Lesson Plan

Detailed Lesson plan in Science and Health Grade III I. Objective 1) Classify foods according to the three basic food groups. 2) State that eating the right kind of foods in the right amount is necessary for ones growth and development. 3) Maintain good health habits. II. Subject Matter A. Topic:The Food You Eat Ref:T. M. Science and Health 3 pp. 47-49 T. X. Science and Health 3 pp. 56-59 B. Concept: Go, Grow and Glow foods are the basic food groups needed by children. Eating a variety of nutritious food in the right amount is necessary for one growth and development. C. Values:

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Good Health habits Learning the importance of nutritious foods D. Processes:Observing, Describing, Classifying E. Materials:Cut out pictures of different kinds of foods III. Procedure Teacher’s Activities Student Activities A. Preparatory Activities 1) Daily class routine 1. 1) Prayer 1. 2) Checking of attendance Teacher’s Activities B. Review of the past lessons Let’s have a review from our lesson yesterday. Let me test you if you have something remembered. From whom do children get their characteristics? Yes, Joey. Yes, that’s why children have some similarities to their parents.

Now, let’s go to our next topic. C. Motivation Before we start our lesson proper, I have prepared a song “Food Habits”. This will be related to our next topic. Let’s sing it together to the tune of “Paro-Parong Bukid” Do you eat three good meals? Do you eat this on time? Do you have a good diet? And enjoy while you eat? Do you chew food slowly? Do you eat properly? Do you have food habits? Are they good food habits? Do you want to share them? And teach others too. Do you eat three good meals? Maricel, what did you eat at breakfast? How about you Alora, what did you eat at lunch? Students Activities

Children got their characteristic from their parents. (Student will sing it together) Yes, we do. I ate one serving of rice with fish. I ate vegetable with one cup of rice as my lunch. Let’s talk about your supper, what do you mostly prepared? Yes, Elmer? All are correct, all the foods you eat have three kinds and that is our lesson for today. D. Presentation Class, I have some pictures of different foods we eat. You are going to put it on the chart according to its classification. Picture 1 Noel, what do you see in the picture? Correct! Where do you think it belongs? Very good!

Paste the picture to a chart. Picture 2 Abraham, what is it? Yes, and pineapple is a kind of fruit. Do you think it is in go foods? Put it on the chart. Picture 3 How about this? What is it? It’s also a fruit, and if it is a fruit Gerald, what kind of food is it? I mostly prepared fried egg for supper It’s rice. I think it belong to Go foods. (Student will get it and put it on a row of go foods) It’s pineapple. It is in glow foods. (Abraham will put it on glow foods) A fruit belongs in glow foods. (Student paste it on the chart) Teacher Activities Picture 4 Jimbo, where does this fish belong?

Bright idea! Kindly paste it on the chart. Picture 5 Let’s go to the last picture. It’s our favorite to cook if there’s visitor. Where do you think these chickens belong? Anyone at the back. Melanie, put it on the chart where it belongs. Correct! It is in grow foods. Later, in our discussion, you’ll find out why those foods are belongs in go foods, the other is in glow foods, and grow foods. E. Discussion and Analysis One of our daily routine in our life is eating. We prepare food for our breakfast, lunch, snacks and supper. In preparing food, we must consider the three classification of food.

It is the go foods, the grow foods and the third one is glow foods. Lets go first to Go foods. Everybody, eyes on the board and read the meaning of go foods. Class, now we know the meaning of go foods, can you give another example? Student Activities It belongs in grow foods. (Student will paste it on chart) (Melanie will put it on the Grow foods) Ma’am, I think it is grow foods because chicken help us to grow. (Students will read the lecture) Go foods are the fat and carbohydrates rich food. These are the starchy foods like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes.

They give us energy which we can use for work and play. Teachers Activities Jane, give another example of go foods. Correct! Myrna, please stand up. How about oatmeal. Is it a kind of go foods? Excellent! Children, what does your mother cook if there’s an occasion such as birthday? Elsa, will you please answer the question? Do you think it is a go food? Very good. Is there any example? Okay Reggie, what is it? Again, what is go foods? Everybody read. Next kind of foods is grow foods. Let’s find out if what foods belong to this kind of food. Everybody read the meaning.

Please make it clear and analyze because afterwards, you will give an example of it. Everybody read. Student Activities Another example of go foods is cassava. Yes ma’am. Oatmeal belongs to go foods because it’s kind of cereal and it is more on carbohydrates. Mother prepares to cook especially spaghetti and pancit. Yes, because it’s a pasta and it is starchy. The cup cake or any other cake is another example of go foods because it is starchy (Everybody will read the meaning of go foods). Grow foods is also called protein-rich foods. They are good for the growth and development of our body.

They help our body grow and repair injuries. They are the meat poultry, fish, chesses, beans and legumes and nuts. Teacher Activities Now, you give your own example. Yes, Elmer. Correct! Shiela, give an example of meat poultry. Other example. Yes, Charlene. How about egg and milk, It is grow foods? Yes or no? Charisse, what do you think? Nice! What a brilliant idea. Is there any question? Did you understand the grow foods? Well, before we start the last kind of food, Let’s first sing our popular song, “Bahay Kubo”. Everybody sing. Do you know class, that some foods in Bahay Kubo is a kind of glow foods.

Let’s read the meaning to find out why it is a glow food. Everybody read. Students Activities Bangus, because it is kind of fish. Chicken joy is one example of meat poultry. Ma’am, it’s a pork and beef. I think egg and milk is grow food because it is the products from an animals that produced meat. Yes we are. Bahay kubo, kahit munti ang hal;aman doon ay sari-sari Singkamas at talong, sigarilyas at mabni Sitaw, bataw, patani, kundol, patola Upo’t kalabasa, at saka meron pa Labanos, mustasa, sibuyas, kamatis Bawang at luya. Sa paligid ligid ay puno ng linga. Teacher Activities

Again, let’s enumerate some vegetables included in bahay- Kubo. Give one, Aileen. Correct! Another example, Melissa. There still more vegetables in Bahay- Kubo. Give one, Jimbo. Yes, it is right. Another, Bernard. How about the “kundol”, “upo” and “patola”? Are they glow foods? There are so many examples of glow foods, the green leafy vegetables and all the fruits. F. Generalization We should eat the right kind of food in the right amount so that our body will grow and develop well. Eating foods of right kind and right amounts will give us the nutrients needed by our body.

Again, what are those kinds of food that we should eat? And with these, we can have a strong and healthy body then we can do great things. Students Activities Glow foods are rich in vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are found in fruits and vegetables. They make our body function well and become strong and healthy. Eggplant is vegetables so it belongs to glow foods. Another vegetables in Bahay-Kubo is squash. Radish, it is also considered as vegetables. Yes, they are. The three kinds of food we should eat are the go foods, glow foods and the grow foods.


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