Journal on Chapter One of Al Gore’s “The Assault on Reason” Essay

In the first chapter titledPoliticss of Fearof Al Gore’s Book. “The Assault on Reason. ” the writer fundamentally dealt with one of the most outstanding human emotions— fright. Harmonizing to Gore. fright is the premier enemy of ground. When a individual experiences fright of something or person. his or her intelligent ability is shut down. In add-on. Gore claims that fright besides clouds a person’s judgement as it drives him or her to move recklessly or irrationally without sing all options available. Furthermore. Gore besides pointed out in his book that fright does non merely impact a individual person. but an full state as good.

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Harmonizing to him. a state crippled by fright is unable to move towards development and advancement because it does non make anything to get the better of that fright. On the other manus. based on Gore’s book. when a individual positions fear as a signifier of motive for him or her. he or she would finally move to get the better of that fright and carry through his or her end. Generally. I agree with most of the statements that Gore pointed out in the first chapter of his book. peculiarly on the countries where he related fright to political relations. I believe that Gore was right in stating that there are times when people fail to separate between the illusional frights and the legitimate or existent 1s. When this happens. people may happen it highly hard to believe rationally and be after their following move because their judgement is clouded and they are unable to listen to ground.

Furthermore. I besides believe that Gore was right when he claimed that the present disposal in the United States as used the people’s fright. which spawned after the September 11 terrorist onslaughts in 2001. to pull strings assorted political procedures and made people believe that all Iraqi’s were the one’s responsible for the onslaughts. For me. I believe that it is incorrect to believe all Iraqis or Muslims are terrorists merely because their fellowmen may hold committed flagitious offenses. I believe this is the best illustration of the fright that has been blighting US citizens since the 9/11 onslaughts. I besides believe that the state should first place which fright is legitimate and which is non before exerting judgement.


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