Job Design In Industry And Service Sector Management Essay

There are 2 groups of people concerned when it comes to occupation design – workers and directors. Both of these groups have to acquire their demands fulfilled, even though these demands are wholly different. Directors want the workers to accomplish high productiveness, good quality and service marks at a little cost. The workers want to interact with other people, they want to be acknowledged, acceptable and rewarded in the right manner.

Job design normally considers to hold begun with scientific direction in the twelvemonth 1900. Revolutionary scientific directors such asA Taylor ( 1947 ) , A Gilbreth ( 1911 ) A consistently examined occupations with assorted techniques.

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The two-factor theory distinguished between two types of factors, viz. incentives, which are intrinsic to the work itself and hygiene factors, which are extrinsic to the work. The purpose was that the hygiene factors are perfectly indispensable to keep the human resources of an organisation.

Job design political orientation can turn to jobs such as:

Work overload

Work under burden


Limited control over work


Shift work

Good occupation design:

Allows employee engagement.

Gives workers a sense of achievement.

Provides rest agendas.

Presents recommendation to the workers about their everyday activities.

Balances work and single life.

COMPARATIVE FRAMEWORK________________________

Frequent attacks to occupation design are shown as below.

The perpendicular axis is the grade to which a attack is linked to factors beyond the current work every bit good as its possible consequence on alterations in success and excellence.

The complexness measuring, on the horizontal axis, is the degree to which a occupation design attack requires alterations

Effective JOB DESIGN

Expected Results

Job design techniques

Moderating Variables

External Environment

Organizational Parameters

Individual Parameters

Individual Outcomes

Job satisfaction




Organizational Results



Goal accomplishment

Job Design

Behavioural techniques

Job rotary motion

Job expansion

Job enrichment

Redesigning occupations


Traditional Engineering techniques

Specialization of labor

Activity and flow procedure analysis

Worker physiology

Working environmentATTRIBUTES OF A GOOD JOB DESIGN__________________________







Mental and physical features of the work force

Undertakings to be performed

Geographic location of administration and work countries

Time of twenty-four hours

Organizational principle for the occupation

Method of public presentation and motive

Common JOB DESIGN APPROACHES__________________

The occupation design attack gives employees the tools they require and uses their accomplishment to supply high-quality merchandises and efficient services to its clients. Significant betterments in occupation design that can profit the client, employee, and organisation normally are possible with the usage of one or more of the commonly used occupation design attacks.


Job rotary motion refers to switching employees from occupation to occupation to increase diverseness and lessen obtuseness by leting them to execute a diverseness of undertakings.

Job rotary motion is low in both impact and complexness because it typically moves employees from one everyday occupation to another.

For illustration: Maids International, a housecleaning service franchise, uses occupation rotary motion with its four-person housecleaning squads by, holding a maid clean the kitchen in one house and the sleeping room in another.

jobrotat.138210416_std.gifJob Rotation.gif

However, if all the undertakings are similar and everyday, occupation rotary motion may non hold the coveted consequence of bettering employee effectivity and occupation satisfaction.

For illustration, revolving auto-mobile assembly-line workers from bolting bumpers on autos to bolting on tyre rims is n’t likely to cut down their ennui.

Job rotary motion is used as a counsel methodological analysis to develop diverse employee accomplishment sets and form employees for betterment

It may be used to pull off the trouble of repeating emphasis hurts by traveling individuals among occupations that need different physical motions.

Benefits of Job Rotation

Helps Managers Explore the Hidden Endowment: A

In the occupation rotary motion procedure, the workers are rotated through a assortment of work as they can hold more cognition about the existent on the job manner of the company and acknowledge the problem that come up at each every phase.

By this procedure, senior directors recognize which peculiar worker is better at what.

Helps Individuals Explore Their Interests:

When they are showed to diverse operation activities, they can acknowledge what field are better at and what they take pleasance in most. They get an alternate pick to research their comfort and unobserved frying pan.

Identifies Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes:

Job rotary motion aid senior functionaries every bit good as individuals make out their Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes.

This is used in happening who needs to better abilities to accomplish better. Besides in analyzing the demands of employees so that they can affect in more production.

Motivates workers to Cover with New Challenges: A

When workers are assigned to different occupations or new undertakings, they provide their best work while expeditiously covering with the jobs coming their life.

Additions Satisfaction and Decreases Attrition Rate: A

The satisfaction degree of the employees of course increases their occupation rotary motion.

Job rotary motion reduces the obtuseness of making similar undertaking every twenty-four hours. Besides, it reduces the abrasion rate of the organisation.

Disadvantages of Job Rotation

Frequent break:

A individual making a peculiar occupation and gets it secure all of a sudden finds when he is shifted to another occupation which disrupt the work in both the sections.

Reduces consistence in end product quality:

When a fresh employee is shifted to another subdivision, he takes clip to larn perform, doing mistake in the procedure and finally impacting the quality of the occupation.

Misinterpretation by the brotherhood member:

The employee brotherhood will believe that workers are being under force per unit area and more work is extracted from them.


Job technology focal points on the undertakings to be carried out, techniques to be used.

By time-and-motion surveies we examine these occupation design characteristics, finding the juncture required to make each occupation and the actions needed to make it.

This attack frequently continues to be efficaciously used.


Job expansion is enlargement of the figure of assorted duties performed by an member of staff in a individual occupation.

For illustration, one car assembly-line worker ‘s occupation was enlarged from put ining merely one tail lamp to put ining both tail lamps and the bole. An car machinist switched from merely altering oil to altering oil, greasing, and altering transmittal fluid.


Job enlargement attempts to add more or less similar undertakings to the occupation so that it will take to more assortment and be more attractive.

Job expansion is viewed as an extension of occupation technology.

The occupation enlargement methodological analysis frequently has positive effects on employee competency. hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20Paths % 20WBT/The % 20Changing % 20Career % 20Strategies/Job % 20enrichment_files/image001.gif


Job enrichment involves increasing a worker ‘s undertaking and have power over his old occupation, and is besides called as “ VERTICAL JOB LOADING ”

Job enrichment license you to enlarge his errands or alter your function to develop new accomplishment without separation from the current function.

Job enrichment is besides used as an effectual motivational technique.

Job enrichment is the usual method of add-on of undertakings that augment both duty and chance for enlargement.


Be trained in new accomplishment:

When an employee ‘s answerability additions, and he or she gets the opportunity to seek new undertakings, it ‘s expected that she will larn new accomplishments.

Reduce Boredom:

Employees get uninterested with the everyday day-to-day occupations to execute. Job enrichment adds assortment to employee ‘s responsibility.

Receive Recognition:

An employee can even acquire a publicity inside the company.

Employee Motivation:

Employees may be more originative, better stick to the company regulations and direction better.


Lack of Training:

The deficiency of preparation in a new occupation may take to decrease in productiveness.

Increase Workload: :

Workers acquiring frustrated and gets delayed in acquiring adjusted with the new duties in the workplace.

Conflict with Non-Participants:

Some staff gets displease towards direction who can non acquire the chance to exchange sections against cats who got occupation displacement without inquiring.

Poor Performance:

Employees may acquire de motivated on failure in new duties which can do embracing to fledglings.


Ford links good ergonomic occupation design to better quality.

Maids International Inc. ,

Job Description of Medical Officer in a Govt. Hospital.

Ford has a fantastic consequence of good biotechnologies occupation design on end product and quality public presentation – 11 % betterment versus an industry norm of 2 % .

Ford used human patterning package in the practical fabrication procedure to plan occupations that are less physically stressful.A

Maids International Inc. , a company that provides cleansing services to families and concerns, utilizes occupation rotary motion so that amahs cleaning the kitchen in one house would clean the sleeping room in a different 1. Using this technique, the company is able to cut down its turnover degree.

Job rotary motion: It allows the physicians to work in assorted sections in an association to hold better penetration into the procedure. This gives them the opportunity to raise his/her skillset and consciousness about work.


Job Design is a of import tool in many fabrication and service sectors for better of workers, staff and direction. Besides it ‘s a really of import tool to estimate human ability and increase his possible and happen and present concealed potencies.

Many challenges faced by the directors is that of using the new engineering with all its chance in ways which non merely run into the organisation ‘s wants but besides the possible and nonsubjective of workers.

To achieve this more expeditiously there is the demands to extra develop this attack to occupation and work organisation design which facilitate these broader thought being included into the design procedure every bit good as the tools with which to accomplish the undertaking.


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