Learnings In Psychology Of Learning And Teaching Education Essay

There is a whole universe in the psychological science of acquisition and instruction. What this country has to offer can make full up an full library. It is so infinite. In the 5 Saturdays that I attended the Ed 253 category on Psychology of Learning and Teaching, there is so much to state in so small infinite and clip. In touching on as much theories that I can, I shall utilize my ain experiences as both instructor and pupil at the same clip, as a springboard to unleash my acquisitions on the rich content of the topic.

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The class started with a treatment on acquisition and phases of larning. Learning was defined as a comparatively lasting alteration in behaviour due to see. Equally early as the first lesson, experience already appeared as an of import constituent of larning. In my ain experiences, I have been cognizant of things that I do which I do non cognize yet what is technically called. For illustration, in all of my M.A. topics, I learned the proficient footings for certain schemes that I was already making in the schoolroom. More frequently than non, I find myself runing under a rule which is technically labeled under a certain field of survey. I think this is true non merely in the schoolroom but for our ain practical lives outside our workplace, be it in school or in an office scene.

I was besides introduced to the construct of conditioning. This was really apparent to me in listening to certain vocals for illustration. I tend to attach memories to certain vocals so that when these vocals are played on the wireless, the corresponding memory surfaces in my consciousness. This is besides true for the schoolroom scene. It brought me to the realisation that I have to be a positive figure to promote larning amongst my pupils. In one of my categories for illustration where most of the pupils are natural Filipino talkers, I have to make out to them and be able to “ sell ” my topics to them so that they would non attach a negative bearing to me and accordingly to the topic English itself which is their Waterloo. This is where positive support comes in as an effectual tool.

The class besides served as a refresher in reminding me of certain larning schemes that I can both learn my pupils and usage in my ain M.A. classes – mnemonics, sketching, function, PQ4R which comes as SQR ( Survey, Question, Read ) in our Reading categories, and planning.

In acquisition and instruction, intelligence is inevitable to advert. I was opened to the thought that intelligence comes in different signifiers and the definition of which depends merely on whom you ask and what subject you are covering with. Under a overplus of definitions, come about as many sorts of intelligence – other than the popular I.Q. or intelligent quotient, there are multiple intelligences, emotional intelligences, practical intelligence. In a schoolroom of 40, it would be difficult to include all multiple intelligences in your lesson program for illustration. As I am cognizant of, our collaborative lesson program does non ever touch on each intelligence. But it serves as a challenge for us instructors to include as much intelligence in our lesson programs as possible. Besides, I.Q. is non the lone intelligence that should be considered as of import. In the opposite terminal of the spectrum comes emotional intelligence which besides proves to be a large factor in finding success, although hard to mensurate. This is besides one ground why some of the richest people, though faced with a batch of failures in their early lives, thrived and succeeded subsequently on. I do believe that E.Q. should be given accent every bit early as pre-school and I am besides glad that our Child Development Center measures non merely I.Q. but E.Q. which is every bit as of import, if non, more of import. Besides, practical intelligence can be honed in school by giving pupils a certain degree of independency and exposing them to assorted experiences and scenarios.

Each has his ain personalities and our acquisition and thought manners differ depending on our penchant. A thought manner is non an ability but a penchant. Knowing this helps us understand why some activities fit us while others do n’t. In the same manner, it helps us recognize why other thought manners work for others while they do n’t for us.

Having read the press release entitled, “ Cognitive Constraints on Multimedia Learning: When Showing More Material Results in Less Understanding ” , the consequences came out as a surprise for me. The experiments proved that adding on-screen text to a narrative in an life produces poorer public presentation in keeping memory. The redundancy consequence occurs because of an overload in the ocular information-processing channel. In my ain experience, I find exchanging on captions on DVDs more helpful in understanding the film better. In some instances, non all duologues in films are comprehendible and actors/actresses eat their words. This is where captions come in as a great assistance for me. Then once more, it is a penchant and I may be an anomalousness to a greater population for whom the generalisations of the experiments apply.

In another note, we may be introverts or extraverts and under each differ in more specific typologies. For illustration, I remember that my trial consequences yielded that I was ISTJ in 3rd twelvemonth high school. After taking the same trial in our Ed 253 category, the same consequences came out. Knowing your typology can greatly help you in understanding yourself and how you can larn best.

Metacognition is a really effectual tool in larning as it makes us more cognizant of ourselves. By cognizing our penchants, we are given the freedom and our creativeness is stimulated to assist ourselves to larn. For illustration, note-taking and foregrounding my notes in different colourss work best for me. In the same manner, my favourite T.V. series hero Michael Scofield likes ploting on the wall and distributing everything so it appears as one whole. This is besides the same ground why the Ateneo High School gives out a booklet on how to efficaciously analyze during schola brevis in first twelvemonth. Using the M.S. Planner which merely came out this twelvemonth besides helps rate school pupils plan for themselves.

Attribution Theory and Self-Worth Theory became more relevant to me, I must state, when I became a instructor. I became cognizant of parents who could non accept their boy ‘s failings and frequently blamed other factors for their boies ‘ failures. For illustration, I have a pupil transferee who was an honor pupil in La Salle but who has been neglecting Math in the Ateneo. The parents have been ingratiating things about the manner of instruction and his LEAP coach when in fact, they were imputing their boy ‘s failure to an established system alternatively of recognizing that the Ateneo has a different criterion and certain lessons which served as a foundation for lessons in the Ateneo were non taught in La Salle.

It is besides true for some pupils who attribute their failures to instructors or to some other factor. They must be decently guided so as non to populate in an semblance that they are perfect and fault their insufficiencies on others. In the same visible radiation, pupils must larn to appreciate their ain egos and learn that they are alone. Students must larn how to value themselves for who they are for dignity is a immense factor in finding success.

The last stretch of the class, I must state, cover with the issue of globalisation. Part of globalisation is bilingualism. By being able to talk in the slang and in the international linguistic communication, we hit two birds with one rock. We make known ourselves as Filipinos and set ourselves in the map, and, we learn more about other civilizations in the universe. It is true that the universe is now being transformed to a planetary small town and English, Spanish, and even Chinese are emerging to be the of import linguistic communications in a globalized universe merely like Father Nebres said in one of his negotiations in the grade school. The danger of bilingualism though is being the proverbial doodly-squat of all trades but maestro of none. Most Filipinos do non cognize how to talk heterosexual in Filipino and resort to Taglish. This is the same for certain Latinos who have coined the term Spanglish. These frequently end up in a baffled civilization. Though, we do non hold to be victims of this. We have to get down at the really root of the job, in school and at place every bit early as the psychomotor phase of a kid. As portion of globalisation, it is besides of import to be cognizant of gender differences in larning as the clip of sexism is easy being eclipsed by an epoch of gender equality. In the same item, East-West differences in thought and larning aid pupils in runing pots to esteem each other and take into history individualisms. The cyberspace has besides begun to encompass course of studies and I believe that we have to be really cautious in direction utilizing the cyberspace. It is really true that internet discretion must be exercised and taught to pupils every bit early as they get to snap a mouse, since the cyberspace can either be a tool or curse. The epoch of media has dawned and childs must be guided for they are the future carriers of the powerful medium of the cyberspace.


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