Kite Runner Quotes Essay

“There is a manner to be good again” . This quotation mark is one of the singular quotation marks of this book. It is used in the beginning of the novel to do it more interesting. The pick of utilizing this quotation mark was really smart. since it explains a batch of the secret plans merely in one sentence. This was said by Rahim Khan who is really close to Amir. He is a individual Amir respects really much and he is the 1 who tells Amir about his pa and Hassan being his measure brother. This quote brings out the feeling of guilt Amir was experiencing for so long clip.

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But Rahim Khan insisted that Amir goes back to Kabul and acquire Hassan’s boy out of the orphanhood and convey him back to America to expiate for his wickedness he had done when he was twelve. It besides explains that no affair what you have done in the past doesn’t affair every bit long as you do good things in your hereafter. “For you a thousand times over” This is another singular quotation mark from this essay and is besides really of import. This was said by Hassan to Amir. The scene was in Kabul in a cheery twenty-four hours of winter.

They were winging kites and in Kabul contending with kites were really popular and after they had won the battle ; Hassan insisted he would travel acquire the loser’s kite for Amir. When Amir said do certain you bring it and Hassan answered that for you a thousand times over. This shows the bond of friendly relationship. one of the chief subjects in this novel. It besides shows how much Hassan cares about Amir that he is willing to make anything for him. But in world he is Amir’s brother. “The funny thing was. I ne’er thought of Hassan and me as friends either” This quotation mark was said by Amir but it is really stereotyped.

Equally good as shows how selfish Amir is. Bing Amir’s brother Hassan was still the retainer of the house and did everything Amir asked him to make. He went through a batch of adversities for Amir’s interest every bit good as takes a batch of abuses. But in the terminal Amir betrayed Hassan and tried to border him of being a stealer and doing him go forth their house. Besides the ground Amir felt this manner was because he was embarrassed to believe that their retainer could be his friend. This is besides why Amir’s life alterations everlastingly and the feeling of guilt which is one of the other chief subjects of this fresh starts.


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