Juvenile Crime Statistics Paper Criminology Essay

In today ‘s society, it been said that ordinary citizen had hope that it was non true that so many juveniles involved in offense. The solution for their involved in perpetrating these offenses still are diffident. Some people blame the parents some blame the media, some blame the music, and some blame the gambling industry for this issue, every bit good. However, this paper will depict some of the causes and why juveniles arrested in today society. In add-on, this paper will depict if the offense rate affecting juveniles traveling up or down, the types of discourtesies that committed, and an analysis of these offenses that involved today ‘s juveniles.

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The condemnable justness system based on in investigation, collaring, and confining any individual that violates any Torahs or commits a offense in the state, even if this involves juveniles. Even cognizing that society hopes that this does non happen, but it does, because some juveniles do interrupt the jurisprudence and do perpetrate offenses against other people or prefer non to obey the jurisprudence of the land. Therefore, the constabulary arrest the juveniles that involved in perpetrating such offense or disobey the jurisprudence. However, some research does the offense rate affecting juveniles traveling down ; nevertheless, research workers are stating it is increasing, depending on the offense that committed.

To hold a better apprehension of today ‘s offense rate, we would necessitate to cognize the offense rate was in the past several old ages from today to acquire an accurate figure. This will state us if the offense rate is, increasing or diminishing that involves with today ‘s young person. However, research workers will besides explicate that every coevals is different from the coevals before today ‘s young person. We besides would necessitate to understand the discourtesy that the juvenile arrested for by the constabulary. Was their arrest involved in stealing, assault, slaying, drugs, and or a junior-grade discourtesy, this information will assist explicate the nature of offenses that committed by today ‘s young person. Alternatively of looking at the overall offense rate, we should be looking at which offense has the highest offense rate.

Harmonizing to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, the detainment of juveniles for all offenses affecting today ‘s young person has declined by 43 per centum from the highest offense rate from 1996. This computation based on a 23 twelvemonth period of informations that generated and collected by condemnable justness bureaus around the state. Harmonizing to the information that collected, it shows that back in 1984, is when the offense rate started to lift, and so started to worsen in 1997. “ In 2010, there were 4,857 apprehensions for every 100,000 young persons ages 10 through 17 in the United States ” ( OJJDP, 2013, p. 1 ) . However, this offense rate continues to travel down due to some bar plans that in placed in today society. The information that collected merely shows these that were between the ages of 10-17 old ages old. However, the apprehension rates for simple assaults and drugs discourtesies are still an issue. The apprehension rates for violent offenses and belongings offenses are traveling diing each twelvemonth. “ The juvenile Violent Crime Index collar rate increased in 2005 and 2006 and so declined through 2010 to its lowest degree since at least 1980 ” ( OJJDP, 2013, p. 1 ) .

After, looking at the information that provided by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention this gives a comprehensive overview of the types of offenses that today ‘s childs involved. However, we do hold to thank for all of today ‘s bar plans that put in topographic point in today ‘s society. Some of these plans brought online dated back to the late 1980 ‘s ; such bar plan called “ DARE ” “ Drug Abuse Resistance Education ” ( DARE, 2013, p. 1 ) . This plan yet has been online in today ‘s schools, educating immature simple, in-between, and high schools childs. Some schools are now offering after school plans, such as athleticss, nines, and field trips. Some high school pupils taken on a circuit of a local gaol or province prison, when taking a condemnable justness category. However, some plans do required beginning stuff for the childs to be a portion of the plan. In add-on, one plan that dated all the manner back in 1910 is the Boy Scouts of America. This plan put in topographic point to assist “ develop young person in responsible citizenship, character development, and autonomy through engagement in a broad scope of out-of-door activities, educational plans, and, at an older age degrees, career-oriented plans in partnership with community organisations ” ( Boy Scouts of America, 2013, P. 1 ) .

Another plan for today ‘s young person that involves older childs known as juveniles is a plan called the adventurer plan. This plan is a portion of the Boy Scouts of America, but the kid is non a male child lookout, but considered an adventurer. This plan provides existent universe, hands on custodies interaction with the on the job universe. This plan covers several different occupations filed, such as “ Law Enforcement, Agriculture, Architecture, Video and Visual Communications, Business Management, Medical, Fire, Wild Life, Hospitality, Information Technology, Science, and Transportation ” ( Learning For Life, 2013, P. 1 ) . This plan put in topographic point since 1998, and has provided existent practical accomplishments that have shown today ‘s young person as to what to demur in that line of work, before perpetrating to that line of work. This plan besides helps fix the young person for life experience that can assist set up a future occupation in the line of work that they study through this plan. Today ‘s young person that is a portion of the jurisprudence enforcement adventurers prefer to fall in the local constabulary section after the age of 20.

However, jurisprudence enforcement bureaus are still collaring juveniles that break the jurisprudence. However, with these figures and information that been collected by these jurisprudence enforcement bureaus across the county, this counsel to set up as to what type of offense is happening the most and where. However, this does non describe as to why, these offenses are happening. Some people do non desire to hear the truth, some people chose to disregard the fact, and some do desire to assist to set an terminal to it. Some blame the schools, the parents, the instructors, and the constabulary. However, some blame it on certain groups of people. However, when a individual grows up, we all hope that the kid taught as to what is right and what is incorrect. However, some people say it depends on where the individual lives.

The condemnable justness systems show that today ‘s apprehensions that involve more minorities and females juveniles. This may be let downing ; nevertheless, we do need to look at these issues. Harmonizing to the offense index, it shows that black juveniles account for most of the offense rate nevertheless, these Numberss are traveling down. “ In 2010, there were about 4,242 apprehensions of white juveniles for every 100,000 white individuals ages 10-17 in the population ” ( OJJDP, 2013, p. 1 ) . “ In comparing, the Asiatic adolescent rate was about one-third ( 31 % ) the white rate, the American Indian rate was about one-fifth below the white rate, and the black rate was more than double the white rate ” ( OJJDP, 2013, p. 1 ) . The apprehension rate for males traveling down, nevertheless, the female apprehension rates increasing.

When looking over all of this information and the offense index informations, it can be determined that juveniles do perpetrate offenses around this county. The overall job is that these childs do turn up in a different environment and clip, and so the older coevals did. Therefore, times are altering, such as parenting, instruction, place environment, and societal accomplishments. By looking at the information, it can be determined as to what types of offenses are being committed and by what race, age group and where. However, if we continue to fund after school plans and put parents accountable for their child ‘s actions, and these Numberss will go on to worsen. However, if we stop funding these plans, it can be excepted for these Numberss to increase. However, it besides begins at place, with the kid and their parents. It incorrect to fault other people, when it the kid and parent mistake, when their kid commits a offense. However, these Numberss merely show what type of offense that being committed and the age group, race and sex. However, if we keep the today youth busy and out of problem, the offense rate will go on to worsen for the following several old ages.


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