Are Leaders Born Or Made Management Essay
Leadership is a process by which individuals influence employees toward the achievement of organizational objectives (Dubrin, 2009). Leadership is probably the most frequent researched subject in the organization sciences. Many studies of leadership have been published and many leadership articles have been written in business-oriented publications and academic journals and books. Leadership has been researched in various different ways, depending on the methodological preferences of the researcher leadership definition (Achua, 2009). Most scholars deal only with leadership’s one narrow aspect, and as a result, most of the studies fall into distinct lines of research which include leader traits, behaviour, power and influence, and situational approaches.
Literature Analysis:
Are leaders born or made? This question has always dominated and still continues to dominate the leadership study (Dubrin, 2009). Although many research papers have been written, little to no conclusive evidence can be researched; the leadership topic remains elusive (Achua, 2009). However, with fifty years or more of study, some of the contributing factors or origins of leadership have become clearer. While no predictive model exists, scholars know what leads to leadership. One difficulty in discussing the leadership is its definition. Burt Nanus and Warren Bennis (Torrington and Hall, 2008) report ore that three hundred definitions of leadership that leadership researchers have generated over the last three decades.Leaders always have important effects on employees and businesses they lead. Because of this aspect, psychologists and behavioural researchers have studied what makes a good leader (Achua, 2009). The early researches held that characteristics of a leader were stable and inborn and thus leadership traits were looked in this research (Achua, 2009). The majority of the research done on traits during the first half of…

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