Leadership Questions

Leadership QuestionsLeadership Questions
My personal views of leadership can vary depending on the setting and situation that is involved. There are a few qualities that I feel every leader regardless of the situation should possess. The leader needs to be charismatic, engaging and well spoken. Charismatic leaders have a good personality and can make people feel at ease when they follow them. Well spoken or a good communicator is a must to get their point across to the masses effectively. People need to know what is being asked of them, which makes this characteristic important. A person may possess many or all of these qualities but not be able to use them in combination to be an effective leader.
There is a difference in leadership and management, which is based on the core values of a leader. According to Murray (2010), the manager’s role is to work on planning, organizing, and coordinating. The leader’s role is to inspire others and motivate them. One of the differences between leadership and management is that one concept is not necessarily dependent on the other. Someone does not need to be a leader to hold a position as manager. It would be highly effective for a manager to have leadership qualities but it is not necessary to do their job. Another difference between the two is that the manager has formal authority to make people follow them, while people will follow a leader just because they want to.
Characteristics of an effective leader include good communication skills, humility, good persuasive skills and honesty. Leaders also need to be humble so they are able to get appropriate feedback from their group. Being honest and doing the right thing will help gain the trust and respect of the followers. Leaders are people who regardless of the position they hold have the qualities it takes to get others to follow them. Many managers lack what it takes to sufficiently lead their employees….

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