with a high 0.8 % of Buddhist and Muslim. These figures are about double the value of Canterbury. Besides there is a low per centum of Christians, 64.3 % , this is 10 % lower than the Canterbury norm. By holding these high degrees of spiritual communities within an country there is no big separation between the different faiths, cut downing the want degrees to some as they still have entree to the big scope of services and installations available. The Wincheap ward besides has no record of educational attainment, so hence no decision can be made from the instruction statistics of this ward. Furthermore the land usage in the Wincheap ward has a high per centum of non-domestic edifices. This is perchance due to the Wincheap industrial estate, which has invited several big concerns such as Jim morrisons, Argos, and Staples ; there are besides several warehouse type edifices in the estate. The physical environment besides has a big per centum of roads in comparing with the other wards of Canterbury. Wincheap ward has 15 % of route and the remainder of the Canterbury wards have about 10 % . Finally there is besides a reasonably low per centum of green infinite and domestic gardens in comparing with the other wards. This could intend that the occupants of the Wincheap ward may non experience as relaxed and may experience that they are deprived of big green infinite, where they can wind off. The latest Index of Multiple Deprivation ( IMD ) for this country was rank 21,699 out of 32,482 in England, where 1 was the most disadvantaged and 32,482 the least.

Finally the last ward left in the local Canterbury territory is the Northgate ward. Northgate ward is the smallest ward in the Canterbury country. The ward is home to 8,779 people ( 2008 estimation ) 1. The Northgate is besides place to the largest figure of 16-25 twelvemonth olds, a immense 48 % of the entire wards population. On the other manus, this ward besides has a really low per centum of people aged 50 and over. In the Northgate ward is a reasonably high population of the Muslim community, 1.7 % this is really high in comparing with the norm of Canterbury, which is merely 0.6 % . In add-on to the Muslim community there are besides other spiritual occupants who belong to the Buddhist faith 0.5 % . So overall in the Northgate ward there is a reasonably low Christian population and a reasonably high Muslim population. Similarly to the Westgate ward, the Northgate ward norm value of belongings gross revenues in 2008 was below the Canterbury norm and merely above the average norm for England. The follow are the values of all the belongingss in the Northgate ward. Flatss are valued at ?177,500 ; terraced houses at ?183,000 ; and eventually ?173,000. Finally the physical environment of the Northgate ward is reasonably common, as it is similar to the bulk of the remainder of the Canterbury wards. There is a moderate per centum of green infinite 35.8 % but a little per centum of domestic gardens at merely 7.8 % . The latest Index of Multiple Deprivation ( IMD ) for this country was rank 11,167 out of 32,482 in England, where 1 was the most disadvantaged and 32,482 the least. So therefore the Northgate ward is the most deprived in the whole of the local Canterbury territory.

After measuring all of the Canterbury wards, I can reason that even though Canterbury is a reasonably little metropolis, it has a really high per centum, 83.2 % of green infinite as a land usage. From this you can see Canterbury has a batch of unfastened infinites where occupants can take a interruption, relax and bury about their busy work life. This is besides seen in the per centum of domestic gardens, 6.1 % , this is 2 % above the value for the whole of England. In add-on Canterbury has a big, broad assortment of different services available from the new shopping composite, Whitefriars, the high street, recreational services such as a film, bowling back street, and ice rink. To go on there are besides several outstanding secondary schools, two of them grammar, Barton Court and Simon Langton Boys and Girls. Likewise offense degrees in Canterbury are really low in comparing to the remainder of England. All of these factors have a major impact on Canterbury want. Overall Canterbury has a really moderate degree of want ranked 190 out of 354, where 1 is the most disadvantaged. This is judged on a national degree.

Canterbury has seen successful renovation strategies. There have been major conveyance betterments e.g. Park and Ride strategy, which has improved handiness to metropolis Centres. It has besides helped to cut down degrees of pollution and so quality of life has been improved. Another reasonably recent undertaking in Canterbury was the Whitefriars development. This involved making a big modern styled shopping country, designed similar to big shopping composites such as Bluewater and Lakeside. This attracted many big companies and designer trade names to Canterbury. So along with the improved entree, Canterbury additions many visitors/tourists, many of them sing the Whitefriars composite.

However there are many other strategies which have been unsuccessful. The high-rise flats were a catastrophe and many gentrification strategies had limited success. The traditional civilization of cardinal countries has been threatened by the razing of historic edifices. There has besides been a failure to undertake the implicit in economic jobs of high unemployment. This means that poorness and its associated societal, economic & A ; environmental jobs still remain in these countries. In general there has been a deficiency of long term planning with excessively many different strategies.

However there are a few strategies which have caused some contention. A chief issue is related to the rapid enlargement of the assorted universities situated around the metropolis, and the exponential addition in the figure of pupils in the metropolis. With this figure being so high, more adjustment and lodging demands to be provided. This has meant ‘student metropoliss ‘ have been built, taking to the bulk of north Canterbury ( in peculiar St Stephens Ward, but besides Westgate Ward ) , being overcrowded with pupils. With the big pupil population many households feel pressured to travel house because of the jobs that are typically associated with pupils, i.e. noise and auto parking. With many people traveling to other countries, belongings developers have ‘hit the kitty ‘ . They are change overing what were originally typical 3-4 sleeping room household houses into a 6-7 sleeping room pupil houses. Canterbury City Council and the Government have realised this state of affairs so hold late introduced a HMOs ( Houses in Multiple Occupation ) strategy, where be aftering permission demands to be granted to enable the house to be converted so it is suited for multiple business. This strategy has caused many ailments and statements as households populating in the country will hold a battle to sell their house as no 1 will purchase it other than developers and developers will merely purchase it if it has been granted a HMO, and this is down to the council ‘s determination. So if they do non allow the policy so it will forestall the household from traveling or do it really hard. This has caused a batch issues with occupants, an article in a Canterbury local paper[ 4 ]wrote ‘residents are fearfulA proposed alterations to statute law regulating applications for houses in multiple business ( HMOs ) could tip the balance between pupil Lashkar-e-Taibas and household places. Concerns have besides been expressed over the anti-social behaviourA of a minority of pupils ‘ . I personally believe that strategies like this demand to be reconsidered and perchance amended.


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