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“Parents frequently talk about the younger coevals as if they didn’t have anything to make with it. ” Said by Haim Ginott. an expert and child healer who had a great impact on the relationship between grownups and kids. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. betweenparentandchild. com/index. php? s=content & A ; p=Haim ) . Harmonizing to the quotation mark of Haim Ginott. the parents frequently feel unable to command their younger coevals. and that is caused by a coevals spread. which is usually refer to a clip and infinite distance. But Amy Tan. a Chinese American writer illustrates the coevals spread in a different manner. In her novel. The Joy Luck Club. Amy Tan described the coevals spread between four-immigrant American Chinese female parent and their American born girl. which is cause by the bi-culture difference. deficiency of communicating and the different position of America. in order to exemplify the civilization differences and adversity in a immigrant household in America. In the novel. Tan illustrates the coevals spread between the four Chinese immigrant female parents and their Americanized girls is caused by the bump of two civilization. the eastern traditional civilization and the western civilization.

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Stephen Soitos negotiations about the ethnicity job between the female parents and girls in her essay aggregation named “Amy Tan” . Soitos thinks: “The female parents are steadfastly rooted in their Chinese cultural heritage and are comfy with being Chinese. The girls are awkward with their ain Chinese characteristics. the Chinese linguistic communication and their repressed Chinese spiritualty. The female parent identify with their ethnicity. but the girls are ambivalent about who they are” ( Soitos. 294 ) . The female parents are used to their Chinese manner of life manner. and maintain the Chinese civilization even though they have moved to America but their American Born girls do non wholly understand what those Chinese heritages are. And this civilization differences was evident throughout the novel. After reading The Joy Luck Club. I find that the civilization differences apparent are the one of the most of import ground of the formation of the coevals spread in the four immigrant households.

When the three aunties in the Joy Luck Club ask Jing-mei to travel to China to run into her two sisters whom her female parent Suyuan gave up in China. Jing-mei says to the three aunties: “ ‘See my sisters. state them about my female parent. ’ I say. nodding. ‘What will I state? What can I state them about my female parent? I don’t know anything. She was my mother’ ” ( Tan. 40 ) . The words of Jing-mei shows that she ne’er truly understand her female parent. so every bit while as she is asked to state her mother’s narrative to her two sisters. she refused to make so for the ground that she dose non cognize anything about her female parent. But in my sentiment. she has attempt to pass on or to understand her female parent. but what conduces that is the differences and misinterpretation of the two sorts of civilization and experiences. Throughout the narrative. Tan shows that the deficiency of communicating is besides a chief ground for the distance between the four immigrant households. Soitos besides pointed out that the linguistic communication job besides contributed to the spread between the older and younger coevals: “Tan felt uneasey to equilibrating American life styles with more traditional Chinese imposts.

Her limited Chinese linguistic communication accomplishments and her parents’ weak English added to the problem” ( Soitos. 289 ) . Amy Tan wrote The Joy Luck Club about all based on her life experiences. as she is depicting the feelings of the girls. really she describes herself. that is. it is so difficult to populating in a bi-culture household. non merely because of the different civilizations and life manners but besides the different linguistic communications. In my sentiment. the reading of Soitos is sensible. Since two people speak two linguistic communications and can non happen a manner to pass on so it is difficult to understand the existent significance of each other. Despite of the civilization differences and age spread. if the minimal linguistic communication accomplishment could non accomplish so there is no any existent communicating. At the clip the female parent warns her girl do non siting the bike out of her sight. otherwise it would be unsafe. and this is said in Twenty-Six Malignant Gates. The female parent explain to her girl why she can non sit the bike: “‘It is written in Chinese. You can non understand it. That is why you must listen to me. ’ ”

‘What are they so? ’ the miss demanded. ‘Tell me the 26 bad things. ’ But the female parent sat knitting in silence.
‘What 26! ’ shouted the miss.
The female parent still did non reply her ” ( Tan. 87 ) .
The female parent attempt to learn her girl in the Chinese manner. but the girl is educated and turn up in a white American society. the girl is used to American thought manner and she is baffled about her Chinese heritage. As what Tan described in her book. even if the girl want to larn a small spot of Chinese civilization such as the 27 bad things. she still can non accomplish it. The ground is what the female parent says ; the girl dose non understands Chinese but that is told in Chinese. So the linguistic communication is a barrier between the female parents and girls in the novel. Besides. another cause is that the female parents came to the dream land- America with their full best want on their girls. but the things are really non easy for the girls. Soitos writes about how the different positions of America lead the girls and female parents go apart. Soitos states: ” in the joy fortune club the girls are weighted down with guilt. They feel they disappointed their female parents by neglecting to populate up to unreal outlooks of celebrity and success. The female parent are seen as distance figures who make impossible demands” ( Soitos. 294 ) In the book. all girls carry a want from their ain female parent. but unluckily they are failed to accomplish it.

This makes them full of guilt. besides they are disgruntled about their mother’s “impossible demands. At the beginning of the fresh Tan writes a narrative about a adult female and her swan. which signify the female parents and girls in the book. In the narrative the old adult female carry the swan to America from 1000s of fifty-one off with all her best want. She cooed to the swan: “ In America I will hold a girl merely like me. But over there cipher will state her worth is measured by the volume of her husband’s burp. Over there cipher will look down on her. because I will do her speak merely perfect English. And over there she will ever be excessively full to get down any sorrow! She will cognize my significance. because I will give her his swan- A animal that became more than what was hoped for” ( Tan. 17 ) . The older coevals came to the never-never land because of the war or painful life in China.

So while they are unrecorded in the United States they hope that their girls will non travel through the hurting. which they had in the yesteryear. Due to their rooted Chinese tradition. they could non accepted by the chief watercourse of the white society so they merely transfer all they wants and hope on the shoulder of their girls. The female parents want the girls success and they do believe their younger coevals will. because the girls are in America. a topographic point that everything will come true and achieve easy. Absolutely. that are merely their position of America. as for the girls. this sort of to a great extent wants make them out of breath. The girls do non believe they have any advantages than others in the society while their female parents think they have all the good conditions. Alternatively. they are ashamed about their eastern characteristics and their distinguishable Chinese heritage. After failed to accomplish their mothers’ outlooks. they “weighted down with guilt” and due to the linguistic communication job they can non convert the female parents that they had try so difficult. Then the struggle comes out because of the different positions of America.

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