Leadership Interview & Reflection Paper Essay Sample

Interview: – Franchesca Santana Director of Operations at First Service Network. Miss Santana is a 20 eight twelvemonth old Dominican adult female who graduated at the top of her category in Business Analytics’ she has successfully started her ain companies which she subsequently sold. Miss Santana presently works for First Service Networks ( FSN ) ; First Service Networks is a multi-site installations care and fix specializer that spouses with clients in industries runing from eating house and retail to transit and logistics for clients. The company she is responsible for the day-to-day operations which include pull offing despatch directors and squad leads both at the local office and other office in her assigned part. F. Santana stated that her function at FSN is to stream line operations and aid in turning the company. Santana since taking the reins from the former manager she has implemented new recruiting demands and started to construct the company’s civilization personal communicating. January 27. 2015 ) .

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She attributes her leading manner to that of a servant leader nevertheless she besides stated that she can besides be a really magnetic leader every bit good. Santana states that in her bearer she has worked for directors that micro managed her and did non swear her at all she states that with her employees she does non micro manage instead she trains her employees and gives them freedom to map in their function. She has attributed her success in leading from working her manner up to leading in her pervious occupations ; she besides gives recognition to her troughs as good for the encouragement to get the better of being a adult female in a male dominated field. Santana expressed that her biggest challenge in her current occupation has been the other adult females that are in places under her give her a difficult clip to acquire things done in the office frequently side stepping her and traveling to her supervisor whom is a adult male. Santana considers her greatest accomplishment to be being able to be a minority and a adult female every bit good in a male dominated field while she is gaining the regard of her equals ( personal communicating. January. 27th 2015 ) . Contemplation of Interview

In today’s universe adult female have taken the fore forepart of the face of concern. many of them taking the manner even in political relations. Gone are the yearss when adult females did non hold an sentiment on how things are done Lau Chin. ( 2010 ) . Today we have adult females such as Hilary Clinton taking the manner actuating adult females to step into these functions that have been traditional held by work forces. During my interview with Miss Santana she talked about her battle in Dominican Republic she mentioned that her uncle is presently the President there and have been for many old ages. She stated that being his niece did non do it easy as she was expected to get married hold childs and remain out of the concern universe. She mentioned go forthing at that place so she could hold her ain success. Often when we think about leading functions we identify with many traits that are really masculine. In this interview I learned that this impression is altering and adult females are emerging as strong leaders Feyerherm. Vick. ( 2005 ) .

I was surprised that she comes for a political dorsum land and of the outlooks from her ain household. I was besides surprised by the manner in which she handled the inquiries and her advice to me was “as a adult female in leading you have to ever acknowledge that you are playing in a man’s universe and work extra difficult “ ( personal communicating. January. 27th 2015 ) . Decision

Leading people should ne’er be something that anyone should take lightly as leaders we have a responsibility to supply an environment that promotes healthy ambiance for clients and employees likewise therefore increasing the bottom line Feyerherm. Vick. ( 2005 ) . Making this interview was really helpful being a adult female in leading is non an easy undertaking nevertheless I am encouraged and looking frontward to going successful adult female in a leading function in the hereafter.

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environment. Career Development International. 10 ( 3 ) . 216-227. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //search. proquest. com/docview/219386259? accountid=7374


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