Knife Gun And Gang Crime In East London Criminology Essay

In this Undertaking I will be composing about offense in East London. The chief ground I chose to make Crime was because offense has been a cardinal factor in how it has affected many people across the universe. The types of offense I will speak about are Knife, Gun, and Gang. East London is located in London and an easier manner to happen it is by any station codification as anything get downing with ‘E ‘ is portion of East London. In general East London is a really multi-cultural society with many sets of group life at that place and in it you can happen something from all parts of the universe but late, over the past 3 old ages has been hit by a figure of offense related incidents which have affected many people in the country from the immature to the old.

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I will now compose about offenses which occurred over the past 20 old ages and give illustrations of some I will besides specify the significance of each offense and besides the word offense, so that people know what they mean. The word ‘Crime ‘ can merely intend an action that breaks the jurisprudence but different people have different sentiments of what they think of the word offense: The three chief types of offense I will speak about are knife, Gun and Gang.

Knife offense can be any offense that involves a knife. This could include many facets such as: carrying or seeking to purchase a knife if you ‘re under 18, endangering people with a knife, transporting a knife that is banned. Knife Crime in the Past 20 old ages was n’t such a major job because knives were non easy to acquire clasp of and the chief intent of holding a knife was for place intents such as cooking etc. The most common knife offense was committed in the really early 70 ‘s by a individual who was known as Jack the ripper, who killed more than 5 people by ravishing his victims and sliting their pharynxs with a knife and concealing his victims under the floor boards in plastic bags.

Gun Crime can be anything that involves a gun for illustration a slaying where the victim is changeable, any state of affairs where a gun is fired, intimidating people with a arm, transporting a gun that is banned, such as a pistol, transporting or utilizing an imitation gun such as a plastic or plaything gun. In the seventeenth century a series of gun related offenses were committed in the East London by the individual called Thomas Hopkins, in which he kidnapped people who had caused him grief and problem in his childhood and took them to his house where he put them through hurting and finally killed them by hiting them through the encephalon blowing their caputs away. He had 3 victims killed earlier shortly gaining that no 1 could assist with his unwellness and he shot himself to decease on the 4th of March 1799.

Gang offense could be a pack in a big group of people who may n’t be involved in offense and force. Many immature people will non gain they are in a pack, they will merely believe they are in a group of friends. Bing in a pack is non illegal – merely the condemnable offenses committed within the pack is illegal. The most normally known pack offenses were committed in east London by two people who were besides fusss named the Kray twins, ( Ronnie and Reggie ) . They worked together to perpetrate a figure of violent assaults, incendiarism, armed robberies and other organized offenses. They were known as the East End mobsters and the Godfathers of Britain. Both sets of fusss were sentenced to imprisonment one time found guilty by the constabulary. Since so they both have died.

In this subdivision of my undertaking I will speak about the offense in East London in the recent old ages. It is rather obvious that offense compared to the past 20 old ages has increased and below I will speak about why it has increased and give some illustrations of people who have been affected by the type of offenses. Figures and research show that offense has increased by 25 % in the East London with Knife and Gang offense being the highest of figure of Crimes committed.

Knife Crime in East London has late increased from the yesteryear. This is down to an addition of Gangs and easier ways to acquire in ownership of a knife. An illustration of knife offense in East London was On Sunday 7th October ; a male child was stabbed to decease when he tried to halt a pack stealing a friend ‘s nomadic phone in West Ham Park. It was due to him protecting his friends and was innocently stabbed and died on the scene. The ground why people particularly immature people may transport knives around is due to the figure of Knife offense go oning in the country, and in order for them to experience safe and secure they carry a knife around with them or if they are portion of a pack it could hold been pressured on them to transport one or as the remainder of the pack may hold one, so the immature individual has to hold one to experience as if they are portion of it and non left out, and in instance anyone tries to knife them or assail them with a knife they have something to utilize against the aggressor.

Gun Crime is a batch fewer so Knife offense. A male child from London has made British condemnable history by going the youngest individual to be convicted for possessing a piece. The male child, aged 13 at the clip and ca n’t be named for legal ground, said he was hive awaying a Russian-made handgun, two silencers and ammo in his female parent ‘s place as a favor for an older pack member. Many people will non transport a gun on them, but may be in ownership of one or may cognize someplace where one is easy to acquire clasp of. Gun Crime is non so common is East London as it has been harder to acquire clasp of guns and happen them.

The largest figure of packs in East London are said to be in Hackney, ( 22 packs ) ; Enfield in north London ( 13 ) ; Lambeth and Merton in south London ( 12 packs each ) ; Waltham Forest ( 8 ) in north east London. Gangs are found to hold about 20 to 30 members and to perpetrate offenses in smaller groups of three to six, as being in a big group could acquire people leery. Religion was besides found to be a cardinal factor, with some packs entirely being merely Muslims or Catholics members and there is instead few packs with a mixture of race and faith in them as people feel a mixture of people in a pack ca n’t be trusted. A former pack leader said “ some immature people became gang members in order to experience protected. They feel safe in a pack because you have got older people in the pack who are ever traveling to look after them ; they feel like we are their olders about like brothers and household member. You are ever traveling as a battalion. It ‘s as you fight in a war people out at that place in the universe are out to come after us and take us down we have to maintain on the move ” . It is really common that if you find a big pack that person usually the higher rate leader will be in ownership of a gun for safety intents or to utilize in instance of a pack feuds.

There is one other Main issue why pack offense has increased and has been created in East London and this is down to which ZIP code they live in. Adolescents marked as “ E5 ” or “ E9 ” were at hazard of being attacked for rolling into the incorrect country. Simply traversing to the other side of a street which borders two ZIP codes could stop in force.

An Example of these post-code packs is that one teenage miss has been a victim of two onslaughts due to the country she comes from and the country she went into. The Most common manner of people inquiring where the people are from by inquiring “ ‘What Ends are you from? ” giving a incorrect reply at this point could hold you attacked or mugged. The ground why this happens is that Gangs feel like their country is their district and that no 1 should traverse, particularly people from opposite ZIP code. This Type of pack offense has become so bad people do n’t experience safe walking through some countries and have to happen alternate paths to acquire place etc. Unfortunately some people are incognizant that they may be in a pack, a big group of friends could be hanging out together, something which may be normal to them, but people may experience that they are in a pack as people walking yesteryear may experience intimidated by the size and experience insecure. So it shows you that you do n’t necessitate to be perpetrating offenses in a pack to be classified as being in a pack.

All offenses are related to each other in some form or signifier. Due to the addition of Knife Crime and overall offense more and more people are fall ining packs to experience safe and have people protecting them. These packs cause offense and will transport some kind of arm with them usually a knife and possibly a gun. So all these types of offense are linked within each other.

Many things have been done to cut down offense in East London. A new jurisprudence was created by the authorities that constabularies have the right to halt and seek anyone they think might be in ownership of a arm or expression leery. Many people have their ain point of position on this subject. Some people think that it is inappropriate as constabulary says it ‘s a random halt and hunt. While they could be seeking person by random who is artlessness person else transporting a knife would non being searched as and walking approximately with a Knife. I personally have been stopped and searched and think it ‘s a clip devouring procedure and waste both mines and police clip as I know that I ‘m non transporting a arm and the constabulary clip as they non happen nil on me. Tougher sentence have been put in topographic point for people who carry a knife or pang or kill person utilizing a arm, as more people would cognize that they ca n’t acquire off. There is more surveillance put in topographic point as more constabulary officers have been put on patrol on the streets to assist cut down the offenses and do the public feel safer.

Besides another new jurisprudence that has been created by the authorities is the rise in the age of people who can purchase a knife as now people have to be over 18 to be able to buy a knife from a store. This jurisprudence allows immature people from being able to halt them from purchasing a knife and traveling out and utilizing it. Even ASBO ‘s ( anti societal behavior order ) have been given to some packs and packs members to seek to do them halt hanging around in big groups and doing problem but some people think that ASBO ‘S are a ticket of pride and utilize it to demo people that they have it and demo off about it believing it is a good thing and it ‘s non working for the constabulary. That ‘s why many more constabularies officers are policing the streets of East London to halt big groups hanging about and seek to acquire them to travel off from residential countries.

The ground why offense occurs in east London I think is due to poverty as people do n’t hold money so they go out and perpetrate offenses to guarantee that they get money and the things they need. So making these offenses would do them money or stealing from people by utilizing a knife to endanger them to manus over their points. So I think money and greed are the biggest motive why so many people go out at that place and perpetrate offenses. Poor upbringing is another ground why people who have failed in life or no longer attend school or college for grounds like being excluded from it are more likely to travel out and commit offenses. Has they do n’t hold anything to make and they know that they do n’t hold a good hereafter in front and some believe that prison life is much easier than the existent universe. Besides some people think that offense is the easier option to take in life as it ‘s “ easy money ” to acquire clasp of.

The manner offense has increased over the clip has affected the universe, as East London is such a multi-cultural country ; many people want to come over to East London from all parts of the universe. The people have heard about the offenses that have occurred in east London, which may do them experience insecure as they would be new to the state, and do them reconsider about coming over in instance they get caught up in any of the offense.

The ground why offense has stayed on the increased and non gone down since the yesteryear is down to non harsh adequate penalty given to the people who get caught. So if person was caught perpetrating a offense and faced a penalty they would cognize that they wo n’t acquire off and do them re-think about non traveling out and perpetrating the offenses as they would cognize that the penalty would be a significant one.

I think that the offenses that are happening in east London are unneeded and merely merely giving a bad name to East London and I think that East London will non be the same for a really long clip as offenses if nil is done to do them halt. All these offenses are impacting people ‘s unrecorded ; people who live here are worried over their safety and foreigners who want to come over for a vacation or to populate and will believe twice. I think that the lone manner offense can be stopped is by acquiring the constabulary to make more. Crime in East London has n’t truly affected me in a manner that much. The lone manner it has affected me is that all offenses that happen acquire blamed on the immature people and I am one of the immature people so even people who are n’t perpetrating the offenses acquire given a bad name.


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