Keeping Your Enemies Closer English Literature Essay

In William Shakespeares, Othello, there is one character that stands out in a class of his ain, Iago. Iago proves throughout the class of the drama to be the most nefarious character of all time created by Shakespeare. Iago works on each character by pulling them in by deriving their trust so uses their trust to interrupt them down small by small. Iago works indefatigably in every scene utilizing his consummate psychopathologic head and pseudo friendly relationships to lure the other characters to believe that everything he says is true. Schreiber ponders why worlds are drawn to a character like Iago, “ The enviousness, fury, lecherousness, solitariness and paranoia that drive the action of the drama and do him such a compelling character is besides what make him so profoundly and undeniably human ” ( 1 ) . Iago is a character that is comparable to the Satan by his actions. He is the 1 who brings uncertainty, fright and concerns to Othello and drags his head into insanity. He uses his cunning evilness sand shows how people will make merely about anything to acquire what they want. Iago is an amoral adult male who has no declinations for the things that he does. He shows his true personality for that it is, which is pure immorality. Iago ‘s creates his ain death due to his dishonesty, green-eyed monster, manipulative behaviours and evil nature. Consequently due to his actions, Iago brings about his ain death but the destiny of other characters in the drama every bit good.

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Iago is the lone ground in the drama there is any struggle between the other characters. If Shakespeare had ne’er created Iago, so Othello and Desdemona would hold lived merrily of all time after. He is the sinner that brings the prostration of Othello, Desdemona, Emilia, Cassio, and Roderigo. Iago is the symbol of true immorality. His evilness is portrayed by the many aspects of his personality. All the differences in the drama are charged frantically by his profound abomination of Othello for go throughing him over for a publicity.

Jealousy is a trait the Iago has that adds to his ain destiny. Harmonizing to the Oxford Dictionary 2012, jealously is defined “ as the feeling or demoing enviousness of person or their accomplishments and advantages. ” Iago ‘s hatred is sustained by his green-eyed monster and demand for retaliation. Omer describes Iago “ as Hell ‘s maestro healer ” ( 14 ) . Iago shows prowess, power and continuity to acquire his victims to believe what his says is true without any concrete grounds.

Iago is frenetic that Othello had passed him over for publicity and had given it to Cassio. In Iago ‘s head, he deserved this publicity. Iago ill will is raged by green-eyed monster to Roderigo and says,

One Michael Cassio, a Florentine

A fellow about darn ‘d in a just married woman,

That ne’er set a squadron in the field

Nor the division of a conflict knows ( 1.1.21-24 ) .

Iago is perplexed at why Othello would non advance him. Jealously overrides Iago and this could

have been the motivation on why Iago turns on Othello. Iago says, “ I know my monetary value, I am deserving

more no worse a topographic point ” ( 1.1.12 ) . Jealousy genuinely eats off at Iago and in return he starts a series

of conversations that will take to the devastation of himself in the terminal. Iago ‘s animus towards

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Othello starts when he thinks Othello has slept with his married woman, Emilia. Iago says,

… I hate the Moor ;

And it is thought abroad that ‘twixt my sheets

‘Has done my office. I know non if’t be true ;

But I, for mere intuition in that sort,

Will make as if for surety. He holds me good ( 1.3.369-73 ) .

Iago was fluent at head use ; he knew that utilizing the act of green-eyed monster and the flirt with Othello ‘s head was by far more powerful than physical injury. Iago thought if he could win in the mind- game of doing Othello jealous of Cassio ; so he could destruct both of them but finally brings down his ain prostration.

Iago is the representation of immorality. Harmonizing to the Oxford Dictionary 2012, evil is defined as “ deeply immoral and malevolent. ” Evil is is a factor that fuels his dishonesty, green-eyed monster, use. Iago did non see himself evil, but instead, he considers what he was making to be perfectly right and logical. However, he goes about his self-justified actions with no respects and no compunction for them. In this manner, Iago is one of the ugliest scoundrels of all, as he is both evil and cruel. Harmonizing to what Jacobsen said, “ Iago is an clever scoundrel or phase Machiavel ” ( 4 ) . Peoples can make barbarous things from clip to clip, even if their implicit in being is good, but normally end up feeling compunction about it at some given point ; Iago ne’er does. He uses the other characters in the drama to work against each other. His delusory, evil head goes to work and demo what he is to the full capable of in the terminal. Iago plants

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Othello ‘s head indefatigably by transfusing false information that his married woman, Desdemona, is being untrue to him. Iago says,

Look to your married woman ; observe her well with Cassio.

Wear your oculus therefore, non covetous nor unafraid.

I would non hold your free and baronial nature,

Out of self-bounty, be abused. Look to’t.

I know our state temperament good ;

In Venice they do allow God see the buffooneries

They dare non demo their hubbies ; their best scruples

Is non to leave’t undone, but keep’t unknown ( 3.3.213-219 ) .

Iago uses his manipulative head accomplishments and lures Othello into his web and therefore creates a wall between Othello and his married woman. Harmonizing to the Oxford Dictionary 2012, use is defined as, “ control or influence ( a individual or state of affairs ) smartly, below the belt, or unscrupulously ” . Manipulation is an art that Iago has mastered. Iago plays upon Othello ‘s frights with suggestions and prevarications. Iago gets his victim to believe what his says is true without any concrete grounds. He uses rearward psychological science to pull strings Othello whose ain ignorance dictates his ain destiny. Othello has true religion in Iago, which in bend Iago uses to his manipulative advantage. He fills Othello ‘s ears with rumours about Desdemona ‘s matter with Cassio and so uses a simple hankie as a manner of turn outing his accusals. Iago manipulates the hankie in such a manner that it represents to Othello, Desdemona ‘s loyaltiy. Iago recovers the

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hankie ; hence, he is able to turn out her falseness to him. Iago says, “ Yours by this manus: and to see how he prizes the foolish adult female / your married woman! She gave it him, and he hath given it his prostitute ” ( 4.1.165-166 ) .

Iago besides processed an image of being honest and trusty but is genuinely evil in nature. Harmonizing to the Oxford Dictionary 2012, honest is defined as, “ free of fraudulence and untruthfulness ; sincere ” . Iago proves clip and clip once more he is anything but honest. Iago has brainwashed Othello. Othello says “ Iago is most honorable ” ( 2.3.7 ) . He had gained Othello ‘s trust over the old ages and was a close intimate of Othello. Othello says, “ You advise me wellaˆ¦ Good dark, honest Iago ” ( 2.3.289, 295 ) . Iago is known as “ honest Iago ” throughout the drama, convinces Othello that his love, Desdemona, is lying and being unfaithful to him. Othello says, “ My life upon her faith – Honest Iago ” ( 1.3.296 ) . Iago is witty and perceptive to the failings of the other characters in doing them believe in him. Iago ‘s fake of honestness in the drama is critical throughout the whole drama to pull Othello into his web. Iago knows that Othello trusts people manner excessively easy.

Iago is an egoistic individual that lone thinks of himself. He is an immoral individual with no respects to his ain actions despite who he is aching in the long tally. He ca n’t see that the effects of his actions will in bend bring about his ain destiny. Iago creates his ain death through the vindictive universe that he creates. His dishonesty, green-eyed monster, manipulative behaviours and evil nature brings about non merely other character ‘s death but it backfires and brings about his ain death every bit good.

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